Play Roblox While Listening To Spotify Not Working, How To Play Roblox While Listening To Spotify?

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Play Roblox while listening Spotify is not working 

Roblox is a well-known name in the gaming industry. It is a popular online game platform and game development tool. The platform allows players to create new games and allows them to play games made by other players. Roblox users often wonder if they can listen to Spotify while playing Roblox. You can actually play Roblox while listening Spotify. Many users have reported that they cannot listen to Spotify while playing Roblox. 

How to fix Play Roblox while listening to Spotify not working?

Roblox users can play any Roblox game while listening Spotify, as we have already mentioned. Some people have reported that it doesn’t work properly. They were complaining about Play Roblox’s issue while listening to Spotify not working. They wanted to know how to fix Play Roblox while listening to Spotify not working. Spotify music will stop when you enter Roblox or into any other game. You can play it again by simply restarting the song. 

How to Play Roblox while listening to Spotify?

Let’s see how to play Roblox while listening to Spotify


  • Play a game and open the Xbox Gamebar using the Windows Key +G.

  • You will see the Widgets Menu on an overlay display.

  • Click on the Widgets button to open Spotify Widget. 

  • Log in with Spotify to link the Xbox Gamebar

  • Once you have been linked, Spotify can be played from within the game.

  • Click anywhere on the screen to get out of the Xbox Game Bar, or press the Esc key. Spotify will continue playing in the background. 


  • Open Spotify while playing Roblox games

  • Spotify lets you play any song.

  • Enter the game again. This will stop the song from playing in background.

  • You can resume the song by tapping it in the notification tab or pop-up Spotify app. 

  • Spotify will run in the background. 


Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming and media service provider app. The founders of Spotify are Martin Lorentzon, Daniel Ek, and Martin Lorentzon. It is considered the world’s largest music streaming app with monthly active users of over 381 million and out of them, 172 million are paid subscribers as of September 2021. It has over 70 million songs and offers podcasts and recorded music.


Roblox is an online platform for game development. Roblox Corporation created it. It allows users the ability to create and modify games as well allowing them to play games created by others. Roblox was developed and published by Erik Cassel and David Baszucki in 2004 and 2006. It supports user-generated games in many genres, which are coded using the Lua programming language. Roblox’s small size, both as a platform, and as a corporation, was due to Baszucki, its co-founder, not being interested in media coverage. Roblox grew quickly in the second half of 2010, and the COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated its growth.

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