Radha Mohan 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha vows to stop Damini from marrying Mohan jee.

Radha Mohan 18th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Radha is crying whilst sitting at the flooring, Kaveri exclaims that their Mohan isn’t going to come back and save her so she will yell all that she desires, Mohan begins transferring his arms and is even about to get up, Damini informs the guards that their affected person has a danger from this woman so if she comes close to the health center then they might lose their jobs, they throw Radha out of the health center whilst Mr Trivedi and Ajeet are simply staring at, Kaveri is satisfied she after all left them since now their lives are going to embellish whilst that of Gungun would pass in darkness, the nurse comes explaining the physician has known as her.

Kadambari status out of doors the health center room mentions she is aware of Radha in point of fact loves him however she is possibility to his existence and she or he as a mom feels he can are living with out love however provided that he’s safe. Kadambari mentions even Bihari jee didn’t selected Radha however Rughmani.

Rahul will get a choice in the home, however Ketki snatches the telephone explaining Damini is simply the use of him on the other hand Rahul snatches the cellular, Ketki exclaims he will have to grow to be her puppet. Damini praises Rahul it’s the proper time to focus on Radha since she’s going to marry Rahul within the health center, Damini asks him to deliver the sherwani which is within the room of Mohan, Rahul has the same opinion finishing the decision. Ketki in pleasure asks if Mohan bhai aroused from sleep, Tulsi additionally asks the query if he aroused from sleep however Rahul says that he’s getting married, Ketki questions who’s he marrying, Rahul replies definitely Damini however now not that Radha, he says if Ketki had her method then would make Radha take a seat instead of their mom, Ketki says Rahul would additionally make Damini the High minister of the rustic. Tulsi in anger exclaims this was once her plan as a result of how can she now not benefit from this sort of scenario. Tulsi thinks she most effective believes in Radha who would have the ability to forestall the wedding of Mohan.

Radha calls Gungun who asks when is she going to come back again with Mohan explaining she is in point of fact scared, Radha says she is her courageous daughter so should now not be tensed as Mohan jee is getting higher slowly simply because it took time for Gungun when she was once in poor health so he’ll definitely come again when he will get wholesome, Gungun says she is looking ahead to them each and suggests Radha to stick beside Mohan revealing she is in point of fact frightened of Damini, Gungun explains most effective she will combat with Damini so should now not let her pass close to Mohan, Radha has the same opinion to her recommendation finishing the decision.

The physician explains he felt in point of fact unhealthy the best way she talked to him however has discovered it was once her fear, Damini says the circle of relatives would talk for his or her family members, she explains she can not endure if e even will get a scratch however these days he’s about to die, Kaveri exclaims that she in point of fact loves Mohan and may also combat Bhagwan for Mohan. The physician explains that he has some excellent information which is that she wouldn’t have to marry him on this situation and Mohan will regain awareness in only a few hours as a result of their remedy is operating on Mohan so he’ll get up in a couple of hours, Damini exclaims this can not occur as Mohan should now not get up, Kaveri whispers that her plan failed. Damini mentions that Mohan should now not get up prior to she will get married to him, Damini explains she would give him the volume he needs, she begins providing him cash ranging from a million achieving the entire method upto 5 million. The physician mentions they have got to provide Mohan an injection which will most effective be discovered from the black marketplace, and she or he should comprehend it could be very dangerous, given the situation of Mohan he would possibly now not have the ability to stroll or communicate, Damini asks if he would keep alive.

Radha thinks Gungun was once proper as Damini can by no means assume excellent for Mohan so she would definitely now not let any individual hurt Mohan since she simply loves him. Radha exclaims Gungun is aware of most effective she will combat Damini.

Kaveri asks what she is pronouncing since Mohan will grow to be a close to useless individual, Damini exclaims even then she can be his spouse and as soon as she is married she would take him to any nook of the arena. The physician refuses to inject it as a result of if any individual unearths he was once concerned then it could be dangerous.

Damini calls Parthap who says she would definitely make him wealthy, Damini mentions as a result of she is aware of he wouldn’t have left town so there’s no reason why to depart and he has to deliver a medication to her, she says even he has to inject the individual with it, Parthap replies he doesnot comprehend it however Damini says he can be told it from the web.

Radha thinks what the explanation Damini is is so desperate to marry Mohan since she feels Damini is possessive about him and what if she is the enemy of the circle of relatives, Radha thinks she would now not let this marriage ceremony occur.

Damini is getting able sitting beside Mohan, she congratulates him explaining they might after all be married, she asks if he’s nice since she would after all get her love for which she has accomplished numerous factor as they are saying that if any individual in point of fact needs one thing then they after all succeed in it however she was once now not ready to get him as he first went to Tulsi and now that Radha. Damini exclaims he by no means checked out her with love however does he know the adaptation in her love and Radha. Damini mentions Radha may give her existence for him whilst she will take the lifetime of any individual.

Damini exclaims they have got to watch for a bit longer as a result of as soon as they’re married, she’s going to take him away, Damini calls Parthap who solutions the decision informing the object is able, Damini explains an individual is already looking ahead to him on the primary gate with an access go. Damini finishing the decision asks if he heard as that is the sound in their marriage ceremony, Damini is smiling watching Mohan.

Radha holds her palms asking why they don’t seem to be figuring out for the reason that individual is in peril and if she doesnot pass then it could reason numerous downside, the girl guard on the other hand pushes her away pronouncing they can not pay attention to her silly dialog.

Radha is asking for the guards whilst Parthap slowly begins strolling in opposition to Radha, he stands at the back of her in entrance of the primary gate, the ward boy offers Parthap the visiting card explaining Damini mam ship her, Radha notices any individual took the identify of Damini, he turns again however doesnot in finding any individual in the meantime Parthap is appearing it to the guard. Radha as soon as once more requests them to let her pass inside of however she pushes Radha who hits Parthap inflicting his glasses to fall off, he turns again in anger. Radha is stunned seeing Parthap in entrance of her.

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