Netflix’s 20th Century Girl Ending, Explained: Do Bo-ra and Poong Woon-ho End Up Together?

Netflix’s ’twentieth Century Woman’ is a romantic comedy movie set in South Korea in 1999. Directed via Bang Woo-ri, the film tells the tale of Na Bo-ra, a seventeen-year-old lady who spies on her splendid pal’s weigh down. Then again, she will get swept into her personal love tale that may outline her concepts of friendship and love.

The movie’s plot hinges on an enormous false impression that repeatedly adjustments the dynamic between the characters and ends on a bittersweet observe. Due to this fact, audience should be questioning concerning the destiny of Bo-ra’s romance and pals. For the ones on the lookout for a proof concerning the heart-touching finishing of ’twentieth Century Woman,’ here’s the whole lot you want to understand! SPOILERS AHEAD!

twentieth Century Woman Plot Synopsis

’twentieth Century Woman’ follows Na Bo-ra, a easy and brilliant lady who values her friendship with Yeon-du. The latter has a coronary heart ailment and calls for surgical operation. Then again, sooner than going to New York for her surgical operation, Yeon-du meets and falls in love with Baek Hyun-jin, a pupil attending their new highschool. Consequently, whilst Yeon-du is long gone, Bo-ra concurs to assemble all of the information about Hyun-jin that may assist her pursue a romance with the boy. Yeon-du leaves for New York whilst Bo-ra prepares for her first day at her new college. Then again, each women be in contact over emails.

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On the college, Bo-ra sees Hyun-jin and tries to get as regards to him. She joins the published committee t spend extra time looking at Hyun-jin. In the meantime, Bo-ra learns of Hyun-jin’s friendship with Poong Woon-ho. She recruits Woon-ho’s assist to secret agent on Hyun-jin and acquire information about him for Yeon-du. In the meantime, each Woon-ho and Hyun-jin get started falling for Bo-ra after an incident on a faculty box go back and forth. The captivating and assured Hyun-jin asks Bo-ra out on a date. Then again, Bo-ra turns him down for Yeon-du’s sake.

However, Bo-ra’s friendship with Woon-ho naturally blossoms right into a romance, they usually get started courting all through the summer season destroy. Bo-ra helps to keep updating Yeon-du concerning the development in her analysis about Hyun-jin however helps to keep her personal dating hidden. All the way through the summer season destroy, Yeon-du returns from New York and meets Bo-ra and the men on the ice cream store the place Woon-ho works. Then again, sooner than Bo-ra can inform Yeon-da about her dating with Woon-ho, Yeon-du clarifies that she is in love with Woon-ho. Because of a series of occasions, Woon-ho wore Hyun-jin’s college jacket to Yeon-du’s store, inflicting a false impression concerning the boys and their names.

After studying that she is in love with the similar boy as her splendid pal, Bo-ra stops spending time with Woon-ho. She arranges for Woon-ho to move out with Yeon-du whilst she works with Hyun-jin at her circle of relatives’s farm. In the end, the 4 pals pass to an amusement park the place Woon-ho tells Bo-ra she makes him satisfied, and he likes her. Consequently, Yeon-du learns the reality and is heartbroken. She confronts Bo-ra, and the 2 women have a battle that leaves Bo-ra depressed. In the meantime, Woon-ho unearths that he’s getting rid of to New Zealand, leaving his dating with Bo-ra in flux.

twentieth Century Woman Finishing: Do Bo-ra and Poong Woon-ho Finish Up In combination?

Within the aftermath of her battle with Yeon-du and the inside track of Poong Woon-ho shifting away, Bo-ra turns into far away from her pals. In the meantime, Yeon-du reads the unsent e mail from Bo-ra through which she professed her emotions for Woon-ho however by no means shared them along with her. Consequently, Yeon-du realizes her pal’s authentic emotions for Woon-ho and does no longer want to stand between her happiness. She understands that via being disenchanted with Bo-ra, she is being egocentric and makes a decision to assist Bo-ra reunite along with her love.

