PUBG 18.2 Patch Notes, Release Date, Gameplay, And More

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PUBG 18.2 Update Notes

The PUBG Battlegrounds 18.2 Update is now available. Here’s a list of all the updates and new features for the battle royale game.

Players will be able to join the eagerly awaited addition with the Deston map in the PUBG Battlegrounds 18.2 update. The planet is surrounded by beautiful mountains, isolated coastlines, and flooded, skyscraper-filled downtowns. With the PUBG Battlegrounds 18.2 update, players will be able to access new Map Utility Items that will allow them to perform novel in-game interactions. Below are the patch notes for PUBG Battlegrounds 18.2 Update.

Release Date for PUBG 18.2

This PUBG update 18.2 will be released on 13th July 2022.

Krafton revealed that the 18.2 update would include a new Map, but there is no official date. Version 18.2 will likely be released at one of these dates. The new map, Deston will be available on PC on July 13th and consoles on July 27th, 2022.

PUBG 18.2 Patch Notes



  • PDT: July 12, 5:30 PM – July 13, 1:30 AM

  • CEST: July 13, 2:30 AM – 10:30 AM

  • KST: July 13, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

  • PDT: July 20, 9 PM – July 21, 4 AM

  • CEST: July 21, 6 AM – 1 PM

  • KST: July 21, 1 PM – 8 PM



The wait is over. Our 9th new map we’ve been teasing about all this time is finally here. We are pleased to present the 8x8km near future and ravaged world of DESTON!

Deston (formerly known as “Codename: Kiki”) presents you diverse biomes – a flooded downtown embracing one of the tallest skyscrapers you’ve ever seen in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, a murky swamp, clear coasts, beautiful mountains, and unexplored islands.

Click HERE to visit our Deston website and take a virtual tour of the city.

  • Deston may be home to bots.

  • Pickup, Dacia Coupe RB Motorbike, Dirt Bike Roadster Motorcycle, Quad, Buggy Buggy, Boat Aquarail, and Airboat are some of the available vehicles

  • Flare Guns, DP-28 and S12K, G36C as well as QBU, QBZ and K2, Sticky Bomb, Mortar and Lynx AMR, and 15x Scope will not spawn in Deston.

  • A few points of note

  • RIPTON: The overflow of water has submerged this sprawling city… players will have to wade through shallow water to pass through while always having to be on the alert for enemies lurking at the highest levels of surrounding skyscrapers. This allows you to seamlessly move from the ground up to the sky, and back down again using tall buildings. But to prevent snipers from being too advantageous, we’ve made sure not every building here is accessible. (ex. One floor may be all that is available in some buildings.

  • SWAMP: Enjoy a walk through the trees, grass, and homes built along the water’s edge and play cat and mouse with your enemies, knee-deep in water.

  • CONCERT: An outdoor concert festival grounds where you’re free to strut some dance moves before heading out to fight for that Chicken Dinner.

  • HYDROELECTRIC MAM: This area was once used to generate power in Deston.

  • ASSEMBLY: You can see how wind turbines are built here at the Assembly.

  • ARENA: Don’t let all the entertainment at this paintball arena distract you too much from your main purpose.


PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS features a variety special items that can both be looted or consumed to create new gameplay.

We are now introducing Deston players to the new to encourage more diversified plays MAP UTILITY ITEMS. These items will trigger unique in-game interactions depending the situation. They are expected provide a new core game flow and player immersion without breaking.

  • Once you enter Deston, it will be added to your inventory.

  • You can use it as many times as you want.

  • It will not affect inventory weight.

  • Cannot be dropped from the inventory

  • Not compatible with other Inventory Items

  • Will occupy their inventory slot.


Are you ready to scale the tallest skyscrapers by foot?

Nope! Nope! ASCENDERS! You can use the Ascenders for Mission Impossible moments and loot at top!

  • You can quickly descend from the highest rooftops with an Ascender without fear of falling.

  • An Ascender cannot be used by another player who is currently using it.

  • You are unable to loot items from the ground when you’re on an Ascender.

  • Once mounted on an ascender:

  • You can move the rope up and down using movement keys.  

  • You can always dismount from the Ascender.

    • If you are able to dismount at the top, you will be teleported to the spot near the top.

