Radha Mohan 16th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan tries to find Radha

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Radha threatens as of late it’s time to finish all of her plans, Tulsi suggests Radha must move and inform everybody the reality, Radha opens the door and is happy to look Mohan strolling in opposition to her however earlier than she will be able to name him, Damini hits her at the head with a vase in immense frustration, Tulsi will get livid so calls Mohan however he doesn’t reply, Radha turns again conserving her head in excessive ache and is actually dizzy, she even tries to push Damini who manages to step again, Tulsi wonders what can she do since she can not hurt Damini although she wants, Mohan wonders the place is Radha as he can not to find her any place, Mohan is strolling directly in opposition to the door.

Radha falls subconscious at the ground, Tulsi straight away calls her however she is subconscious, Damini begins pulling Radha with all her would possibly, Mohan sees her at the ground so calls Radha, Damini is actually stunned.

Mohan takes the title of Radha asking Gungun if she has noticed her, as he has been looking for her however can not appear to find her, Damini opens the door to look Gungun status with Mohan, she asks what’s the wish to to find her wen he isn’t in a position to hear her, she mentions she isn’t in a position to hear him they usually each are going to battle for hundred years, Mohan mentions he’s all for discovering her and desires to speak together with her, Gungun will get excited so exclaims they each would sign the opposite particular person once they to find her.

Damini ultimate the door is happy that Mohan didn’t see Radha, she wonders the place she will be able to cover her. Tulsi tries her best possible to offer protection to Radha then again isn’t ready to do the rest as a result of the Kankanchaura, Damini whilst pulling Radha thinks she turns out mild however has immense energy.

Mohan knocks at the door of Damani’s room asking her to open it, she is surprised questioning what she will be able to do since he’s status in entrance, she wonders the place she will be able to cover her. Tulsi manages to open the door the use of her powers Mohan sees Damini status in entrance of him whilst Radha is in the back of the mattress.

Kadambari is crying sitting at the chair, Vishwanath consoles her apologizing for what he mentioned to her drunk, however he would nonetheless say something that Damini isn’t the proper selection for Mohan and he feels they must get Mohan married to Radha.

Damini is scared, considering Tulsi can not stay non violent as she opened the door. Mohan questions if she has noticed Radha when Damini replies she would available in the market, Tulsi requests him to search out Radha differently Damini would kill her. Mohan asks why is she speaking like this and is there one thing which might reason stress, Damini mentions there may be not anything to be nervous about as she is handiest tensed as a result of they’d get married as of late however the brides get tensed in such instances, Damini notices the material of Radha popping out so walks in opposition to her considering that Tulsi will attempt to expose her reality so she will have to stand as regards to her, Mohan mentions that he felt Radha sought after to speak with him so he’s going to seek for her outdoor, Damini straight away begins pushing the material in the back of the mattress, Mohan is anxious seeing her so asks if there may be somebody there, Damini is stunned when Mohan asks if she is ok, Damini pushing him out explains the whole lot is ok and he must additionally move to organize for his or her marriage ceremony. She is taking Mohan out of the room.

Tulsi wonders what she will be able to do chicken se sees the lamp positioned at the aspect of the mattress, which she throws at the ground. Mohan is surprised along side Damini who’s actually terrified about what would possibly occur if he reveals the reality about Radha. Tulsi informs him that Radha is right here. Mohan is excited about it, he asks how did the glass fall. Damini thinks of an excuse so mentions it may well be as a result of the wind, he says they must blank it. Damini insists on doing it herself then again Mohan begins strolling in opposition to the tip of the mattress, Damini is actually scared considering what would possibly occur if he reveals Radha in the back of the mattress. Mohan is selecting the items of the glass whilst Radha is mendacity there Tulsi asks him to look that Radha is right here. Damini is praying he does now not see the rest, Tulsi seems restlessly to search out differently which she will be able to use to sign him, Damini assists in keeping praying whilst he choices the lamp hanging it at the table, Mohan sees the ultimate piece which he kneels to pick out in the meantime Damini acts as though she harm herself, she requests if he can move outdoor when he asks if she were given a sprain however Damini mentions the button of her shirt broke so can he lend a hand her, Mohan mentions he’ll ship Ketki, she exclaims it is only for some hours as a result of after that she’s going to take all of the lend a hand from him, he leaves. Tulsi requests him not to go away differently she’s going to kill Radha. Damini rushes to near the door, considering he does now not know the rest however it’s not anything to be nervous about as she’s going to educate him, Tulsi is anxious about Radha.

Gungun may be in search of Radha, however she isn’t ready to search out her any place.

