Overwatch 2 Releases Free-To-Play on October 4

This week, we shared something near and dear to the team’s hearts—Overwatch is back! Overwatch 2 releases for free on October 4, and we’ve revealed an in-depth roadmap on what players can expect, plus so much more. Read on for a full recap of all the information we’ve revealed, which can also be found here. We’ve also announced the next Beta, which includes consoles, so click here for an FAQ or go to our registration site.


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Overwatch 2 is releasing on Oct. 4 as a free-to-play live game, and we’d like to explain exactly what that means for our players. Overwatch 2 will get regular updates on a monthly basis and a Battle Pass which will contain new content, including new heroes and game modes, maps and cosmetics. We’ll also be outlining Seasons One and Two and plans extending into 2023 with a roadmap for the game.

A free-to-play, live experience

Overwatch 2 is now free to play. This is a great step forward for both our game and our users. Overwatch has been a social game since its inception. Our community always has the best time playing together. Free-to-play eliminates all barriers to entry. Anyone can join the game, make friends or find other players online. Along with this shift to free-to-play, we’ll be adding cross-progression, enabling everyone to play, progress, and access their unlocked content seamlessly across all game platforms.

Overwatch 2 will not have Loot Boxes. Instead, our players will have the ability to design their own experiences using the modernized live service. The Battle Pass allows players to purchase the items they desire directly and has an updated in-game shop. Our team will create and deliver seasonal content every nine weeks to ensure there’s always something fresh and exciting waiting for everyone.

Roadmap and seasons

Below is the roadmap that outlines our short-term plans and our long-term goals for the game. Every other season will bring a new hero, and new game modes and maps will be added.

Season One Sojourn, Junker queen, and an unannounced supporting hero will be featured, along with the 5v5 PvP experience and reworked heroes. We’re also releasing a reimagined competitive experience that was created to give players more tools to improve gameplay and feel a sense of progression in competitive play. The shift to 5v5 will allow players to have an even greater impact on their individual matches. Additional systems will also be available to assist you in determining your contribution to each match. We’ll soon have more information on the competitive overhaul.

Season 2 will feature a new tank hero and map as well as a variety of skins including a Mythic one. As we move into 2023, we’ll move the story of Overwatch forward with the release of our new PvE gameplay which will release seasonably beginning next year, along with more new heroes, maps, and game modes. We can’t wait to share more information closer to release!

A dynamic, evolving game

We’ve always believed that Overwatch, at its core, should be a living game. Overwatch stands for inclusion, open-mindedness and community. These pillars led to the change in our strategy to deliver new heroes, maps, and modes on a frequent basis because we believe this is what’s best for our players.

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