PreeRan ff: Kashmakash Chp 1~Rejection

A person got here house drained from paintings and sat at the sofa. A girl walked seductively to him and massaged his shoulders in detail. He sighed as his muscle mass have been comfy after a protracted aggravating day. “Preeta, I would like you without end, child,” he mentioned huskily and he or she bent hugging him from at the back of. “So then take me without end, I’m all yours,Arjun,” she mentioned and he held her hand and he or she got here ahead and sat in his lap hanging her arm round his shoulders and smiled. “No one can separate us now, you understand,” he mentioned nuzzling in her neck making her blush.



Preeta walked to Arjun’s area, her gorgeous hair blew swaying to the air as she walked and her sandals made a rhythmic sound. She moved her hand to the doorbell and rang it after which became her again to the door smilingly. Arjun stood up once he heard the doorbell ring questioning who it may well be and replied the door. Preeta became to him.

“Surpriiiise!” she exclaimed smilingly encircling her palms round his neck tracing her finger on his jawline seductively. He closed his eyes to really feel it after which slowly proceeded to hug her. They each remained within the hug for someday feeling each and every different’s heat after which broke the hug. She held his bicep as he thankfully invited her within the home and to his bed room. They sat at the mattress and he or she positioned her chin on his shoulder eyeing her smilingly.

“How did you return right here that too with out telling and unexpected me?” he requested tucking her fringe at the back of her ear and he or she rested her head on his shoulder. “I used to be lacking you and was once yearning in your presence so I got here right here, and so what if I got here with out telling? I do know that at this hour, no person is in the home,” she mentioned and he smiled caressing her cheek. “Yeah, proper, simply your timing is just a little unsuitable Preeta, I’ve to head for an audition,” he instructed her. “It’s possible you’ll move, however first let me inform you the excellent news for which I got here right here,” she mentioned lifting her head from his shoulder. “Excellent information? What sort of excellent information?” he requested apparently. “I’m pregnant,” she instructed him excitedly. His smile dropped right away. “What?” he requested in a surprise. “Sure, that’s why I got here dressed in this get dressed you’re keen on probably the most,” she mentioned.

“I imply, have you ever showed but?” he requested. “Showed? Approach? Sure, after all I’ve, it’s our kid Arjun,” she instructed him and smiled heartily and dreamily whilst he was once speechless. “I’ve even considered the title, if it’s a boy, then…,” she was once minimize in between. “Hmm umm umm, abort it, abort this kid,” he ordered status up from the mattress and he or she were given stunned and slowly stood up. “Abort it? What do you imply? Arjun, it’s our kid, how are you able to inquire from me to abort it? It’s our blood, the signal of our love,” she mentioned as her center sunk, he glared at her after which seemed away.

She took a step nearer to him and cupped his face. “Arjun, you mentioned you’re keen on me, you probably did say it, didn’t you?” she requested emotionally. “Oh come on, any person says it when he/she comes that shut,” he mentioned pushing her away and her blood boiled as tears fell from her eyes. “If it will’ve been every other lady, she may have indisputably tolerated it, however now not me, I will be able to inform everybody what have you ever performed with me,” she mentioned angrily and started to depart.

Simply then he fisted her hair and pulled her again whilst she writhed in ache. “What did you assert? You’ll inform everybody? I didn’t spare that scoundrel who were given to understand our secret, then who the hell are you?” he requested angrily gritting his tooth throttling her and threw her over the mattress with a jerk and went to his cabinet. She sat up. He threw his jacket over her and took out a package of cash and stomped against her. He took her hand and positioned the package of cash over it. “Take this, I will be able to provide you with extra however don’t dare to open your mouth in opposition to me, put on this jacket, and go away, move!” he mentioned pushing her against the go out of his room.


Preeta sat on a bench crying badly having a look down. A girl got here and stood close to her. “Excuse me?” she mentioned and Preeta seemed up at her. “Might I take a seat right here?” she requested and Preeta nodded. The girl sat close to her. “What occur? You might be right here like this on this situation?” she requested and Preeta remained silent. “It’s ok, you’ll inform me, I do know I’m a stranger and we simply met, however on occasion ache reduces via sharing with strangers fairly than identified other people, could also be I will assist you to,” the girl mentioned.

“Nobody can lend a hand me now, my existence is done, my global has overwhelmed,” Preeta mentioned cryingly. “You might be right here on the door of the one that made the arena and gave you existence and also you’re announcing your global has overwhelmed?” the girl requested pointing on the temple. “Why did he give me this sort of existence the place I were given somebody who I like however he doesn’t loves me again?” Preeta requested breaking down much more. “Agree with me, pray to Him, you’ll indisputably get some aid and hope,” mentioned the girl.

“What’s hope? And what’s aid? And the way can I am getting them being on this state of affairs? I’m pregnant via the only I like however the one that doesn’t loves me, that too with out marriage, I need to move now, I m leaving, I’ve some paintings,” Preeta mentioned and stood up and started to depart. The girl stood up and stopped her. “Glance I will assist you to,” Mauli mentioned. Preeta stopped in her tracks. “How are you going to lend a hand me? Don’t you understand that during which title society calls such women?” she requested. “My good friend is a gynecologist, he allow you to, my title is Mauli, and I will be able to additionally communicate to your beloved for you,” Mauli mentioned. Preeta became to her. “You’ll communicate to him for me?” she requested. “Why now not? You like him such a lot, you might be sporting his kid, I will be able to indisputably communicate, simply inform his title,” Mauli mentioned. “Ok, his title is…,” she was once minimize in between as a automotive hit her and he or she fell at the street badly injured leaving Mauli stunned.


Aditi Dev Sharma as Mauli

Shakti Arora as Arjun

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