November 11 Anupama Written Episode Updated: Devika Foils Barkha’s Plans

Pakhi makes an attempt to psychologically threaten Kapadias. She says to Anuj that Anupama would now not know how vital a marriage apparel can also be for women. She asks Adhik and Ankush what they would put on as a substitute of an unassuming kurta for his or her wedding ceremony. She inquires if papa is offended at her. This does not imply she cannot fulfil her want. Anuapama suggests that once papa’s title does now not paintings she may use Baa’s title and Bapuji’s want or threaten and do her very best to psychologically blackmail them. Pakhi insists she’s now not mentally blackmailing them.

Anupama inquires what’s she as much as, and she’s going to tell them when she remembers the incident. She tells her she will be able to put on lehanga for wedding ceremony ceremonies alternatively she will have to put on her panitar that she used to be talented all over the rite. Ankush confirms that Pakhi will probably be dressed in the panitar. Anuj says to Little Anu that they are leaving now and will probably be again in a while. Anupama tells them that they’re going to discuss with a temples on their manner with a view to be offering prayers for Adhik in addition to Pakhi.

November 11 Anupama Written Episode Up to date: Devika Foils Barkha’s Plans

Barkha smiles on the drama. Ankush questions what used to be happening along with her. Barkha says she’s having a laugh the instant and that she’s making plans to window shop for her wedding ceremony. Ankush guarantees to accompany her. She claims she’ll move by means of herself and believes she will be able to take no matter resolution she needs to make. She is going to Shahs and apologizes to Leela for being too green with envy. Leela stands stunned.

Barkha claims she used to be having a problems with them and the marriage previously, however is not. Jignesh jokes. Barkha broadcasts that she is thrilled to have Pakhi used to be ready to go into Adhik’s lifestyles and altered him utterly. Samar remarks that Pakhi herself as a spoilt brat who does not care about reforming people. Anupama, Anuj, Pakhi, and Adhik are available and are stunned to search out Barkha there. Pakhi turns to Vanraj and remembers him denying his love for her.

Anupama informs Barkha she would were along with her if she had been coming to this location. Barkha admits she used to be acutely aware of her error and determined to ask for forgiveness to Shahs. Kinjal is overjoyed to fulfill Anupama and kisses her. Leela is curious to invite Barkha why she learned her error. Barkha states that she got here up with the very best wedding ceremony plans to devise Pakhi the marriage of Adhik and Pakhi. Leela is requested to explain the location. Barkha claims she selected Ahmedabad’s best wedding ceremony venues, the most efficient wedding ceremony planner, and the most efficient wedding ceremony lehanga to rejoice Pakhi.

Barkha will get excited seeing lehanga design. Barkha broadcasts that whether or not somebody achieves her hopes or now not, she’s going to reach all of her targets. Pakhi claims it is rather dear. Barkha claims it is price 22 lakhs, alternatively the dressmaker pal is prepared to promote it at 20 lakhs for Pakhi. Leela is surprised and asks whether or not diamonds are provide within the lehanga. Pakhi states that it’s an dressmaker lehanga.

Leela needs to grasp if the dressmaker would wash the utensils at her house for the remainder of her lifestyles. She reveals flaws within the lehanga. She needs to grasp Barkha whether or not she has made 20 lakhs fee from Anuj’s or her husband’s accounts. Barkha appears at Adhik. Leela guarantees so as to get a greater lehanga by means of an native dressmaker for 15000 rupees.

Barkha inquires about the issue she faces when it is not her cash and a person is the only paying for it. Leela claims she’s taking Anuj’s cash. Barkha claims that cash is demise to be a supply of wealth and is now Leela is not, does she now not recognize happiness. Leela insists that if she does not care about cash, she will have to put on a cotton get dressed to her wedding ceremony and marry her selected guy.

Samar needs Leela to overlook about it since Pakhi is madness. Pakhi cautions her to loosen up. Ankush needs Pakhi to calm down. Pakhi states that Leela is having problems along with her. Kavya states that Leela isn’t pleased with dear lehanga reasonably than her. Pakhi questions her about dressed in no matter she needs to put on to her wedding ceremony, why Pakhi now not permitting her to put on. Kavya claims she picked no matter used to be within the lodge. Kinjal says they are not able to pay for it.

Pakhi asks what factor they face if the groom’s circle of relatives can have the funds for the associated fee. Kavya states that the bride’s sister has decided on it and Anuj is liable for it. Pakhi says that Anuj does not have any problems. Samar claims that Anuj’s spouse has a subject matter, and Pakhi should cancel the lehanga. Pakhi insists on dressed in handiest the lehanga.

