Naruto Vs. Boruto: Who Is The Strongest Between The Two?

We don’t get the chance to compare father and son very often because they don’t often disagree with one another (although we have seen such fights). Now that we have the chance to compare Naruto Uzumaki with Boruto Uzumaki, the franchise’s titular father and son, we may do so, thanks to Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto universe. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve ever wondered who would win in a battle between Naruto and Boruto.

Boruto is still in control of Naruto and Naruto could easily be beaten in a fight. Boruto is currently stronger, more skilled, and more experienced than Naruto. But, as Naruto said, younger generations often surpass the older. Boruto’s great potential means that he will eventually be more powerful than even his father.

Now that you know the quick explanation, let’s compare Naruto with Boruto in more detail. Through several categories you’ll discover which is stronger, and why. Additionally, as Boruto is still a character that is still very much in development, there isn’t a whole lot we know about him. For this reason, the paragraphs on him will be shorter because there isn’t a whole lot we know about him right now.

Here’s Naruto Vs. Boruto:

Naruto’s Origin

Naruto is a Konoha ninja who is a member of “Team 7,” which also includes Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and their captain and sensei, Kakashi Hatake. The manga and anime both feature Team 7. Kurama, also known by the Nine-Tailed Fox, was previously a monster that attacked Konoha. At first, Naruto kept him inside, which caused Konoha to hate him.

Naruto Vs. Boruto – Naruto’s Origin

These emotions led Naruto to want to become the village’s Hokage in order to be acknowledged by him. Later, it is revealed that his mother was Kushina Uzumaki, a ninja who had been sent to Konoha to serve as Kurama’s jinchuriki, and that his dad was the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, who had trapped the Yang portion of Kurama inside his son to prevent the village from being destroyed. At the end of his story, he becomes the Seventh Hokage for Konoha.

Boruto’s Origin

Boruto Uzumaki, the son of Naruto Uzumaki (and Hinata Hyuga) is Boruto. He first appeared at the end of the first Naruto series. Later, he would play a crucial role in Boruto: Naruto the Movie 2015, where he’s practicing his ninja skills to defeat his father the Seventh Hokage. He plays the leading role in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga and anime.

Naruto Vs. Boruto

Naruto Vs. Boruto – Boruto’s Origin

The anime begins with his early years at Ninja Academy when he meets Sarada, Mitsuki and Konohamaru, his master Konohamaru. However, the manga opens with Boruto’s narration. You can see that Naruto is the most important character in this story. Naruto is the most important character, and Boruto has much to learn before he can match his father.

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Naruto’s Chakra And Physical Powers

As a member of the Uzumaki Clan, Naruto possesses extraordinary power and vitality; he won’t even age as quickly as others. Due to his status as a Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails and Jiraiya’s training, Naruto has a chakra capacity of extraordinary proportions, which, with Jiraiya’s training, makes him four times more powerful than a Jonin-level ninja like Kakashi.

Naruto Vs. Boruto

Naruto Vs. Boruto – Naruto’s Chakra

Naruto also has a highly quick regeneration rate (partly due to Kurama’s power), which enables him to heal from small or severe wounds in a matter of seconds or days, as appropriate. He is capable of performing complex jutsus which take a lot chakra, and then collapse. This compensates for his lack in chakra control. This was evident during the Fourth Shinobi World War, when he employed a wide range of techniques against formidable enemies. He also used his clones to last the night and the next night.

As Naruto grew older, his chakra reserves increased, which allowed him to enter Sage Mode and practice senjutsu. According to Karin, Naruto’s chakra is warm, loving, incredibly bright, and filled with a lot of hope because of how nice and honorable he is.

Boruto’s Chakra And Physical Powers

Boruto is a Uzumaki clan descendant. This gives him a strong life force which contributes to his incredible endurance and long life. Boruto, like his father, is blessed with a lot chakra. This makes him very strong and able to master three different chakra natures early in life. He also managed to increase the number of shadow copies he could keep to four.

Boruto’s Chakra

Naruto Vs. Boruto – Boruto’s Chakra

Because of his huge chakra reserves, even after most of his chakra was consumed, he could still create three Shadow Clones. After just a few practice sessions, he was able master the Rasengan technique. This is due to his excellent chakra control. These two short paragraphs clearly show that Boruto is capable of greater things than Naruto, but Naruto still has the edge in strength and skill. Although Boruto will surpass his father, we must give Naruto the point for now.

Naruto’s Ninjutsu

Out of all of his skills, Naruto is famous for using Shadow Clones. Although Naruto was initially unable to master the Replication Jutsu at first, which ironically led him to repeatedly fail Konoha academy’s tests, he learned quickly to use this technique at jonin level through the Scroll of Seals. This move would become his first trademark as a ninja.

Naruto Vs. Boruto

Naruto Vs. Boruto – Naruto’s Ninjutsu

Because Naruto is Kurama’s Jinchuriki, the Jutsu makes use of his enormous chakra reserves. Naruto can create more than 1,000 clones, each of which can have a substantial amount of chakra. Naruto can use his Shadow Clone for almost anything. This includes direct combat, execution of entire attack and defense techniques against his opponents, as well as speeding up his ninja training. In addition to all the techniques he can create with Shadow Clones, Naruto is able to make large quantities of them to outnumber the opponents. Combining the Shadow Clones with Transformation Jutsu, he can transform the appearance of his clones. He can also trap his unknowing foes by using Transformation Jutsu.

