Radha Mohan 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Kadambari slaps Radha in the hospital

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Kadambari slaps Radha pronouncing that her son is combating between existence and demise whilst she is making a drama however Radha replies she would now not go away from right here, Kaveri exclaims she isn’t going to hear the rest and throw her out from right here protecting her hair, Damini and Kaveri each throw her out of the health facility so she falls hitting her hand.
Someday previous, Radha explains that the day Mohan jee vowed to take her accountability, day after today their picture got here within the information paper and Maha Pandit jee got here hard her to get married and after even in the future had now not handed, her Dadi met Hriday jee who used to be prepared to get married together with her, Radha explains that the snake come to the lawn in rain however how did it input the home that day, then in the future when she and Mohan jee went to catch the perpetrator then Rahul jee got here to that very same location in a sarree and those incidents are a accident, Radha explains and deficient Gungun who simply modified her identify within the invitation letter and made her sit down rather than Damini on the Haldi, there have been two makes an attempt on her existence inside of twenty fours hours, first time she used to be about to burn alive after which anyone planted a bomb in er bus. Radha says she isn’t pronouncing Damini is at the back of all of it however they know she doesnot like Gungun. Radha exclaims she is blaming Damini for looking to burn her or even inflicting the battle between Rahul and Mohan jee, or she planted the snake in the home, however she simply method there can’t be such a lot of coincidences, she is solely pronouncing she would now not move any place from right here with out discovering the actual perpetrator. Damini in anger exclaims she would have the ability to oust Radha inside of two mins, Radha advises her to stay the hand to herself because it doesnot have the ability to split her from Mohan jee.

Radha turns to peer Kadambari status in entrance of her, she in anger slaps Radha who’s shocked. All of the Trivedi circle of relatives returns, Kadambari exclaims her son is combating for his existence whilst Radha is solely making a scene. She asks Radha to depart presently, Radha asks if Kadambari thinks Mohan is on this situation on account of her, Kadambari mentions simplest she is the explanation because it used to be her fault that she didn’t know it faster, she is happy Damini introduced Maha Pandit jee right here who published the reality, she will be able to see it obviously that ever since she got here into their existence, Mohan is at risk and nowadays his existence is stuffed with darkness which is simplest on account of her. Kadambari instructs Ajeet to organize for her to return to Barsana, Radha assures she has now not achieved the rest to Mohan. Kaveri explains that she herself isn’t appropriate for Mohan as a result of if she even sees him then he may die.

Radha requests Kadambari not to instruct her to depart since she would now not go away Mohan, Kadambari explains she isn’t pronouncing Radha is evil however after listening to what Maha Pandit jee is pronouncing she is not going to permit her to stay right here to any extent further. Radha replies she is not going to move any place with out seeing Mohan jee is okay and when he wakes up she would without a doubt go away. Damini replies that Radha doesnot will have to take care of Mohan such a lot as his spouse is right here and additionally it is true that Mohan may now not get up till she leaves. Maha Pandit jee says Damini is correct, Kadambari questions what she is pronouncing when he informs they will have to get Damini and Mohan married and that too presently, as a result of simplest after that may all of the issues of Mohan’s existence finish. All of the circle of relatives is tensed, Kadambari asks Damini if she is able for this marriage, Damini replies she will be able to do the rest for Mohan as a result of if that is the one manner then she is able to marry him presently, Kaveri without delay begins praising her daughter for being so brave in a different way who would marry a part useless particular person, Damini alerts her so Kaveri exclaims she simply supposed to reward her daughter.

Dulari mentions ever since Gungun returned to the home she has been status within the Mandir, Tulsi exclaims the daughters whose father is Within the health facility then she can be in point of fact tensed, Tulsi exclaims even Damini is there and no person is informing them about what is going on.

Kadambari has the same opinion with Maha Pandit jee pronouncing if that is the one manner then she is able to get Mohan married presently, Radha stops asking if for an apology pronouncing if Mohan jee is subconscious then how can they organize this marriage, Maha Pandit jee feels angry asking if she is instructing him easy methods to carry out a pooja, Radha replies she is solely asking a easy query that each bride and groom need to be wakeful to be able to settle for the rituals of the wedding so then why is he deciding in this marriage, Maha pandit jee isn’t in a position to reply to, Mr Trivedi additionally has the same opinion with Radha pronouncing they can not hurry this marriage, Kadambari requests Mr Trivedi to let her take this opportunity although there’s a slight risk it will possibly save his existence, she would take all conceivable method to avoid wasting his existence. Damini protecting her arms requests Radha to depart since everybody has agreed to her marriage with Mohan, Radha replies Pandit jee has now not responded her query so this wedding ceremony can not occur, Damini questions what relation she has with Mohan, Radha mentions she doesnot really feel she is obliged to provide an explanation for the rest to her however that she isn’t going to depart right here and let this marriage occur.

Radha informs Maha Pandit jee that she could also be the daughter of a Pandit, for which each the groom and bride need to be wakeful to ensure that it to be fulfilled so she is solely pronouncing in the event that they can not perceive the rest then how can the wedding be fulfilled, Kaveri will get indignant pronouncing how she has bene citing from day person who Radha all the time pokes her eyes into issues now not in relation to her, Kaveri protecting her hair is set to throw her out of the health facility, Mr Trivedi tries to forestall them however Kadambari explains if he ever concept she used to be worthy of caring for Mohan then will have to let her do what she feels is excellent for him.

Radha falls out of doors the health facility, she cries for Mohan jee as he took the accountability for her, Mohan within the health facility mattress begins transferring his palms. Kaveri exclaims she must stay yelling since Mohan isn’t going to return to be able to save her, Radha remains to be crying sitting out of doors at the flooring whilst Mohan is subconscious.

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