    • Otherwise, you’ll let go and fall.

  • You can still be shot on an Ascender.


  • Cell Towers are very tall, thin ASCENDER-FOCUSED BUILINGS. 

  • These towers enable you to ride an Ascender in a single, long ascent.

  • A Cell Tower allows for faster travel speeds than regular Ascenders.

  • When you press the Interaction key at the top of the tower, you will be flung into the air in the direction you’re facing.

  • Shortly after being thrown into the air, your Utility Parachute automatically deploys, allowing for safe glides over long distances.

  • You can reach your destination faster by ascending a Cell Tower and traveling with your Utility Parachute.


We also created Deston spaces that are only accessible by drones. We hope to offer more Drone use options and increase the variety of looting experiences. Do you have the skills to find all these spots?


Explore new ways to explore Deston with the new SECURITY DOORS! You are responsible for securing your items and locking Security Doors.

  • Security keys are consumable items that can be thrown away after a single use.

  • Security doors can be grouped together so that a single Security Key can unlock them all.

  • Security doors can’t be closed or relocked.

  • Only available in Deston

  • Normal Matches, Custom Matches and Sandbox Mode (PC).


As you and your vehicle chase down an enemy, you realize you’re almost out of gas… when you notice out of the corner of your eye a Fuel Pump!

Stop by the FUEL PUMP To refuel vehicles, or to make it explode to kill your enemies.

  • Available modes

    • Only available in Deston

    • Normal Matches, Custom Matches and Sandbox Mode (PC).


Introducing the world’s fastest shotgun: O12.

The O12 is a high-capacity weapon. However, the O12’s potential lethality and sheer firepower will make it dangerous in close-range and mid-range combat. The O12’s long range makes it a great choice for any player.

  • Only available in Deston

  • Normal Matches, Custom Matches and Sandbox Mode (PC).


You need a fast ride that can travel on both land and water? The AIRBOAT This will eliminate the need to switch between vehicles depending on terrain.

  • It is very fast over bodies water.

  • You can also travel overland.

  • In shallow water, faster than land vehicles

  • You can carry up to five players.

  • Only available in Deston

  • Normal Matches, Custom Matches and Sandbox Mode (PC).



We have made improvements to the Miramar experience, improved details of buildings, and added an oasis on the minimap. 

  • Both inside and outside, small cottages have been made more attractive. 

  • Due to high win rates, the billboard on San Martin’s roof has been removed. 

  • Some houses have been renovated from the outside. 

  • A storage’s fences and layouts have been rearranged.

  • Over the map, billboards have been placed. 


  • The water depth comes at the character’s ankle height around the shore. At the center, it comes at the character’s waist level, so the character cannot be prone in the water. The terrain around the oasis has also been reduced in elevation.  

  • To increase accessibility, the height of the mountain terrains has been reduced. There are also news roads that will allow you to get to the Oasis area. 

  • The minimap now includes Oasis as a location.

  • In addition, the Oasis has seen great improvements inside and outside.

Vehicle spots are now available.


In April’s Community Care Package, we explained the graphic level we were targeting, the various technical issues we were experiencing, and the reason for the delay in development. We explained that PUBG: Battlegrounds on console platforms is very sensitive about memory usage so we had to optimize the memory usage. Also, with the support from the platform holders, it became possible to differentiate between the previous generation (PlayStation®4, Xbox One) and the current generation consoles.

It is possible that the same level graphics may not be delivered on all consoles. We offer different resolution options and maximum framerates for console devices to ensure the same stable gameplay that we have always provided. 



Enjoy a richer Deston experience with the new Survivor Pass Deston! More details are available in the July Store Update announcement.


As a Squad streaks through the Battlegrounds, one player starts to notice another teammate’s skin.

“Hey, nice skin. Where’d you get it?”

“I made it in the Workshop.”


The Workshop! We’re very excited to introduce our brand new system: the WORKSHOP where you can now craft your own skins with never-before-seen materials!

Purchase chests and keys at the Store, collect Imprints. Vouchers. Credits. Tokens.


  • The lobby menu now includes a WORKSHOP MENU.

  • The Workshop menu offers two options: Regular Crafting and Special Crafting.

  • To use the Workshop, a Hunter’s Chest and/or an Archivist’s Chest is required.