Boruto’s Ninjutsu

Before enrolling in the Academy, Boruto was able to make a number of shadow clones and work with them to coordinate attacks against chûnin or even jonin. At first, Boruto’s clones required his presence for them to function. He also learned sexy tricks from his father. While learning Rasengan, Boruto first failed, but with Konohamaru’s help, he eventually learned to make a scaled-down version with two hands, then grow it to normal size with just one hand. When he arrived in the Ryûchi Cave, he negotiated a deal with Garaga that gave him the power to call upon the giant serpent whenever he pleased.

Boruto’s Ninjutsu

Naruto Vs. Boruto – Boruto’s Ninjutsu


Because he was related, he could help any snake. He is also capable of cooperative ninjutsu and fûinjutsu, which he can use with other users by his side to limit an opponent’s movements and strengthen an attack. This is yet another example of the potential Boruto has. His dad was less successful at the same time. Naruto is aware that Boruto has much work ahead of him.

Naruto’s Senjutsu 

Naruto began training on Mount Myboku with Fukasaku to learn Senjutsu, and how to enter Sage Mode following Jiraiya’s death by Nagato. Naruto needed to develop his ability to manage and recognize the Natural Energy around him. Once perfected, Naruto was able to cast the Rasen Shuriken and acquire the Kata of the Toads, a form of Taijutsu that makes use of Natural energy to increase the reach and strength of the practitioner’s attacks. Overall, Naruto’s physical abilities are significantly improved in Sage Mode to the point where he could easily launch beasts much larger than himself, such as the Kurama and Animal Path Giant Rhinoceros.

Naruto Vs. Boruto

Naruto Vs. Boruto – Naruto’s Senjutsu

He can even destroy a Deva Path Chakra receiver. In the anime, he even used his Kata of the Toads to destroy the Nine Tails’ cloak, which belonged to Naruto Clone Version Two. They can travel a lot faster than before, which is evident in their ability to stop Tsunade’s Asura Path with his chakra boots and create a downward Rasengan. His endurance also improved, to the point that he could withstand a fall onto stone spikes or the force of the Giant Rhino’s attack.

Boruto’s Dōjutsu

With the help of a prophetic dream from Toneri Otsutsuki and the emergence of Nue, Boruto started subconsciously activating the Jôgan in his right eye when he was eight years old. It was dormant for some time before Momoshiki Otsutsuki encountered it. The eye was only activated when there was extreme danger. At 16 years of age, he was able to activate the eye by himself.

Boruto’s Dōjutsu

Naruto Vs. Boruto – Boruto’s Dōjutsu

He can detect things that are typically invisible to the naked eye thanks to this Dôjutsu. Boruto is able to see changes in his chakras and track a target through them, due to his ability to sense chakra flow. In addition, he has the ability to see beyond the invisible barriers that separate the dimensions and the chakra’s major organs and points. We had to give Boruto a point as well because the Jogan is incredibly strong and is his signature technique—something that even Naruto has never learned. Naruto was awarded a point due to his expertise and mastery of his techniques.

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Naruto’s Intelligence

As Naruto has shown throughout the series, he is a physical learner. He gains knowledge by engaging in the action and not thinking about it. His learning style was embraced by his teachers. For example, Kakashi sped the Nature Transformation training by using Naruto’s shadow clones, while Fukasaku switched to Sage Mode practice after the theory session failed. Naruto has teaching potential, as Konohamaru Sarutobi learned his Jutsu (including Shadow Clone, Sexy Jutsu and Rasengan).

Naruto Vs. Boruto

Naruto Vs. Boruto – Naruto’s Intelligence

Boruto’s Intelligence

Boruto is an extremely observant individual who can read situations and deal with them. However, he is often considered lazy because he is careless. Despite having a similar appearance to his father, he shows impressive intelligence when using the Multi-Cloning technique for complex plans, but because he is only limited to four clones, he does so more subtly.

He prefers to fight more directly, but he is able to adapt to complex feints or deceptions. This helped him defeat Iwabee, as well as opponents such Momoshiki. Additionally, he learns to take advantage of the flaws and vulnerabilities—both his own and those of his adversaries—that lie at the core of his fights. He proved to be able to resolve complex issues with his own methods.

Boruto’s Intelligence

Naruto Vs. Boruto – Boruto’s Intelligence

Boruto excels at using his teammates’ abilities to create plans and maximize their skills. Ao, a veteran warrior from Kiri and Jonin, was tricked by Boruto and defeated in battle. Although intelligence isn’t exactly his strong suit, Naruto is far from being a stupid person. As a result, most characters would score a point against him in this category, and Boruto’s point serves as evidence for that claim.

Who is stronger between Naruto or Boruto, and who are you?

We come to the end of our article’s analysis. It is both the most interesting and the most captivating. Here, we’ll use what we’ve learned about these two characters to examine how these facts might (or might not) support them in a fight. Let’s move on. The evidence currently points firmly in Naruto’s favor, but as the above-described fight shows, the answer was clear even with such a thorough analysis. Naruto is currently considered the most powerful character across the entire franchise. He is an extremely skilled character, has great power and almost unrivalled experience. No matter how good Boruto is, he just cannot compete with his father since he is not at his level, Yet.

Naruto Vs. Boruto

Who is stronger between Naruto or Boruto

However, the important word here is “yet.” By acknowledging that new generations would always outperform the previous ones, Naruto also hinted that Boruto would eventually surpass him. Additionally, as we’ve seen, Boruto has access to skills and know-how that do beyond those of Naruto, but not just now. Without a doubt, Boruto will one day surpass all other fighters in the Shinobi world, but we’ll have to wait a while for that to happen. This fight is won by Naruto.

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