Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 16th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni sixteenth December 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on

Pratik says to everybody that he has introduced a dupatta of Pratiksha ‘s mom from Junagadh in order that Pratiksha can put on it all through her engagement and get blessings of her mom. She asks Hansa to head and convey the dupatta. Hansa orders Pratiksha to head and convey the dupatta for herself. Keerti spots the similar dupatta, wears it and hides herself at the back of the curtains. Raghu spots her and catches her. Pratiksha comes there to take the dupatta.

Raghu hides himself and Keerti at the back of the curtains. He asks Keerti not to make any sound in a different way he’ll kill Pratiksha. Hansa comes there to name Pratiksha for the engagement. Pratiksha feels that anyone is hiding at the back of the curtains. She is going to test however will get scared seeing a mouse there. She tells Hansa that her mom’s dupatta is lacking. Hansa asks her to omit in regards to the dupatta as doing the engagement is extra necessary than it. Pratiksha will get satisfied and is going with Hansa. Raghu makes Keerti odor chloroform, tie her fingers and legs. He leaves from the room.

Malhar spots Raghu and asks him what he used to be doing at that night time when Pratiksha were given abducted. Raghu says that he used to be no longer there and thakur has many different companies rather than girls trafficking. Everybody understand that Malhar is lacking. Hansa asks Kinjal to head and make contact with him. Kinjal spots Malhar and asks him to come back for the engagement process. Raghu hides himself in order that Kinjal doesn’t see his face. Keerti wakes up as she didn’t odor the chloroform. She unties her hand, calls Ravi from her her. She cries and inform Ravi that she were given abducted. Her telephone will get disconnected because of no sign.

Raghu brings large drum and arranges a automobile to go away abduct Keerti. He comes again to the room. Keerti hides once more. Raghu hides his face at the back of masks. Keerti ties to hit Raghu however Raghu catches her once more. This time he effectively manages to make Keerti odor the chloroform. Pratiksha makes Malhar put on the hoop. Malhar asks Hansa to offer him Pratiksha ‘s ring. Hansa says that ring is in her bag and the bag is in that room. She asks Kinjal to head and convey that ring. Kinjal involves the room when Raghu assaults Keerti.

Kinjal screams in surprise. Raghu hits on Kinjal’s head two times. Kinjal faints aswell. Ravi comes there with police. Ravi, Pratiksha see every different and get shocked. Ravi tells everybody that Keerti known as him, she were given abducted and is found in the home. He asks police to near the doorways and seek for Keerti. Hansa, Malhar inform Ravi that they are able to’t halt their serve as. Pratik says that Ravi should be flawed. Ravi doesn’t get satisfied. House minister who’s Pratik’s visitor orders the police to go away and no longer disturb the engagement. Police alternate their stand and tells Ravi that they’re leaving. Ravi will get shocked.

Precap: Pratiksha tells Ravi there are some rooms within the different nook and if Kirti is abducted and trapped there we must briefly cross in finding and save her. Ravi says to Malhar if one thing occurs to Kirti, he received’t spare him and the entire circle of relatives. Pratiksha tries to speak to Ravi however he says to her, please forestall appearing as if you happen to handle me and my fiance. Kidnappers come to a decision to kill Kirti.

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