Quantum Leap Episode 1 Release Date: Journey To the Endless

Quantum Leap Episode 1 is very close and here’s what you can expect. We all know that the Quantum Leap universe represents one of science and fiction’s most iconic projects. Fans are still curious about Dr. Sam Beckett’s fate as he made yet another entry into the Quantum Leap Accelerator nearly 30 years ago. Everybody wants to know the truth about the man, and why he didn’t come back for several decades. Fans expect the new series to answer all of their questions. The episodes might even take a whole new direction when it’s at it and give us quality content about science and its rules.

The cast for this series will include Raymond Lee as the lead actor. Caitlin Bassett, a veteran of the military, will be making her television debut with this show. Raymond Lee will be playing the role as Dr. Ben Song. Ernie Hudson will then play Herbert Williams. Caitlin Basset will play the role of Addison Augustine. Mason Addison Park shall play the role as Ian Wright. Marisa Lea will portray the role of Jenn Chuu.

NBC has released a brief synopsis of Quantum Leap Episode 1’s content. It will also connect with the original series. The producers revealed that the 2022 series is set thirty years in the future after Sam Beckett, who took a leap of faith within the Quantum Accelerator. Sam has been missing since then. In the present, Ben Song will be leading a team to restart the project and understand how it works in real-life. Let’s return to the original release. Here is what we know.

Quantum Leap Episode 1 Released Date

Quantum Leap Episode 1 will be released on September 19, 2022. The episode will be broadcast on NBC at 10:00 Eastern Time. For Monday night viewing, mark your calendars. You will be able to see the new episodes on Monday nights.

How to Watch Quantum Leap Episode 1.

Quantum Leap Episode 1 is available to watch on NBC. You can stream the episodes later through the official NBC service, Peacock. You can access it for free but there is limited content and ads that you can unlock with the higher plans. Peacock Premium provides access to all the content and still supports ads. Peacock Premium Plus is the highest version available. It costs just 9.99 Dollars per month, or 99.99 Dollars per year.


Episode 1 will reveal that Ben accidentally slips in the machine while he is experimenting with it. His team remains astonished at his fate. In the Leap we see him with a hologram that shows a woman named Addison. Only Ben can hear this hologram speak and only he is able to see her.

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