Practical Guide To Starting A Lawn Care Business

It’s normal for everybody to want to have appealing lawns to maintain the outside of their houses looking pleasant, but people don’t always have the time (nor want) to take care of their lawns themselves.

People want a lawn that is attractive and they will pay others to care for it. What does this mean for some people? A business opportunity.

You can be your own boss and still make a living outside by starting a business. A lawn care business could be right for you. We will be covering the 6 key steps to starting a lawn-care business on your terms.

Choose a Business Structure and Register Your Business Name

Choose A Business Structure And Register Your Business Name

Before registering their business, every business owner must choose a business structure. Your business registration process will be affected by which structure you choose. There are several options:

  • Limited Liability Company. An LLC structure is usually preferred by high-risk businesses that are average in risk. It protects them from personal liability.
  • Sole proprietorship. You’re automatically registered as a sole proprietor if you run your operations solo and want full control over your company.
  • Partnership. If you are operating your business with more than one partner who are legally self-employed, this business structure is the best.

Protect Your Business

It is essential that you establish a lawn-care business.

Lawn care professionals need general liability insurance. Your lawn care business insurance will cover you, your employees, and your company from injuries, property damage, and other unexpected occurrences.

There are many types of insurance that you can choose from. Your insurance costs will vary depending on which coverage you choose. Consider these policies to help you make a wise decision.

  • General liability insurance
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Workers’ comp insurance
  • BOP insurance
  • EPL insurance
Lawn care

Set up your business banking and accounting

To keep your personal and professional finances separate, open a business bank account. You’ll also need a business bank account so you can be taxed properly, establish a credit profile for your business, control your business’s cash flow, and make bookkeeping simpler.

Once you have opened your bank account, create a monthly budget to cover all costs. This should include your salary and insurance. It also includes operating expenses, supplies, advertising, and insurance. This budget can be modified at any time.

You should also monitor your income and expenses throughout the year to ensure that you file your taxes accurately. 

Choose the services you want to provide

You’ll have to determine what lawn care services your business provides so you can purchase adequate equipment, set your prices, and advertise your services.

Start small and offer basic lawn care services like trimming and mowing. You will be able get your first customers and make a profit without spending thousands on equipment.

You should provide the following lawn care services when you’re beginning:

  • Mowing and basic lawn care. This should include grass trimming, garden watering, and edging walkways or driveways. 
  • Seasonal services. You can advertise lawn care services as a special spring clean or fall clean throughout the year. Offer snow removal and winter gardening services for customers if there is snow on your lawn.
  • Fertilisation. Provide fertiliser application services and weed control to maintain your customer’s lawns vigorous and green. 

Buy Equipment

Lawn Care equipments

While you don’t have to buy office space like if starting another business, starting a lawn care business has some startup expenses. You will need to purchase your lawn care equipment you’ll need to provide your services. 

Most lawn care businesses will need a mower and edger, leaf blower, string cutter, string trimmer, safety ears muffs, gardening gloves as well as gas cans.

Bear in mind that you’ll also need a vehicle to transport your equipment to your customers’ places.

Employers can be trained and hired

When starting a business, quality is the most important thing. Because lawn care is a manual process, your first few employees will help you to perfect your services.

So, although there isn’t an abundance of experience needed for lawn care, there are some qualities to look for when hiring employees. The ideal candidate should be willing to work hard, be reliable, trustworthy, and have a positive attitude.

If you don’t plan on driving the vehicle with the equipment yourself, you will need to hire at least one employee that owns a valid driver’s licence and a neat driving record. Your business will be more successful if you have the best people on your team. 

Final Words

When you are building your new business, remember that customer service is crucial. Be there for your customers and do your very best. Once your customers are satisfied, your business’s name will spread and you’ll build a strong customer base quickly.

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