Damini strolling restlessly within the room wonders what she will be able to do, Damini listening to the knock thinks who may well be on the door, she is anxious if Mohan got here again. Damini asks who’s there, she then rushes to open the door however is relieved to look her mom status there, Kaveri enters the room when Damini asks why she used to be now not pronouncing the rest, Damini explains she texted her a very long time in the past when Kaveri mentions she went to get her paan ready. She asks why used to be Damini texting her, she issues in opposition to the mattress, Kaveri is stunned asking why has Damini created a large number, she is surprised strolling in the back of the mattress the place she sees Radha subconscious, Kaveri smiles asking if Damini killed her, as this is a great factor, Damini tries to give an explanation for it’s not anything of the type, Kaveri suggests they must throw her within the river or within the wooded area because the wild animals would consume her. Damini unearths she is simply subconscious. Kaveri in frustration exclaims she can not do the rest correctly, she informs she additionally wanted to kill her but when Radha died they each could be blamed, Damini asks what concerning the suitcase which she purchased, an by which she deliberate to cover the valuable issues of the home. Damini explains they’d throw this rubbish within the field. Tulsi requests Radha to get up considering what can they each do to her. Kaveri tries to stroll however Tulsi tries to suffocate her, Damini asks what came about when Kaveri alerts her to return and he or she is the use of the facility of the Kankanchaura manages to unfastened her mom, Kaveri straight away runs out of the room whilst Damini status in entrance of the door exclaims, she would see how Tulsi protects Radha.

Gungun continues to be in search of Radha however now not ready to search out her, she wonders the place Radha is as a result of papa agreed to speak together with her after such a lot of efforts, Radha will have to inform him the reality about Damini.
Shekar sitting within the room is ready when Mohan comes, he asks if Mohan talked with Radha who replies she is a abnormal lady as she used to be insisting on speaking with him however now he can not to find her, Shekar explains she would possibly have left the home as she may now not see him get married, Mohan does now not perceive when Shekar replies he can see how Mohan feels for Radha and he or she would possibly really feel the similar for him, Mohan does now not perceive when Shekar says she additionally loves him, Kadambari status on the door questions what has gotten into him as she idea he used to be the good friend of Mohan however then why is he seeking to prevent Mohan’s marriage, she leaves asking him to return as Pandit jee is asking him.
Damini is in a position within the garments of a bride considering now she would get in a position so not anything flawed can occur, Tulsi thinks of going to name somebody for lend a hand, however she remains again considering what would possibly occur if Damini tries to hurt Radha.

Ajeet assures Mr Trivedi there may be not anything to be nervous about as it could occur when they’re inebriated, Mohan is stunned to look him and asks what’s he doing right here, Kadambari informs that he’s already ashamed of what came about previous as of late and has even apologized, Gungun rushes to Mohan explaining she can not to find Radha any place, Kadambari call to mind when she requested Radha not to come downstairs if she can not see the wedding, Gungun requests Mohan to return as they will have to to find Radha, however Kadambari stops him explaining that she isn’t in the home, Kadambari unearths that the whole lot that came about used to be as a result of Radha and so she suggested her not to attend this marriage ceremony, Gungun does now not consider her explaining Radha would by no means move any place with out telling her and if she has long past any place they will have to carry her again, Gungun begins soliciting for papa however he’s caught between his mom and daughter so kneels in entrance of Gungun bringing up she’s going to pay attention to her, assuring he additionally needs Radha to go back however no relation is greater then a mom, Gungun continues to be nervous about Radha, Mohan accepts he additionally loves Radha and desires her to wait his marriage ceremony however no relation is greater than that of a mom. Mohan consoles Gungun who’s actually nervous earlier than leaving with Kadambari. Gungun is weeping.

Damini turns to look Radha mendacity subconscious so hits her toes pushing her, Tulsi is livid. Damini exclaims she would first oust Radha from this area earlier than marrying Mohan.

Pandit jee has began the rituals, he asks them to carry the bride. Gungun explains she didn’t know the that means of a mom earlier than Radha as she hs taught her the whole lot so simply as her papa mentioned that no relation is greater then that of a mom, she’s going to unquestionably to find her. Mohan exclaims they each have suffered so much in combination an he prays that she must were with him on this marriage ceremony as it’s actually tough for him.

Gungun reveals the damaged piece of glass outdoor the room of Damini, she thinks that is the one position which she has now not noticed. Gungun opening the window sees Damini status in entrance of the replicate and notices Radha mendacity subconscious in the back of the mattress, Gungun thinks she has to take the assistance of Mohan. Damini notices Gungun peeking during the window so exclaims her time has additionally ended and he or she would die with Radha.

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