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At the day Woon-ho is shifting to New Zealand, Yeon-du fakes a coronary heart assault within the magnificence, resulting in Bo-ra wearing her to the nurse. Then again, Yeon-du unearths that she fakes the assault to get Yeon-du out of sophistication. She explains that her friendship with Bo-ra is treasured to her and does no longer need it to be ruined as a result of a boy. Additionally, she desires Bo-ra to be at liberty and spot Woon-ho sooner than he leaves the rustic. Due to this fact, she has organized for Hyun-jin to force Bo-ra to the station.

On the station, Bo-ra reveals Woon-ho simply in time. The 2 meet, and Bo-ra professes her emotions for Woon-ho, who reciprocates them. Woon-ho explains that since shifting to Korea after his mum or dad’s divorce, he has been very depressed. Then again, every time he’s round Bo-ra, he smiles and feels satisfied. The 2 proportion a romantic include sooner than Woon-ho leaves Bo-ra with the promise of reuniting one day. After all, Bo-ra and Woon-ho most effective finally end up in combination in short as destiny has different plans for the teenage sweethearts.

What Took place to Poong Woon-ho?

After leaving for New Zealand, Poong Woon-ho and Bo-ra proceed their dating thru emails. The 2 steadily replace every different about their lives and make plans to fulfill one day. Woon-ho and Bo-ra practice to the similar college in Seoul to visit faculty in combination. The 2 are fascinated about their plans and look forward to an ideal New Yr on the flip of the century. Then again, as Bo-ra welcomes the brand new yr, she quickly loses touch with Woon-ho. He stops replying to her emails, and his telephone quantity additionally is going out of carrier.

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Bo-ra is left heartbroken and struggles to transport on from Woon-ho. Then again, after happening a blind date with a man additionally named Woon-ho, she makes a decision to transport on. In the end, Bo-ra grows up into a robust and succesful girl however continues to surprise about Woon-ho. Someday she receives a VCR tape and a letter in her mail at her personal area. Bo-ra returns house and learns the letter from Woon-ho’s brother, Joseph. He has arranged an exhibition in reminiscence of Woon-ho, who gave up the ghost fifteen years in the past.

After all, Bo-ra watches the VCR tape, which accommodates Woon-ho’s ultimate message to Bo-ra. Within the video, Woon-ho professes his love for Bo-ra. The video signifies that Woon-ho gave up the ghost in a while sooner than he used to be slated to go back to Korea and meet Bo-ra. Consequently, Bo-ra reveals closure and her highschool romance ends on a bittersweet observe. Despite the fact that Bo-ra and Woon-ho don’t get to are living their lives with every different, the finishing confirms that they all the time cherish every different greater than anything on the planet.

Do Yeon-du and Baek Hyun-jin Finish Up In combination?

Within the movie, Bo-ra’s love tale begins as a result of her best-friend Yeon-du’s passion within the new boy on the town. Yeon-du confuses the boy to be Baek Hyun-jin however later learns that the individual she is in love with is Woon-ho. However, Yeon-du sacrifices her emotions for her pal’s sake and works with Hyun-jin to assist Bo-ra reunite with Woon-ho. Then again, after Woon-ho strikes away, Hyun-jin, Yeon-du, and Bo-ra get started putting out in combination.

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All the way through this time, Hyun-jin and Yeon-do get to understand every different and be told they proportion a number of pursuits. In one among her emails to Woon-ho, Bo-ra mentions that staring at Hyun-jin and Yeon-du in combination is nauseating. Bo-ra’s phrases indicate that the duo is an ideal fit for every different. Whilst the movie does no longer ascertain their fates, it’s secure to think that Yeon-du and Hyun-jin ended up in combination. Hyun-jin and Yeon-du courting would make sense given their equivalent personalities and provides a pleasant closure to Yeon-du’s arc within the film, which begins along with her falling for the individual she believes to be Hyun-jin. Then again, getting to understand the actual Hyun-jin, Yeon-du most likely realizes that she used to be supposed to fall in love with him.

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