One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 4: Release Date And Where To Watch

One Thousand Won Lawyer, also known by One Dollar Lawyer, a Korean legal and law-based television series. The main characters of the show are Namkoong Min and Kim Ji-Eun. Lee Deok-Hwa is also featured.

One Thousand Won Lawyer’s story revolves around Cheon JiHun (Namkoong Min), an attorney. He takes a unique approach to his work. Even though he is one the best and most respected lawyers in the world, his fees are just 1,000 Won ($1). As a lawyer, he takes on cases against expensive law firms and their clientele. He also fights against those who can get away with crimes and wrongdoings by breaking the law.

The plot of One Thousand Won Lawyer

Baek Mari (Kim Ji-Eun) worked as an assistant at a prosecutor’s office after she graduated. She is confident in herself and her skills. Baek Hyun Mu (Lee Deok Hawa), her grandfather, established the Baek Law firm. Baek Mari, a lawyer, works there. She is happy and content until she meets Cheon Ji Hun. Her life will change when she becomes involved with him.

Many were delighted when One Thousand Won Lawyer’s air date was set for 2022. Original plans were for the show’s airing in 2016 after 6 years. There was some controversy over One Thousand Won Lawyer’s similarities to another drama.  Mr. Lawyer, Mr.Jo, which was also on air at the time. After six years, One Thousand Won Lawyer was put on hold by the writers. Finally, it was finally produced in early 2022.

Many enjoy the humorous legal show. They love watching Cheon Ji Hu solve cases in his unusual style. This makes each case fascinating to watch. Namkoong Min fans are devoted to the character he plays and eagerly await the release of the next episode.

One Thousand Won Poster for Lawyers

About the Cast

Kim Ji Eun is a rising star in the industry. She made her dramatic debut. The Good Witch She starred in many popular dramas and was awarded the Best New Actress award in 2018. For her role in “Best New Actress”, she won the award. The Veil In 2021, during the 2021 MBC Drama Awards.

Namkoong Min is a well-known South Korean actor. He originally wasn’t on the career path to becoming an actor. He was studying mechanical engineering. In 2001, he had a small role in the film Bungee Jumping for Their Own. But he only started gaining attention and made his big break into the industry in 2015 in the drama, ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’. He was thrilled to play the role of a villain. He has seen a steady rise in the entertainment industry since then and has a large fan base.

On September 28, 2022, Namkoong Min’s agency released a statement announcing to the public that the actor would be getting married. Jin Ah Reum would also be his wife. They first met through Light My Fire in 2015. They tied the knot in 2016 after seven years of being together. We wish them every success in their lives together.

Namkoong Min

One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 3 Recap

Mari is a lawyer and takes on a bizarre case against Jihun in episode 3. She is determined and determined to beat him. She is determined to win and will do whatever it takes to win. But, Ji-Hun seems to have something against Mari.

The fourth episode of One Thousand Won Lawyer is now available.

Episode 4 of One Thousand Won Lawyer will show how Mari does against Ji-Hun and how she adjusts to her new job. You are curious as to when the next episode will be released. One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 4 will be available on 4/10/2022.

One Thousand Won Attorney Episode 4 Streaming Guide

One Thousand Won Lawyer (One Dollar Lawyer), can be viewed and streamed on Disney+ Hotstar. By subscribing and paying ₹899 a year, you will then be able to watch One Thousand Won Lawyer. You can also stream many other shows and Korean dramas on Disney+ Hotstar.

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