My lost love.. Episode 3 (Marriage)

hi readers..iam Ishita zoy. As shiza is significantly unwell..iam proceeding her FF on behalf of her and due to jasminerahul for recommending this FF. Please do toughen..

recap:- Nageshwari and Agastya beloved each and every different and so they were given engaged. Aakesh falls in love with nageshwari and traps her via kidnapping her circle of relatives however nageshwari kills aakesh with agastya’s thought. Enraged sangram(aakesh’s brother) kills everybody of nageshwari’s circle of relatives. Nageshwari dies vowing to take revenge..

Some days later…

A temple is proven the place the bell is ringing mechanically and the pandit’s will get stunned..

Pandit 1: why is bell ringing like this? It rings best when one thing occurs..

Pandit 2: perhaps any miracle going to occur..

The heavy wind blows and the soul of nageshwari comes from the bottom breaking the land and pandits will get stunned seeing her..

Pandit 1: she is nageshwari who used to be murdered via sangram proper?

Pandit 2: sure.. Aakash did improper along with her and sangram killed everybody of her circle of relatives too. I feel lord shiva despatched her to take revenge..

Pandit 1: even i believe so..

Nageshwari stands earlier than the idol and prays..

Nageshwari: As i despatched me to this international to take revenge. I can indubitably kill that sangram..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 06 40 9362
She vanishes..

Sangram is noticed sitting and consuming meals in his palace..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 09 09 5192
Whilst unexpectedly the lighting fixtures begins flickering and heavy wind blows stunning sangram..

Sangram:what is going on? Until now there used to be no air..and unexpectedly this kind of heavy wind and why is that this gentle flickering?

The lighting fixtures will get off and a sand hurricane enters his palace..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 11 11 4092

Sangram will get stunned seeing it..

Sangram can..can a st..hurricane en..input the palace?

Unexpectedly the hurricane becomes the soul of nageshwari stunning sangram..

Nageshwari: i will be able to even turn into tsunami..sangram. i’ve vowed to kill you and now god has despatched me to satisfy my get able to die sangram.

Sangram will get scared..

20221120 074851 COLLAGE nageshwari.. please don’t.. don’t do this..

Nageshwari:even i used to be asking you prefer this..however did you allow us? i can come up with a terrible loss of life.

Nageshwari turns right into a terrible determine..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 12 20 2272
She jumps to chunk sangram however to her surprise her soul is thrown away when she nears sangram and she or he becomes her soul.. that this conceivable? How couldn’t..i..i kill a standard human being?

Unexpectedly sangram laughs evilly stunning her..

Sangram:you’re stunned proper? In reality i imagine from my formative years that soul would possibly come to take revenge if somebody did i assumed to your case too that you’re going to come to take revenge. So i went and were given a sacred thread from pandit which is able to give protection to from the creature such as you…

Nageshwari will get stunned and she or he burns in anger..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 08 04 3552
Nageshwari: you’ll be able to give protection to your self from anything else..however that may’t prevent everytime..i can indubitably kill you some day.

She used to be about to fade however earlier than that sangram throws some powder on her making her soul endure..


Sangram smirks..

Sangram: i gathered some mantra powder to seize you should you come as i do know this thread can’t save me all your deficient soul will endure by myself on this international..

He opens a jar and throws the powder once more on her and nageshwari’s soul will get locked throughout the jar and sangram closes it and smiles..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 14 58 1062 revenge were given fulfilled via making you endure by myself on this international. Should you pass from this international then you are going to unite fortuitously with Agastya and my brother by myself will endure by endure for my brother’s loss on this international.

He helps to keep the jar in a large storeroom and locks the door and smirks..

50 years later..

A large stunning mansion is noticed..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 16 13 8422
There a marriage rite used to be happening and the bride and groom have been getting able in respective rooms..

The grrom karan used to be surrounded together with his pals and brother..

Karan:i were given able I’ll pass out to level..

Karan’s shut good friend Agastya:what’s so hurry karan? There may be until extra time for keep right here..

20221120 075142 COLLAGE
Karan:i dint imply that.. if truth be told..iam i want to pass and devour earlier than rituals start.

Karan’s brother Rohit: that’s no problems karan. Why are you straining your self with this heavy get dressed..we can get the meals for you right here. Wait..I’ll pass and produce..

Rohit used to be about to move however karan stops him..

Karan:you guys are wantedly doing this proper? Wait..I’ll see you all in you guys marriage. That point i can lengthen the mahurat time too..

Everybody laughs..

Rishabh:i do know you’ll be able to’t wait to satisfy your lover and your bride..however have to attend atleast for the rituals sake karan.

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 19 23 1862
Karan: arrey..which fool have discovered this rituals? When an individual can chage the standard international into trendy international..then i can alternate this conventional ritual into trendy ritual..

Rohit: you probably did the whole thing easiest until now however now can’t you watch for some mins?

Karan:bhai..if i am getting married then i will be able to’t meet her as boyfriend anymore and in addition the instant of seeing bride earlier than getting married is particular so i wish gained’t know this as you don’t love any individual..if you fall in love then you are going to know the whole thing..

Rohit:acha..acha.. don’t get started your lectures..pass and are available quickly..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 20 54 7632
Karan will get satisfied and hugs rohit..

Karan:thanks’re so candy.

Karan runs out of the room to satisfy preeta whilst rishabh and Agastya stares him..

Agastya:rohit bhai..why did you let him pass?

