Radha Mohan 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini slaps Radha in the hospital

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Maha Pandit jee strolling to Kadambari blames she is the explanation Mohan is dealing with demise, Kadambari questions what’s he pronouncing and what’s he doing right here, Damini finds she known as Maha Pandit jee right here so he can recite the verses for the betterment however why is he blaming Maa, Maha Pandit jee says that such verses can best prevent the out of doors forces however this downside for Mohan is known as upon by means of their very own circle of relatives.

Ketki solutions the decision and is surprised after listening to it, Rahul questions what took place, she informs Mohan is in crucial situation and so they should carry out the open mind surgical treatment. Rahul additionally will get anxious when Ketki exclaims, they will have to now not tell Gungun about this as she might be in reality tensed.

Radha apologizes to Maha Pandit jee citing Kadambari in reality loves Mohan and does all she will be able to to for him, Maha Pandit jee says that she feels even after the answer he equipped was once now not fulfilled, as they will have to get him married is the one manner his issues would finish, Kadambari replies that she had attempted to get Mohan married however each and every time an issue arose which led to them to lengthen it. Maha Pandit jee takes out the Kundali, explaining first Mohan went via a street twist of fate and then he was once bitten by means of the snake and earlier than he may absolutely get well from it then he confronted a burning twist of fate, in the event that they donot concentrate to him it might result in his demise since his stars aren’t within the direct order, Mohan has the Markeshdosh and if his spouse doesnot come to battle off the evils then he’s going to undoubtedly die, Kadambari apologizes to Pandit jee as he instructed her to do these kinds of steps however how may she omit them, Kadambari sits down when Radha explains that not anything occurs on this international with out the permission of Bihari jee and she or he should now not be anxious.

Kadambari will get tensed asking if the unhealthy omen is Tulsi however Damini explains that Tulsi has been with them because the previous seven years however not anything like this ever took place, Radha kneels in entrance of Damini soliciting for her not to consider the caution of Maha Pandit jee as no mom can ever do the rest incorrect for his or her youngsters, Radha suggests all of them will have to do no matter they are able to because the docs have got to work whilst they should additionally do no matter is of their energy, Radha mentions she would stay status on one toes until Mohan jee will get wholesome as soon as once more. Radha is ready to depart then again damini stops her, she angrily slaps Radha in entrance of everybody, Kadambari questions how did she dare slap Radha. Mr Trivedi additionally asks if she is in her senses as Radha is like their daughter. Ajeet additionally asks how she will be able to slap Radha, Kadambari consoles Radha, pronouncing to Damini that Radha has carried out so much for them and despite the fact that she offers her their complete wealth even then it’ll now not be sufficient. Kadambari asks how she were given the energy, Damini replies she will have to have got the energy a very long time in the past as she will be able to see the whole thing obviously, Damini explains Kadambari should aspect along with her nowadays as a result of if the rest occurs to Mohan nowadays the entire international would say she was once a stepmother, she fears what would possibly occur if somebody questions her. Damini explains if Kadambari doesnot aspect along with her nowadays then it’ll occur once more, Kadambari questions what the reason being she will have to aspect along with her as a result of she humiliated Radha.

Damini takes her hand explaining Kadambari blindly trusts Radha, then again Kadambari explains she trusts Radha however Damini mentions every time they consider any individual it is known as blind consider after they nonetheless consider any individual who’s repeatedly making errors, as a result of that particular person tries to damage their circle of relatives even then all of them consider her. Kadambari asks Damini to mention it obviously as she can not perceive however Damini says that Kadambari would now not perceive what Maha Pandit jee has simply mentioned then again she is aware of the reality. Mr Trivedi warns her to assume earlier than as she should perceive who she is chatting with. Shekar additionally asks Damini not to twist the issues, Ajeet explains Radha is the daughter of Mr Trivedi’s shut good friend and prefer his daughter.

Damini mentions they’d by no means assume incorrect of Radha since she is the daughter of his good friend, Ajeet defends Radha explaining she has at all times concept for the betterment in their circle of relatives and now not as soon as attempted to do the rest incorrect, that is Radha. Kaveri exclaims nowadays her personal daughter were given trapped in her plan as a result of she concept nobody would be capable to protect Radha then again all the Trivedi circle of relatives is siding with Radha.

Damini mentions they didn’t pay attention what Maha Pandit jee mentioned, the 2d of Might as on that day an evil spirit entered Mohan’s existence. Damini tries to oust Radha, however Kadambari stops her, Damini finds it’s the date when Radha got here to their area bringing all of the issues in his existence, she is the evil spirit. Kaveri exclaims now the actual plan began. Radha is in reality tensed. Damini explains Radha became the lifetime of Mohan, and until now Mohan is at all times in peril, first the incident of the picnic, she didn’t let her move with Mohan however herself was once trapped after which the abductors got here to the wooded area. The vein of Mohan was once lower, Kaveri thinks her daughter realized to curve the phrases.
Damini mentions then the incident of the robbery started which led to the battle between Mohan and Rahul and then each the brothers didn’t communicate with each and every different after which the incident of the carpet took place which burnt each, whilst
Radha didn’t get even a scratch. Kaveri is in reality amazed along with her daughter. Damini explains after that Radha was once looking to move to the Mandir the place she fell within the dust or even pulled Mohan, after that all the town noticed them each in combination which led to humiliation for all the Trivedi circle of relatives. Damini asks who does know her because the recognition in their circle of relatives was once blamed whilst nowadays Mohan is on this downside on account of her, she warns Radha can be blamed if the rest occurs to Mohan, Radha is terrified whilst everybody else get stunned.

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