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Crosswords are a great way to stimulate your brain and keep you busy. Of course, sometimes the crossword clue totally stumps us, whether it’s because we are unfamiliar with the subject matter entirely or we just are drawing a blank. We have all the answers. Crossword clue for Parrot or Puppy If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you struggle on a crossword clue! These puzzles cover many different subjects, and it’s hard to be an expert on everything. You’ll find you become more familiar with the clues as you play these puzzles!

Crossword Clues: Parrot or Puppy Answers

A clue can have multiple answers, and we have provided all answers that we’re aware of for Parrot or puppy. This clue appeared in the Thomas Joseph Crossword June 21, 2022. You’ll want to cross-reference the length of the answers below with the required length in the crossword puzzle you are working on for the correct answer. You should find the solution to the Parrot/Puppet crossword puzzle clue here:

Below, you’ll find any key word(s) defined that may help you understand the clue or the answer better.

Crossword Clue & Answer Definitions

  • PARROT (noun)
    1. Copycat who doesn’t understand the words and/or acts being imitated.
    2. Brightly colored zygodactyl-tropical birds of the genus Zygodactyl with hooked beaks. They are capable of mimicking sounds and have brightly colored wings.
  • PARROT (verb)
    1. repeat mindlessly.
  • PUPPY (noun)
    1. an inexperienced young person.
    2. a young dog.

Today’s Thomas Joseph Crossword Solutions

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