Police University Cast, Know The Name Of The Cast and Series!

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Police University Drama

The television series tells the story of the National Police University campus. It also highlights the tension and coexistence between students and faculty. KBS South Korea will broadcast a new Korean drama called Police University. Min Jung wrote the script and Yoo Gwangmo directed it. Both young people entering society for their first time and those who guide them will transform and have an impact upon one another. You can also see the stories of individuals who grow in their own ways, and the surprising chemistry that Yoo Dong Man and Kwon Hiuk Pil, who possess different qualities.

Police University Kdrama Cast

Cha Tae-hyun Yoo Dong-man
Jung Jin-young Kang Seon-ho
Krystal Jung  Oh Kanghee
Hong Soo-hyun Choi Hee-soo
Lee Jong-hyuk Kwon Hyuk-pil
Seo Yehwa  Baek-hee
Kang Shin-il  Seo Sanghak
Shin Seung-hwan “High school professor”
Choo Young-woo  Park Min-gyu
Lee Dal Roh Beomtae
Yoo Young-jae Jo Joonwook
Park Seunyeon  Min Jae-kyung
Lee Do-hoon Cha Seong-soo
Ha-Jun Jung Park Don-ggu
Min Chae-eun Ahn Haeju
Ain Jo Sung-eun

Police University Cast

1) Cha Tae-hyun as   Yoo Dong-man

Yoo Dong-man will be played by actor Cha Taehyun. He has appeared previously in Kdramas such Kdramas as Team Bulldog and The Producers, Hit The Top and Birthcenter. He is a well-known actor who most recently starred in the movie Along With the Gods, The Two Worlds. He will play the role of a Professor at the National Police University. He has worked as a homicide investigator for more than twenty years and has also been involved in cyber investigation in the TV series Police University.

2) Jung Jin-young  as  Kang Seon-ho

Jung Jin-young, the Love in the Moonlight actor who later played the role of the lead in the television series My First First Love will be playing Kang Seonho in Police University. He is a brilliant hacker who is also a first-year student at National Police University. Jung has also appeared in the television series Brain, Love Rain and Dong Yi as well as The Kingdom of the Winds.

3) Krystal Jung  as   Oh Kang-hee

Krystal, a girl group partner in F(x), will play Oh Kanghee in Police University. She has been in numerous Kdramas such as High Kick 3, The Heirs (Prison Playbook), and Search. She is a first year student at the National Police University and her drive has driven her to work tirelessly in achieving her goals.

4) Hong Soo-hyun  as  Choi Hee-soo

Actress Hong Soohyun was conceived in South Korea on February 15, 1981. Her most notable works include Dae Jo Yeong and The Princess’ Man. After making her start as a magazine model while still in high school, Hong made her acting debut in 1999 after making an appearance in a Johnson & Johnson commercial in 1996. Hong was mostly cast in supporting roles during the ensuing decade, so true stardom remained elusive.  Hong was praised for her two outstanding performances in the comedy comedies History of a Salaryman (2012), and Goodbye Dear Wife (2013). She played Princess Kyunghye in both films.

Police University Drama Trailer


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