Rejoice in the Art of Rakugo in New Trailer of ‘My Master Has No Tail’

Rejoice in the Art of Rakugo in New Trailer of ‘My Master Has No Tail’

My Master has No Tail is a fantasy world in which animals can become humans.

Mameda (a tanuki raccoon), travels from Osaka to fool anyone she meets. She soon discovers that her disguise is so weak that no one can be fooled. She meets a storyteller, who is also a transformed Fox.

The anime that will be released in the future will tell you how Mameda fell in love with traditional storytelling (rakugo), which she wants to master.

Studio LIDEN FILMS will animated the manga My Master Has No Tail. The anime adaptation of the manga will be out in October 2022.

The studio has been faithful to the manga art style and the latest trailer is a testament to that fact.

My Master Has No Tail|Official Trailer 2|Uchi no Shishō wa Shippo ga Nai

The trailer introduces Mameda, a Tanuki, as well as her to-be master, who is a Kitune. Although Mameda is adamant about learning the art of rakugo, her master knows that it isn’t such an easy deal.

The brilliant idea was conceived by the clever fox. She claims that Mameda can learn to rakugo if she can steal her art. (That’s how you avoid babysitting.) Now it’s up to little Tanuki whether she wants to go back to her small village or stay in Osaka and become an artist.

Rakugo is a key character in My Master Has No Tail. I’m looking forward to getting to know it.

Mameda needs to learn rakugo and she also requires transformation coaching. Can the tanuki girls overcome the absurdity of human existence and learn to live with mundane laundry and cooking habits?

About My Master Does Not Have a Tail

My Master Has No Tail is a manga by TNSK which is serialized in Kodansha’s good! From January 2019, Afternoon magazine will be available.

Mameda, a shapeshifting tanuki who is interested in learning comic storytelling, appears in the manga. Bunko was her master.

Bunko does not intend to train an apprentice. After many mishaps, Mameda gets accepted and must prepare to face the difficult path of becoming an artist.

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