Playermaker Raised $40M in Funding

Playermaker, a London, UK, Miami, FL- and Tel Aviv, Israel-based wearable footwear-mounted performance tracker, raised $40M in funding to date.

Ventura Capital Group was the lead investor in this round. Additional investment came from MIG Capital and Pegasus Technology Ventures.

The funding will be used to further extend the company’s global reach with a particular focus on accelerating its growth within the consumer market and developing a new Multi-Sport Platform to drive expansion beyond soccer, beginning with basketball.

Guy Aharon, the CEO and Co-Founder of Playermaker, is the company’s founder and CEO. Playermaker turns any footwear into an integrated solution that collects professional-grade technical and tactical data, as well as physical data, from the point of origin. This gives athletes the ability to improve their skills, track injury risk and speed up recovery.

This solution can track technical performance, and also provide deeper insights thanks to the position of the left and right shoes. It is able to combine surface-level metrics and complex functional factors like foot angle, foot velocity, acceleration in hard cuts vs. straightaway run, and other such variables. The device requires no additional infrastructure or installation and doesn’t require WIFI, cell service, or external power to collect and analyze data from any given session. It can be used indoors and out, which makes it more versatile than GPS systems.



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