  • These chests can be used for Imprints or Vouchers, Credits or Artisan Tokens.

  • Purchase a Hunter’s Chest and/or an Archivist’s Chest from the Store.

  • You’d need a key to open Hunter’s Chests and/or Archivist’s Chests.

    • Keys can be bought at the Store.

    • You can also make a Key by using 3 Key Fragments.

  • On the Regular Crafting page, you can open chests that have been purchased.

  • Later updates may include different types of chests.

  • You can make items from materials you haven’t had the chance to get in the past. You can make items not available at the Store, Survivor Pass or Workshop-exclusive products, and many other items.


  • Regular Crafting allows you to craft items from the previous Store, Survivor Pass and Esports.

  • Here you can also DISASSEMBLE and REPURPOSE materials.

  • CREDITS, VOUCHERS, AND IMPRINTS are the core materials.



  • You can create at least two items from the designated items.

  • You can choose not to craft the item(s) that you don’t want from the options.





  • Allows you to exchange 3 Imprints/Vouchers in exchange for a random item (of same tier than the Repurposed materials).

  • The probabilities of random items are all equal.

  • Through Repurposing, you can get costumes, vehicle skins and gear skins as well as sprays and/or nameplates.

  • If you already possess every item of a certain tier, you’ll receive the tier’s worth of Credits instead

  • You can check out/equip your handcrafted items by clicking the Customize tab.


Did you learn everything you need to know for the Workshop? You can also find a Workshop walkthrough video on our official PUBG. BATTLEGROUNDS YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more information!

Last but not least, there are several events that will reward you with chests and materials. Keep your eyes open!


Even though it is difficult to place a clear standard on an in-game item’s value (as they vary depending on the situation and definitely through time), we thought this would be the best time to readjust a bunch of our items’ tiers – including the earlier items that were not even bestowed a tier in the first place – as a sequential update to the Workshop.

The tiers were readjusted based on each item’s in-game quality, how difficult they were/are to obtain, and many other factors. We hope this will create a synergy for new features such as Workshop and upcoming updates.

You can see the updated tiers of each item in the Patch Notes.


Remember how we shared our plans for a major overhaul of Weapon Mastery through the Weapon Mastery Overhaul announcement in March? We’ve expanded the Mastery Tier to motivate our already maxed-out players. We have also added must-have rewards. Level up to unlock the next tier and collect all rewards.


The Expert Tier System will help players continue their leveling. Players can move up to the next tier after they reach the highest level. There are seven steps between Tier 0 and 6. 

Master tier level ends at 100.

Once you reach level 100 you can move up to the next tier. You can also start leveling up for all tiers lower than Master tier.

Tier 1: 100 – 199

Tier 2: 200 – 299

Tier 3: 300  – 399

Tier 4: 400 – 499

Tier 5: 500 – 599

Master Tier: 600 – 700


So that other players can see the Mastery Level, we have made it more visible. On every tier increase, you will receive the following. 

  • You can see the Weapon Mastery Tier via the kill message. This message appears in the center of your screen when a kill is made. 

  • Every tier upgrade earns you Weapon Mastery Medals.

  • Retroactively, players who have attained level 100 will be rewarded. Mastery Medals will not be awarded to accounts that were created before the transition to BATTLEGROUNDS Plus. 

  • Weapon Mastery Charms will now be retroactively rewarded according to the highest level weapon after the update. They will no longer be offered as Weapon Mastery Rewards. For example, if your weapon is a level 50 A416 and level 30 AKM, all charms up to level 50 will be awarded.

  • Charms cannot be obtained through Weapon Mastery any longer. Instead, they can be acquired using BP or other means.


Due to the nature of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ battle royale system, it was challenging to pick and upgrade a weapon in particular. The charm was made available to unlocked guns. The ownership of the charm now goes to players and they can equip themselves with any weapon.


  • Bonus multiplier increased to allow less-popular guns to level up quicker

  • Points are awarded based on kills and not defeats. The final score no longer includes distance to defeat. 


Charms can now be purchased only through Weapon Mastery. Check out our July Store Update announcement for more information on Charms.


We’ve updated the match reward BP earning formula to reduce the gap in BP income among players. 




  • Optimized memory by compressing data used indoor reflections. Xbox One S is able to save more than 50MB memory.

