Pandya Store 11 Nov 2022 Written Episode Update | Dhara is the first to take Raavi into the medical facility

Shweta receives the pregnancy kit and is unsure of what she should do to present it to Rishita. She meets Dhara dropping the pregnancy kit. When Dhara is interested, she informs her that she returned to collect the money and is planning to buy her pregnancy kits.

Raavi is screaming in pain. Dhara is there to assist her and requests Shweta to help bring in all her family members. Shweta states she knows that Rishita and Ma are gone.

Pandya Store 11 Nov 2022 Written Episode Update

Dhara is the one who takes Raavi in the hospital. Shweta comes up with a new strategy. Shiva is on the other side will meet someone on his bicycle. Raavi notices Shiva and covers her face to ensure that Shiva cannot observe her. Raavi believes that if she’s pregnant, she must first announce the baby’s name to Shiva.

The doctor performs an extensive examination of Raavi. He says he’s waiting to hear the result of the blood tests. Rishita returns home and inquires Shweta about the location of Dhara and Raavi. Shweta states that she is unsure the location of them. Rishita calls Dhara’s number and discovers it in her room .

Shweta considers getting in touch with Shweta and thinks of calling Dr. Nitin, her childhood friend. She says she’ll request him to declare that she is four months pregnant , so Shiva can’t believe her. Rishita notices the plan and says it’s a mistake since at some point or other Raavi will experience a period as well as her scheme will be revealed. Shweta states that in this situation she’ll tell the doctor claim that she aborted the baby. Shweta claims that she has set up pregnant kits to be put in the frame of Rishita. Rishita hits Shweta and then calls someone.

Shweta phoned the doctor. Nitin asks if Dr. Nitin was able to meet Dhara or Raavi. He confirms that he has and promises that he’ll shortly give their good news according to the instructions of Dr. Nitin.

Suman is out for the outdoors with her pals when she spots an unborn woman in labor discomfort. Suman decides to transport Suman to the hospital closest to her, and is admitted to this place.

The doctor informs them that she’s four months pregnant. While Dhara is delighted to hear this announcement, Shweta worries about what she’ll tell Shiva. The doctor tells her that they’ll need to conduct an ultrasound to confirm it. Dhara wants for the doctor to conduct an ultrasound. The doctor tells them that they must be patient. Dhara decides to bring Raavi in the hospital ultrasound area.

Suman is also in the hospital along with the pregnant woman. In the meantime, Rishita also reaches the hospital to carry out her plan.

The ultrasound technician informs Dhara that Raavi has an fibroid and requires surgery as soon as is possible. Dhara informs her that Raavi is expecting. The ultrasound technician says Raavi isn’t pregnant.

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