My Best Friend’s Exorcism Ending, Explained: Does Gretchen Die?

Directed through Damon Thomas, Amazon Top Video’s horror movie ‘My Perfect Good friend’s Exorcism’ revolves round Abby and Gretchen, two highest buddies who attend highschool in combination. They sign up for their buddies Margaret and Glee to spend a weekend at Margaret’s circle of relatives lake area, which paves the best way for Gretchen’s consult with to a close-by haunted area with Abby. Starring Elsie Fisher as Abby and Amiah Miller as Gretchen, the movie progresses throughout the penalties of the 2 highest buddies’ come across with an inexplicable but potent demonic entity on the haunted area. The movie ends with a number of ambiguous traits that impact the destiny of Gretchen. If you have an interest in a magnified take a look at the similar, you’re on the proper position! SPOILERS AHEAD

My Perfect Good friend’s Exorcism Plot Synopsis

‘My Perfect Good friend’s Exorcism’ starts with Abby and Gretchen, two highest buddies who love every different like their very own sister, speaking in regards to the latter’s transfer from the state. They sign up for their buddies Margaret and Glee for a weekend getaway. Margaret’s boyfriend Wallace Stoney joins and provides them LSD. After eating LSD, Gretchen units out to investigate cross-check a haunted area situated close by the lake area. Even if Abby tries her highest to prevent Gretchen, the 2 of them get in and come across a frightening entity. Abby manages to flee from the home however the entity catches Gretchen. Abby, Glee, and Margaret sooner or later pass inside of the home to avoid wasting Gretchen, who blames Abby for forsaking her.

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After the incident, Gretchen tries her highest to make Abby, Margaret, and Glee’s lives depressing. She finds Abby’s overwhelm on Brother Morgan and exposes her look with out make-up. After alienating Abby, her consideration turns against Margaret as she provides her nutrition shakes for the latter to drop a few pounds. Margaret’s well being begins to become worse as tapeworms begin to reside inside of her stomach, killing her urge for food. Gretchen additionally paves the best way for day out Glee as a lesbian and tries to kill her with a brownie with nuts, preventing her from the usage of an EpiPen to struggle her hypersensitivity response. Thankfully, Glee survives the assault and the incident makes Abby remember the fact that Gretchen is haunted through a drive of evil.

My Perfect Good friend’s Exorcism Finishing: Does Andras Depart Gretchen? Does Gretchen Die?

Sure, Andras does go away Gretchen. After encountering the adjustments in Gretchen, Abby is going to the haunted area once more to investigate cross-check where and sees the phrase “Andras” written on a wall. She additionally encounters the phrase in Gretchen’s magazine. Upon in search of Christian Lemon’s assist to behavior an exorcism, Abby learns from him that Andras is the identify of the demon spirit that has been the usage of her pal as a number. Christian makes an attempt to drive the demon to depart Gretchen however his efforts fail and meet a lifeless finish when the demon turns himself into the picture of Christian’s lifeless mom, blaming him for forsaking her within the wake of an coincidence, which resulted in her loss of life.


When Christian abandons Abby and Gretchen, isolating Andras from Gretchen turns into Abby’s duty. Andras succeeds in turning Gretchen into an acceptable host through isolating her from her buddies and family members. Her makes an attempt to kill her buddies are not anything however Andras’ manner of constructing her indifferent from individuals who care about her. The demon wishes his host extraordinarily susceptible, emotionally and bodily, for him to prey on her. On the other hand, Abby’s love for Gretchen is available in the best way of Andras’ efforts to triumph over the latter as a number. Even after Gretchen’s try to kill Abby, the latter reaffirms her love for her highest pal, which demanding situations Andras’ authority over his host.

When Christian tries to exorcise Andras from Gretchen with the assistance of the Bible, Abby does it through revoking the reminiscences of the pretty moments she had shared with Gretchen. The reminiscences turn out to be the serving to hand Gretchen holds onto save herself from the authority of Andras. For the reason that demon fails to carry onto his prey, he will get pressured to depart Gretchen. The spirit realizes that he can’t keep inside of his host if she is succeeding in resisting his lodging with the assistance of Abby and her love.

Nonetheless, Andras tries to kill Gretchen since he considers her his ownership. He again and again says that Gretchen is “mine,” which signifies his obsession together with his host even after leaving her frame. On the other hand, Abby makes positive that he doesn’t hurt her spouse. She distracts him or even asks him to “take” her as a substitute of Gretchen to give protection to the latter. Abby’s readiness to sacrifice herself for the well-being of her highest pal sooner or later saves the latter from the arms of loss of life and the demon.

Is Andras Lifeless?

When Andras leaves Gretchen, Abby takes the similar as a chance to annihilate the demon who has just about killed herself, her highest pal, and their different buddies. Upon popping out of Gretchen’s frame, Andras assumes a beast-like shape and tries to assault each Abby and his former host. When Andras tries to triumph over Gretchen, Abby manages to discover a bottle of alcohol. She lighting a lighter and spits alcohol at the similar, main Andras to catch hearth. In the long run, the beast-like model of the demon will get burnt down. On the other hand, it doesn’t essentially imply that Andras is killed for just right.

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The entity Abby manages to burn down may also be only a bodily manifestation of the demon spirit moderately than his particular self. As Abby doubts, she or somebody for that subject would possibly not have the ability to annihilate the demon for just right. Having mentioned that, even though Andras’ spirit manages to stick alive, it doesn’t hassle Gretchen once more, who fears some other assault through the demon even after you have rescued through her highest pal, indicating Gretchen’s protection from the entity. In the long run, irrespective of Andras’ loss of life or survival, Abby’s love for her pal defeats the evil spirit and provides Gretchen a 2nd probability at existence.

Do Abby and Gretchen Reconnect?

Sure, Abby and Gretchen do reconnect. Ever since Andras will get into the frame of Gretchen, the 2 highest buddies’ existence in combination will get affected significantly. Whilst Gretchen blames Abby for forsaking her, Andras who is living inside of her even makes his host attempt to kill her highest pal. Abby, on the other hand, tries to get to the bottom of the reality in the back of the similar moderately than forsaking her highest pal within the arms of a demon spirit. Even if Gretchen, in particular Andras who lives inside of her, finds Abby’s herbal look and her overwhelm on Brother Morgan, the incidents sooner or later encourage her to assist Gretchen even though it manner risking her personal existence.

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Abby’s love for Gretchen in the long run brings them nearer once more, particularly after the presumed loss of life of Andras. Abby’s readiness to get possessed/killed through Andras if it manner Gretchen’s liberation strikes the latter, who reaffirms her love for her highest pal. Even if Gretchen sooner or later strikes to some other state, the 2 highest buddies don’t put an finish to their endearing bond. They conquer the demanding situations of being bodily separated through assembly yearly through taking a commute to the lakes. Abby and Gretchen don’t faux to forget about the adjustments bodily separation brings to their companionship. However moderately than letting this type of separation impacts and sooner or later kill their friendship, they ensure that they’re integral portions of one another’s lives even after Gretchen’s transfer.

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