Radha Mohan 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha saves Mohan from Parthap

Radha Mohan twenty second November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Radha’s palms touches with that of Mohan because the ward boys take the stretcher away, Damini notices the garments so will get anxious considering they’re the similar as of Radha alternatively she wonders how can or not it’s imaginable, she refutes her concept sooner than going again to the corridor.

The ward boy after achieving the door will get a decision in order that they each come to a decision to go away considering they may be able to even ship any person else to finish the formalities however for now have to succeed in the marriage, Radha begins swinging the stretcher along with her palms whilst she continues to be lined, Kaveri will get scared seeing her so exclaims there could be a large number of ghosts on this clinic since a large number of other folks die, she whilst circling begins praying that she be spared, the physician comes asking if the whole lot is ok to which she assures there is not any downside, Kaveri thinks she has to first calm herself as a result of if the marriage doesnot occur then her daughter would without a doubt by no means forgive her.

The pandit jee is reacting the Mantar when he informs they should temporarily name each the bride and groom differently the auspicious time could be long past, Damini replies the marriage will occur right now as not anything incorrect would occur, she walks over to the Mandap with Mohan within the wheelchair, Radha is actually anxious seeing him.

The Pandit jee begins the Mantar whilst Damini sits beside Mohan within the Mandap, she thinks she would in the end be married to him and there may be not anything which any person can do, Pandit jee asks them each to accomplish the ritual of Varmala, Radha wonders how can she forestall this marriage, if she will get up then Kadambari would have her thrown out of the clinic, Damini fulfills the ritual, Radha prays that he will have to no longer be so helpless that she isn’t ready to do the rest as a result of she has to forestall this marriage.

Damini takes the Varmala to Mohan, Ajeet questions how Mohan goes to satisfy the ritual when he’s subconscious, Damini puts the Varmala within the palms of Mohan whilst she herself completes the ritual. Kaveri is helping her as they whole it. Radha in the meantime hides beneath the stretcher, Shekar could also be actually anxious.

Rahul as soon as once more begins forcing Ketki challenging that she pass inside of, Tulsi slaps Rahul when he asks Ketki slapped him with out even considering he’s her brother, Ketki replies she didn’t slap him when Rahul asks if there’s a ghost, Tulsi is available in between them each exclaiming if he tries to hurt them each then would see what she is succesful off, Rahul strolling out of the home closes the door, Tulsi isn’t ready to move the safety defend Ketki and Gungun each request him to open the door, Ketki asks Gungun to return in order that they each run in opposition to the again door alternatively Rahul additionally closes it, considering nowadays Damini and Mohan would without a doubt be married.

Pandit jee instructs the groom to fill the Mang of Damini, Radha thinks that Mohan jee would no longer most effective fill her Mang however smash his complete lifestyles, Damini fills the Mang within the palms of Mohan, she is scared when he begins transferring his hand and toes, Damini isn’t ready to take away his hand which additionally worries Radha who wonders why she stopped. Kadambari instructs Damini to finish the ritual, Damini tries er very best to boost the hand however she thinks they want two to a few hours for the marriage so what would occur if he wakes up sooner than it, Kadambari additionally asks what has came about whilst the physician is going to test him, he explains the heartbeat of Mohan jee is getting vulnerable and so they must give him an injection. The physician explains he would without a doubt convey him again however Kadambari says he can provide the injection right here as it isn’t proper to take the groom from the Mandap, Damini instructs the Pandit who assures it isn’t a sin when they have got to damage the foundations in a question of urgency, Kadambari consents to his selections when the physician begins to go away with Mohan, Damini instructs him to provide the injection however he replies he confident he would no longer observe it, Radha wonders what are they each speaking about, she is bound there’s something incorrect so vows to succeed in there sooner than the rest incorrect occurs.

The physician in conjunction with the ward boy leaves with Mohan, he achieving the corridor instructs the ward boy to go away whilst he himself would take the affected person.

Damini status within the Mandap texts Parthap to ship Mohan again after temporarily administrating the injection, announcing there will have to no longer be any errors. Parthap consents to it, the physician reaches with Mohan within the room when Parthap palms him the syringe and drugs, the physician after filling it explains he should administer the injection. Parthap is ready to inject it when the physician says he should first pass outdoor, Parthap questions why he were given scared with simply this one injection, the physician leaves replying he saves lives however by no means takes cash to kill any person, Parthap is ready to manage the injection, Damini thinks there will have to no longer be any errors differently her plan could be ruined.

Kaveri is strolling within the corridor questioning why Damini want a milkshake, she doesnot know that there are ghosts on this clinic, Radha whilst on the lookout for the room of Mohan reaches the similar corridor and is status at the back of Kaveri, she will get afraid of her, Kaveri turns exclaiming it’s the proper trail.

Parthap exclaims Mohan actually gave him a beating however now it’s time to say just right bye, Radha whilst on the lookout for the proper room wonders why is she no longer ready to seek out the precise one, she notices the marks of the wheelchair within the room and temporarily rushes inside of, Parthap is stunned to look her status in entrance of his eyes, Radha gest actually tensed however Parthap tries his very best to inject it alternatively Radha hits him within the head with a steel tray sooner than attempting her very best to go away with Mohan alternatively Parthap manages to near the door, exclaiming she controlled to be stored from the bomb however this time will die since the one who at all times protects her is subconscious.

Damini wonders what’s taking him see you later to manage the injection, Kadambari instructs Ajeet to move and test Radha, he’s stunned announcing he prompt her not to throw her outdoor, Kadambari stares at him when he exclaims that he’s going.

Radha manages to hit Parthap with the wheelchair inflicting him to fall, she stands over him striking her leg over his chest wondering who ship him, Damini will get actually anxious why is it taking see you later, Parthap is ready to say the identify of the one who ship her.

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