Barkha means that they enable Pakhi fulfil her dream and she or he informs Adhik that she picked the very best sherwani. Leela is requested whether or not Anuj should promote his area to have the funds for the pricy sherwani. Adhik broadcasts that he does not want it and needs a elementary wedding ceremony. Pakhi asks Anuj for her the lehanga. Anupama stops her. Barkha broadcasts that she selected the venue for her wedding ceremony make-up skilled, dressmaker, choreographer, and many others. to have a Kapadia the circle of relatives’s wedding ceremony.

Leela claims there is not any want for it. Barkha inquires about the problem. Barkha inquires Vanraj what he thinks of the problem. Vanraj broadcasts that he is in no way within the wedding ceremony. Barkha has a plan, and it’s definitive. Leela broadcasts they are going to now not settle for the plan. Barkha is looking what the reason being.

Devika arrives and says that Barkha’s plan is simply too dear and unthinking. She will get to grasp they all. Barkha inquires about her id. Leela broadcasts the title is her chachi the chantpana. Devika thank her to her and smiles at her. Anuj Introduces Devika with Barkha. Devika informs Barkha that her concept is a whole waste of time, and why would they want a choreographer when they’ve Samar and Anuj She is going to set up all wedding ceremony making plans.

Barkha broadcasts that it’s not an match thought to be to be jagrata. Devika needs her to Google Devika Occasions. Barkha states that she has looked after the whole thing out, and her wedding ceremony venue is 50 lakhs. Devika appears it over and displays her just about an identical set-up for handiest 4 lakhs. Adhik questions Barkha why they are paying 50 lakhs for a similar setup for 4 lakhs. Devika says it is cool we will have to get started the method as they are going to be making a song the next day. Barkha is having a look down.

Anupama hugged and thanked Devika for approaching such brief understand to satisfy her request. Devika broadcasts that Pakhi is her niece, and If that they had punched her previously and she or he used to be a kid, she could be so spoiled now. She advises her to not consider the marriage since she’s going to have the ability to set up it on the cheap. Anuj involves them and expresses his gratitude to Devika for her willingness to host the marriage in this brief understand.

Devika insists that he stay his apologies to himself after which, after coping with the an infuriating Barkha she is, he should expel her from the house and instruct her at the lesson. Anuj insists that he is not ready to try this. Anupama is requested if she would toss Pakhi clear of her area because of her conceitedness. Pakhi broadcasts that she’s going to punish her, however she is not going to kick Pakhi out of her house since she is part of the circle of relatives.

Anupama arrives at Pakhi and assures her she will be able to rejoice her wedding ceremony correctly. Anuj asks us to depart presently since they’ve a number of paintings to do. Devika will say good-bye to a frowning Barkha. Pakhi is attempting to touch Vanraj alternatively, he turns and is going away. At house, Anupama tells Barkha that 20 lakhs is an enormous sum, and each households should have the ability to percentage the load all over wedding ceremony. Anuj claims that the couple Anupama can have lavishly spent at their wedding ceremony however they determined to stay it elementary.

Anupama claims they attended Toshu Kinjal’s wedding ceremony the most straightforward method, even even if Rakhi used to be flush with money. Anuj says they had been a pair with not unusual sense and the will to. Anupama delivers a long speech about how a middle-class circle of relatives would be aware down presents even to go back the similar provide to the one that gave it. Barkha claims she will be able to take into accout lecturing and taunting , however now not the desires of Pakhi. Ankush states that Barkha is not acutely aware of herself as somebody who used to be antagonistic to Pakhi and her marriage to Adhik however she now’s involved concerning the desires of Pakhi.

Kavya admiring Anupama’s panetar proper in entrance of Leela. Devika may be there. Leela thank Devika for her help. Anuj turns into romantic with Anupama and plays a shayari in her honor. He can see Little Anu. Anupama believes that Little Anu is also a kid however she is mature. Pakhi does now not. Samar is a dance trainer to Shahs. Toshu requests Kinjal to provide Pari to her.

She is going to then get pleasure from choreography all the way through the marriage. Shahs are dancing on Gud Naal Ishq Meetha.. The tune. Pakhi recorded their video and is lacking Vanraj. Kavya is going against Vanraj and says that he is disappointed and does not need him to wait match, however as soon as his anger settles he intends to wait an match, however no one will invite him to wait; he should set aside his anger and get pleasure from the festivities; she’ll attend to him outdoor. Pakhi cries status outdoor Vanraj’s room.

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