  • All vehicles see a slight decrease in CPU usage. This helps to secure frames when multiple vehicles are displayed on one screen, especially when playing with low-end console devices.

  • You can reduce memory consumption by flushing cache memory in the Physics Engine when switching between lobby and map. As a result, you can save at least 30MB to 50MB, depending on the world you’re on.



  • Related camera renderings were removed because players couldn’t enter spectator mode after a round of death.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from being visible in spectator mode during arena matches.

  • After a participant has died in a 1v1 Arena match, spectators cannot watch.

  • After a 1v1 Arena match, the Report Player UI was removed from the match result screen.

  • Fixed the temporary freeze issue while moving on to the next round.

  • Fixed an issue in which a player who died during the third round could be seen by spectators.

  • Fixed an issue where you could exit to lobby from match results screen after you have died during a match.

  • Moved on to the next round without stuttering.

  • Fixed the issue with the Pony Coupe and Mirado that moved even after parking.

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong interaction animation was shown for a Drone user teammate.

  • Fixed the issue of being unable to select certain Spawn Kit categories in Arcade Mode – TDM after setting language to Russian.

  • Fixed the issue of not being able to receive Weapon Mastery XP after a kill with Lynx AMR.

  • (PC) Fixed the issue with vehicles colliding with broken objects (when the server is unstable).

  • (Console). Fixed the problem of the arrows on recommended items being reduced when you drop a recommended item.

  • (Console) Fixed Voice Chat issues on the Xbox Series


  • Miramar has been fixed collision, texture, performance, as well as other general issues.

  • Fixed the issue of a certain door’s window not breaking in Taego after vaulting it.

  • Fixed the issue of not being capable of picking up a deployed Mortar in certain spots within Erangel and Taego.


  • Fixed the issue of a “Looking for Team” message for Ranked being shown to a player currently unable to play Ranked.

  • Fixed the issue of the drop-down menu in Ranked’s Stats tab overlapping with the bottom of the screen.

  • Fixed the issue of a vehicle’s UI being shown over the World Map in Training Mode.

  • Fixed the awkward text arrangement for the Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner screen when viewed in a Traditional/Simplified Chinese language setting.

  • After going through certain steps, the incorrect order for Contraband Crates on the Hideout page was corrected.

  • (PC) Fixed the issue with the System Menu being removed in 4:3 resolution.

  • (PC) Fixed an issue where the default selection in Social page was not being set on the Friends tab.

  • (PC) Fixed the incorrect G-COIN label being shown at the Store – G-COIN tab after setting language to Portuguese.

  • (Console) Fixed issue with L-Stick key guide not being displayed in Tutorial mission list.

  • (Console). Fixed the issue of the options bars remaining in the Friends Requests List even after accepting a request.

  • (Console). Fixed the problem of the sound effect being heard twice as you move between tabs in Match History.


Clipping issue

  • Fixed the clipping issue on the character’s wrists when equipping LISA’s BLACKPINK Top with Quasar King’s Gloves.

  • Fixed the clipping issue on the character’s ankles when equipping ROSÉ’s BLACKPINK Shoes with most Bottoms skins.

  • Fixed the clipping issue on the female character’s waist when equipping 10000DAYS’ Top with 10000DAYS’ Shorts.

  • (PC) Fixed an awkward texture when a female character is equipped with Jeremy Lin Shades.


PUBG Corporation, now PUBG Studios, a subsidiary of Bluehole created and distributed PUBG Battlegrounds online multiplayer battle royale. This game is based in part on Brendan PlayerUnknown Greene’s past mods of other games. It is also inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale. Greene was the creative force behind the creation of this game. One hundred players can parachut into an island to scavenge weapons and equipment to kill other players while trying to avoid being killed. The map’s safe area shrinks over time, forcing survivors to move closer and requiring interactions. The last person or group standing wins the round.

PUBG Gameplay

The game starts with 100 players flying in an aircraft and being dropped onto an island. They must immediately search for weapons, armor and other useful items once they land. The game’s main objective is to become the last remaining player. They must eliminate all other players during the survival phase in order to survive and become the last man standing. The game’s play area will shrink gradually over the course of the game, increasing tension. You have the option of joining the battlefields as an individual, in pairs or as a team of four.

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