PK Budget, Box Office Collection Day Wise, Is PK Hit or Flop?

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PK Budget

 Details about PK Budget, Box Office Collection Day Wise, and PK Hit or Flop are available. PK is an Indian Hindi-language comedy drama. movie directed by  Rajkumar Hirani.

The movie PK overall budget is estimated at ₹850 million.  

PK Budget, Box Office Collection Day-Wise, PK Hit or Flop

Release Date for the Movie 19 December 2014
Certification UA
Movie Running time 2h 32m
PK Budget 850 Million
PK Hit, or Flop Blockbuster

Day Wise PK Box Office Collection

Day Date Amount
Day 1 19-Dec-2014 (Fri) ₹26.63 cr.
Day 2 20-Dec-2014 (Sat) ₹30.34 cr.
Day 3 21-Dec-2014 (Sun) ₹38.44 cr.
Day 4 22-Dec-2014 (Mon) ₹21.22 cr.
Day 5 23-Dec-2014 (Tue) ₹19.36 cr.
Day 6 24-Dec-2014 (Wed) ₹19.55 cr.
Day 7 25-Dec-2014 (Thu) ₹27.55 cr.
Day 8 26-Dec-2014 (Fri) ₹14.48 cr.
Day 9 27-Dec-2014 (Sat) ₹17.16 cr.
Day 10 28-Dec-2014 (Sun) ₹21.85 cr.
Day 11 29-Dec-2014 (Mon) ₹10.08 cr.
Day 12 30-Dec-2014 (Tue) ₹9.11 cr.
Day 13 31-Dec-2014 (Wed) ₹9.05 cr.
Day 14 01-Jan-2015 (Thu) ₹14.05 cr.
Day 15 02-Jan-2015 (Fri) ₹6.85 cr.
Day 16 03-Jan-2015 (Sat) ₹8.32 cr.
Day 17 04-Jan-2015 (Sun) ₹11.58 cr.
Day 18 05-Jan-2015 (Mon) ₹4.42 cr.
Day 19 06-Jan-2015 (Tue) ₹4.02 cr.
Day 20 07-Jan-2015 (Wed) ₹3.46 cr.
Day 21 08-Jan-2015 (Thu) ₹2.96 cr.
Day 22 09-Jan-2015 (Fri) ₹1.82 cr.
Day 23 10-Jan-2015 (Sat) ₹2.82 cr.
Day 24 11-Jan-2015 (Sun) ₹4.01 cr.
Day 25 12-Jan-2015 (Mon) ₹1.25 cr.
Day 26 13-Jan-2015 (Tue) ₹1.15 cr.
Day 27 14-Jan-2015 (Wed) ₹1.35 cr.
Day 28 15-Jan-2015 (Thu) ₹1.15 cr.
Day 29 16-Jan-2015 (Fri) ₹0.57 cr.
Day 30 17-Jan-2015 (Sat) ₹0.88 cr.
Day 31 18-Jan-2015 (Sun) ₹1.27 cr.
Day 32 19-Jan-2015 (Mon) ₹0.4 cr.

Is PK a Hit or a Flop?

The blockbuster movie PK is a huge success.


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