Multiversus Update V0.1 Patch Notes, And Multiversus Update V0.1 Release Date

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Multiversus Update V0.1: Patch Notes

MultiVersus update version 0.0.1 is now available. Below is a list of all modifications and fixes made to MultiVersus version 0.1. MultiVersus has Taz receiving some much-needed skill upgrades. Taz’s ability no longer stuns players and renders them invulnerable to any incoming damage. LeBron is the first MultiVersus character post-launch and has joined the open beta. Here’s a list of MultiVersus’ new features for version 0.1.

Multiversus Update V0.1

Open Beta

New Free Character Rotation (7/26-8/8).

  • Finn

  • Garnet

  • Superman

  • Reindog

Open Beta Warp Event



+ = Buff

– = Nerf

= Change

Note: Attacks callouts reference default controls.


  • – Air/Ground neutral Attack: The cooldown on Batarang was increased from 13s and 14s. The 11.55 second increase in pick up time for Batarang is 11.55 seconds. This means that Batarang throws in 2.45s instead of 1.95s.

  • Batman’s Batarang pick-up cooldown created very small windows where the Batarang wasn’t in play. This change should allow Batman’s enemies to have a wider window of opportunity between Batarang attack in order gain an advantage.

  • Bug Fix: Air/Ground Side special: Fixed a bug that Grapple would sometimes shoot you from the map.

Bugs Bunny

Iron Giant

  • Bug Fix: Air Down Attack – Cannot combine into itself

  • Bug Fix: Air/Ground Down Special: Can no longer be repeatedly hit and lock in place opponents forever

  • Bug Fix: Air Up Attack: You can no longer repeatedly hit your opponents

Steven Universe


  • Bug Fix: Taz now can perform aerial attacks after reaching his air special limit.

  • – Air/Ground Side Special:

    • If you have been following early access, Taz’s Tornado has been dominating his character kit and presenting a non-obvious knowledge check for newer players. We hope to reduce its effectiveness and make the game more accessible to newer players by making it less effective.

    • A reduction in the tornado’s duration, and the additional duration gained through the passing of an ally.

      • Remove one of the multihits of the tornado.

      • The hit pause for all hits during the tornado is being reduced.

      • Reduced knockback after the final hit of the tornado, 1375 to 1275

    • Our plan is to transition Tornado to a cooldown in an upcoming patch. We want the tornado to remain Taz’s signature attack. The cooldown will force him to use it more often. These nerfs are likely to reduce Taz’s strength, especially at higher level of play. Also, expect some buffs for other moves in his arsenal in the near future. Thank you for your patience and we will continue to evaluate Taz’s gameplay health.


Multiversus Update V0.1 Patch notes Release Date

Multiversus Update V0.1 patch notes were released on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. Warner Bros. released the patch notes via their official website. Check out the Multiversus Update Version 0.0.1 Patch Notes.

MultiVersus Game Info

MultiVersus, a free-to–play cross-platform fighting game, is from Player First Games & Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game features a variety of characters from Warner Bros. The game features characters from the Discovery library. The game will be released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One in July 2022. 

MultiVersus Gameplay

MultiVersus is a platform fighting game in which players take on different stages to knock their opponents out of the arena. Characters are knocked further and more often as they take damage. The game is most commonly played in a 2-vs-2 format but there are also 1-vs-1, free-for all and free-for everyone versions. 

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