Overlord Season 4 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the ninth episode of ‘Overlord’ season 4 titled ‘Countdown to Extinction,’ Albedo meets the nobles and the king of E-Rantel to give them a piece of devastating news. Aainz devises a strategy to provide them with a fitting reply to their attack on his food carriages, and also to send a strong message out to other kingdoms. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Overlord’ season 4 episode 9. SPOILERS BEFORE!!

Overlord Season 4 Episode 9, Recap

Albedo arrives at E-Rantel kingdom and is allowed to meet with the king, the nobles, and discuss the possible consequences of the attack by the Sorcerer Kingdom on the Theocracy’s food carriages. Albedo is immediately seen by the king and he apologizes instantly. He will risk his life to stop the situation from getting worse. Albedo informs Albedo that Aainz is determined to declare war on E-Rantel. Unfortunately, his request for forgiveness does not go down well.

Aainz has allowed the kingdom one month to prepare. After that, the Sorcerer Kingdom will not show mercy. Aainz addresses the companions after 30 days and congratulates their efforts. Demiruge (and Albedo) were key in the planning of this battle. Some of his friends are confused when he says he doesn’t plan to completely exterminate E-Rantel’s citizens. Aainz, however, declines to share his strategy with them.

Aainz recalled meeting Nigredo who pointed out that humans are capable of advancing the Sorcerer Kingdom in a way unlike any other. The strategy of killing them all senselessly is not one that seems to work. Aainz agrees with her but decides to leave as many survivors as possible in fear that the undead will eventually triumph over the humans. Aainz is now ready for E-Naeul’s invasion, as E-Rantel has been given enough time. This port city can provide the Sorcerer Kingdom with a strategic advantage.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 9, Ending: Did the Death Warriors and Dark Knights Survive the Invasion at E-Naeul, or are they doomed?

Aainz’s plan calls for the dispatch of the dark knights, death warriors, and other forces to E-Naeul. This is to keep E-Rantel invading and to destroy another city. The king watches as the invading troops march towards the city, but doesn’t seem to be bothered. The king tells the mithril adventurer from the Four armaments, who is standing with him at the watch tower, that he would surrender but it doesn’t seem like an option. After she points to the fact that he can run away with his family, he explains that there have been very few survivors in every attack by the Sorcerer Kingdom so far.

It is unlikely that he will escape. Although adventurers are usually neutral and do not side with any kingdom during the war, this time the mithril adventurers plan to fight just because E-Rantel’s struggle is against the undead. Later, when the king addresses the rest of his adventurers and warriors, Lillyette (one the mithril explorers) talks about her desire to obtain the Five-Colored Holy Sword of the king. However, the king does not plan to give it away without anything in return, so he tells Lillyette that she can get her hands on the sword only on the condition that she becomes his third son’s concubine.


Despite the strange conditions laid out by him, Lillyette does not even take a second’s thought to accept all the conditions. The battle begins just a few seconds later when the undead reach close enough to the city. E-Naeul deploys smartly placed archers in order to begin attacking the undead when they are within reach. It has a devastating effect but the soldiers still manage to defeat a few foes. The dark warriors, however, spring into action just a few seconds later. However, they were stopped by the magic casters who waited for them to attack. It doesn’t have any effect, but one of their mithril adventurers uses fireballs to bring the dark warriors down.

The dark soldiers who were standing alongside them were reduced to ashes while the dark warriors emerged from the fire nearly unscathed. This leaves E-Naeul soldiers in shock. The mithril explorers abandon the high ground and go to battle against the dark warrior. They do their best but they are unable to stand up against the dark warriors. Until someone from the skies takes them down with ease. It turned out that an adamantine explorer of the Vermillion drops was also fighting to protect the E-Rantel Kingdom. E-Naeul was not invaded by the dark knights and dark warriors.

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