Rohit: i by no means disillusioned my brother in anything i would like his marriage too together with his complete happiness. I gained’t thoughts breaking even god’s regulations for my brother..

Agastya and Rishabh smiles..

Rishabh:this kind of love to your brother.. in any case you’re at all times operating away out of your marriage talks and now your brother atself us getting bring to mind it bhai..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 22 00 4632
Rohit:I’ll see to guys please don’t trouble about it.

He is going away telling it whilst rishabh and Agastya stares each and every different..

Agastya: we will be able to’t power him..however we will be able to pray that he meets somebody who makes him fall in love..

Rishabh:proper..god has to make her are available entrance of him.


Preeta is noticed getting able via pakhi and her good friend shrishti.. glance shocking bhabhi. My brother will indubitably get center assault seeing you..hope you don’t kill him along with your eyes.

Preeta blushes whilst shrishti hugs her.. good friend is blushing.. wow.

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 22 37 9462
Preeta:prevent teasing now orelse i gained’t go away you to your marriage..

Unexpectedly karan comes there stunning pakhi and shrishti..

Pakhi:karan bhai.. why did you come back right here? Don’t you understand that you’ll be able to’t see preeta bhabhi until she is taken to level?

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 23 54 6602
Karan: that’s conventional rituals however iam following trendy rituals..

Pakhi and shrishti stares him whilst preeta smiles seeing karan..

Shrishti:my good friend is’re at all times detached in the whole thing..

Karan:after we do detached issues…then other people name us detached particular person however what’s the use if we don’t do any detached issues? It’ll be uninteresting copying from our previous other let’s create our personal tradition.

Pakhi: ohh person can win your lectures bhai. It’s higher if we go away from right here and you’ll be able to communicate with preeta bhabhi orelse i can die along with your lectures..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 24 36 6512
Preeta smiles whilst karan laughs and each shrishti and pakhi go away..

Karan smiles seeing preeta decked up stunning and springs nearer to her..

Karan:you understand what.. these days fairy god will die seeing you as you glance extra stunning than anything..

Preeta blushes and..

Preeta:even you’re good-looking..

Karan:i at all times glance good-looking.. can’t you praise me in several means?

Preeta frowns..

Preeta: you are going to by no means alternate..

Karan unexpectedly holds her waist and pulls her nearer stunning preeta..

Preeta:karan.. what are you doing?

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 25 26 3912
Karan:sure.. you’re proper..i can by no means iam finishing my standard ritual.. romancing..

He is going nearer to kiss her however unexpectedly rakhi enters and karan right away strikes clear of preeta and rakhi will get stunned seeing karan..

Rakhi:karan? What are you doing right here?

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 26 59 5622
Karan:woh..maa..i ..entered via mistake..

Rakhi holds his ears..

Rakhi:you’ll be able to’t break out out of your mom karan. I do know you got here to peer preeta.. paining..sorry maa..

Rakhi laughs and leaves his ears whilst karan turns purple in ache and preeta too laughs seeing it..

Rakhi: iam leaving you karan as i do know you’ll be able to’t be there with out assembly pass from right here now right away earlier than your grandma or grandpa sees.

Karan:thanks’re the easiest mom.

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 29 42 0322
He is going from there whilst rakhi hugs preeta..


Rohit hits Sonakshi who strolling previous him and she or he used to be about to fall however he holds her and each meets with an eyelock..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 30 55 8752
Few seconds later they arrive into senses and transfer aside right away..

Sonakshi:iam..iam sorry sir..

Rohit:how a lot time do i let you know not to name me as sir? Simply name me rohit..that’s it.


Rohit: i settle for that you’re staying right here as your father is our gardener however that doesn’t imply you must keep as staff. We imagine even our staff as part of circle of name via identify.

Sonakshi: however..

Rohit: you’re staying right here since formative years and we each performed in combination too as pals and nonetheless we’re pals prevent embarassing me via calling sir orelse i gained’t communicate to you..

Sonakshi:adequate..iam sorry si..rohit.

Rohit smiles..

Rohit: in any case.. dint you get able for Karan’s marriage?

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 32 50 7682
Sonakshi: i don’t have any excellent get dressed..

Rohit:wait..I’ll convey my mom’s saree.. you’ll be able to put on it.

Sonakshi:it’s k use for it. I’ll be on this get dressed atself..

Rohit: Don’t hesitate.. my mom gained’t inform anything else as she likes you prefer daughter.

Sonakshi:however nonetheless..

Rohit:should you don’t agree..then I’ll name maa Immediately to persuade you..

Sonakshi:acha..acha..i can put on..

Rohit is going and brings rakhi’s saree and provides it to Sonakshi and she or he is going to get able..


Later the mahurat time arrives and karan is purchased via Agastya rohit and Rishabh whilst preeta is purchased via pakhi and shrishti and they’re made to face in mandap and so they change garlands fortuitously whilst everybody claps fingers..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 17 45 0482
After which they take rounds..

Sonakshi comes there fantastically in a saree and stands in a nook and rohit sees her and will get smitten..

In spite of everything karan fills preeta’s maang and so they glance each and every different smiling..

Screenshot 2022 11 20 07 34 21 9492
Pandit:now you each have was husband and pass and get blessings from elders.

Karan and preeta is going and will get blessings whilst rohit is misplaced in Sonakshi..

20221120 075559 COLLAGE


PRECAP:- Pakhi’s love for Agastya. Sonakshi will get stunned. Karan and preeta’s romantic time..

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