Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 10th November 2022 Written Update: Amba helps the Sharmas

The story begins with Dev telling his employees that they should be drinking coffee during office time. They’ll be served delicious coffee at our office. Ananya tells Arjun that Dev was the one who didn’t speak without logic. However, she isn’t sure of the scenario here. Dev would like to call Vidhi. In the meantime, Vidhi prays god to help her resolve this problem.

Pramod tells Urmila the fact that Vidhi is their relative and that they must bring her home in this circumstance. Urmila requests him to not give head pain to her. She takes him to the hospital. Hariprasad reviewing the agreements to figure out an answer to the problem. Kallu advises him to follow his advice to fix the problem. neighbours consoles Bimla. While, Amba is sign in the agreement. Arjun constantly checks the date to leave. Amba thank him for coming to her home. She informs him that entire relationship with the Raichand company are over. She asks Arjun if he doesn’t enjoy the posters? Arjun informs him that he personally likes the poster but professionally , it’s not right. He’s hurrying to get out. Amba insists that he wait and sip the coffee.

Arjun tells his wife that Vidhi is troubled. Golden informed Arjun that Vidhi’s home received a an order from the government to destroy it. Amba tells him that she has one high-ranking government official’s phone number. He’ll help him find the solution to this issue. She suggests he go to Vidhi’s place. Arjun thanks her and then leaves. Amba believes that Vidhi is fortunate, it seems. Two people are willing to help her in any way. Amba doesn’t really like her personal life. Amba’s heart is huge to support her with this issue, but she’s in need of some kind of exchange. Then, Dev is confused with his feelings towards Vidhi. He is reminiscing about his wonderful memories of Vidhi. Dev believes that he has never seen a woman like Vidhi in his lifetime.

He is unsure what will occur if he opens up about the feelings he has with Vidhi? Chithra is threatening him to marry Amba. It’s not possible to marry her as he doesn’t have any feelings towards her. In the meantime, Amba calls the government official to inform him to discuss the Vidhi’s home. Amba asks the official to issue a an order of stay to them, but not immediately. They wanted to apply the pressure to them as long as they can.

Dev is thinking about how he can admit his feelings for Vidhi. Aren’t they both of the same age. He’s not a good match for her. He’s more mature than she is. What do people consider about their age. His conscience tells him that age doesn’t matter in this world. Family members are willing to accept this. But his heart is telling him that Arjun is perfect for Vidhi. He believes that Vidhi deserves to go to Kanika’s home as a daughter-in-law. Dev prays to God to help him figure an answer. While he is praying, Hariprasad family are praying for the temple. They saw JCP sound and were surprised to see the sound. Government officials request the driver to begin demolish the structure. Hariprasad demands that he stop his work. The government officials demand they move out or they’ll demolish it.

Hariprasad claims that he is planning to tear down his home. What will he do. Government officials want them to put the drama to rest and let him go about his job. Everybody prays to God. Arjun and Amba arrives for protection. Vidhi is surprised to see they are there. Arjun informs him that they will not be capable of destroying this home due to an order to stay the property.

Arjun wants him to fix the structure as you wish, however, don’t be tempted to tear it down. it. He tells him that it’s against the law to threaten the residents. Amba promised Hariprasad that they would not touch their home. Hariprasad beg Amba for her assistance. She credits all the credit to Arjun. Amba says she has contacts with him, but she was able to convince him to obtain the stay order. Amba acknowledged Arjun for his help. Vidhi thank Arjun for his assistance. Arjun says to her she is his best friend.

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