My Hero Academia Chapter 369 Release Date: The Return

My Hero Academia will be marking its return by releasing Chapter 369 of their manga. The manga, which was originally published on April 3, 2016, was written by Kohei Horikshi. The story centers around Izuku Midoriya, a young man who wants to be a hero. Then there is Katsuki Bakugo who seems to have a goal in life to bully Izuku. He also happens to be Izuku’s childhood friend.

What’s common between these two is their love for All Might (one of the world’s greatest heroes). All Might was a public figure and he passed his responsibility to Izuku after seeing the strength of his resolve and determination during times of crisis. This manga features Tomura Shigaraki, a League of Villians that plans to destroy society as well as its heroes.  

Readers all over the globe loved and embraced the series with great enthusiasm. The creator of the series stated that the main message behind the manga is to deliver the message of “what makes a hero”. His favorite character in the manga would be Fat Gum, who makes the mood light and funny since the writer himself doesn’t like heavy plots and ending that tend to make a person scared or disheartened.

Horikoshi said that the manga would be finished in December 2021 if everything goes well. The release of the 34th volume was a hint at the end of the manga’s life. It is possible that the creator set a goal and the manga will eventually reach its final destination. 

From 3rd to 26th June 2016, My Hero Academia’s anime adaptation aired in Japan. It aired its first season. The series has been continuing every season since the release of Season 5 on 25 September 2021. The announcements for the sixth season of anime are coming soon to fans in Japan, on the 1st of October 2022. Crunchyroll, a streaming service, will release episodes soon after. According to some reports, the finale of the anime will be released in March 2023. 

My Hero Academia: Recap (Spoiler alert) 

Chapter 368 began with AFO dealing that Shigaraki was no longer there, but Mirio had noted that  Tomura reacted strongly to his words. As Izuku realizes that Tomura is still there as Nana Shimura notices the likeness of her son on Shigaraki/AFO’s arm.  

We were prompted to question The Second User’s use in this chapter. The Second User’s quirk is called Transmission, and it affects the speed of the target, and the user appears faster as a result. We all can conclude the realization that whenever Deku hits an attack, there’s a text with a numbered speed and a word. Speed 2, Speed 3, Speed 4, Speed 5 and Speed 5, respectively, with the accompanying words being Second, Third, Top and Overdrive.

As we continued to move forward, Deku began to release the energy that he had accumulated. He also gained speed faster than the sound of his attack. There are four stages. Speed 2, Speed 3, Speed 4 & Speed 5, respectively. They are called Speed 2, Speed 3 & Speed 4, Speed 4 & Speed 5. Shigaraki/AFO says that the attack is stronger then the forcefield with which he surrounds him.


Release Date: Chapter 369 of My Hero Academia

The fans have been “calmly” waiting for the chapter’s release, and Twitter is for sure their comfort home as many fans took out their predictions there. My Hero Academia lovers, be ready for exciting news. A new chapter will soon hit us. Only one day after the end of Season 6, Chapter 369 will be available.

Chapter 369 of My Hero Academia: How to Read

The Sci-Fi series will release at 10 am (Japan), 11.00 AM (EST), 8:30 PM(IST), and 7:00 AM respectively, as per the previous episodes. 

You can read the chapter of My Hero Academia on either Viz’s Shonen Jump App or through Shueisha’s Manga Plus.

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