Password Episode 6 Release Date: Who Is The Next Celebrity Guest?

A new game series has entered the huge sea of American TV game shows. Yes, that’s the new game show Password. A trailer has elicited much curiosity among TV viewers. Password’s debut episode saw Jimmy Fallon, Jon Hamm and guests compete in two games. JB Smoove, a contestant on Password Episode 5, was invited to compete with contestants in two games using only one-word cues. The winner could win as much as $25,000. The audience will like Password EP6 because it will star everyone’s favorite Chelsea Handler. Password EP6 will be a sequel to the amazing episode that left fans stunned.

Password EP6 will be revealed, including Password EP6 streaming information and Password EP6 release details. Before we talk about the show’s future, we want to introduce viewers to this series. Password was a segment of The Tonight Show that Fallon revived. The series has received a lot attention because it is well-known. So, without any more delay, let’s reveal everything about Password EP6, including where fans can watch Password EP6 and how fans can watch Password Episode 4! Let’s get right to the details.

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Password: Why are they so popular?

While Jimmy Fallon introduced the game format to some viewers, only OG fans are aware that a similar show has been produced on television before. The “Password” game show has been around since 1961. The show lasted for nearly 14 years, which may surprise many. Allen Ludden hosted this game show that entertained viewers with more than 500 episodes. YES! You heard that right, and it is why people from today’s generations are loving this as well. Password 2022 has been redesigned.

Jon Hamm in Password’s debut episode

The gameplay is the same as what we know, and the host manages to control the event. Jimmy Fallon will join forces with a few other contestants for this revamped show called “Password”, with Keke Palmer serving as the host. Keke Palmer is best known for playing Kira in the HBO series “Insecure.” We have also recently seen her deliver a brilliant performance in Peele‘s thriller Nope. JLO and Palmer starred together in the 2019 film Hustlers, which was critically acclaimed. Jimmy will be taking on a new squad each week that is led and led by a different celebrity guest.

After the first round, the celebrities swap sides and the winner of the bonus round is the one who has won at least three moves. To win the $25,000 main prize, participants must speed-feed clues to the celebrities to get them to guess the passwords in under a minute. Even so, there is a single password, “Redemption Round,” that they can use to quadruple their wins for the evening.

Password EP6 Release Date:

Kiki Palmer is the host for the Password revamped.

Password Episode 6 Release Date

“Password” Episode 6 will debut on August 30th, 2022, at around 10 p.m. on NBC and the NBC official website. If you are a fan living in Australia, don’t worry if you’re from India or the United Kingdom; we’ve got you covered as well. Peacock’s streaming service offers Password to fans from Australia, India, the UK, and other countries. It also gives users a one week free trial. Peacock will make it available for Australia the day after it airs. Peacock will allow people in Australia, India and the United Kingdom to view it after 12 p.m. Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. Tuesday and 4 a.m. Tuesday. The US can also subscribe for DIRECTV or Fubo TV.

These OTTs offer a one-week subscription for free to US natives. We can’t wait to see two of our favorite hosts, Chelsea Handler and Fallon, fight it off in the upcoming episode. Can You you?

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