MultiVersus Open Beta Patch Notes Reveal Rebalanced Characters, MultiVersus Open Beta Patch Notes Reveal

MultiVersus Beta Patch Notes

MultiVersus is a new fighting game by Player First Games, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Due to the game’s epic cross-overs, many people had high expectations. MultiVersus’ open beta will be released on July 26, 2022. Early access players can start playing on July 19, 2022. MultiVersus also released Open Beta Patch Notes on July 19, 2022. It involves rebalancing all characters. Scroll down to view MultiVersus Open Beta Beta Patch Notes.

MultiVersus Open Beta Notes Reveal

The MultiVersus Open Beta Beta Patch Notes Reveal are listed below.

New Stuff!

  • Iron Giant is here! He is our first character of the Colossal-sized variety!

  • Steven Universe: Ancient Sky Arena Map now available!

  • Now available: 1 – 4 Player Local play


  • Wall Fatigue

    • After spending 5 seconds wall-sliding without touching the ground or 6 times wall-sliding without touching any ground, you will be able to wall slide more quickly.

    • Wall Fatigue occurs when you spend more than 10 seconds wall-sliding without touching the ground and/or wall-sliding 11 times without touching any ground.

    • Wall Fatigue:

      • Your Air Specials and Air Evades are no longer reset by wall sliding.

      • After Wall Jumping, you no longer receive a Double Jump.

      • Dodge Meter is a timer that you use to track the speed of a wall or when you touch it.

  • Fire debuff damage now disintegrates over time.

  • Ammo-using abilities are now divided into two cooldowns. One cooldown allows you to use the ability, and one cooldown allows you to refund ammo. Both cooldowns can be affected by ability cooldown modifiers.

  • The main menu now has a Glossary of MultiVersus terms.

  • Two new advanced tutorials have been added covering Knockback Influence (KBI) as well as Elemental Interactions.

  • Dodge

    • Invincibility frames are removed if a dodge is successful dodged.

    • Dodge Jump movement slows by 5%


Signature Perks

  • Arya REMOVED – Wounded

  • Arya – NEW – Betrayal

    • Arya’s dagger is more effective against allies, but it has a longer cooling down. However, the ally gets an enraged buff. Arya may enrage herself if she uses Arya’s dagger to strike an ally.

  • Bugs Bunny – Lingering Love

  • Harley – Confetti Explosion

  • Superman – NEW! Break The Ice

  • Taz – REMOVED – Right Back At You

  • Taz – NEW – I Gotta Get in There!

    • Taz’s friends can jump into his dogpile to do more damage, more knockback and armor.

General Perks

  • Many perks have been changed.

  • NEW General Perk – Armor Crush

  • Static Electricity (formerly Electric Projectile).

  • That’s Flammable, Doc! (formerly Fire Projectile).

  • Ice to Beat you! (formerly Ice Projectile

  • Absorb ‘n’ Go (formerly Ability refund on Take Projectile KB).

  • Retaliation-Ready (formerly Projectile Gray Health).

MultiVersus Open Beta patch Notes Reveal Rebalanced characters


+ = Buff
– = Nerf
~ = Change

Note: Attacks callouts reference default controls.

  • ~ Neutral Air Attack:

  • + Special Aerial and Ground Up: The on-hit movement is more consistent.

  • + Aerial/Grounded Down SpecialCooldown reduced from twenty to 18 seconds

  • + Grounded up Attack: It can combine more reliably if it has earlier cancel frames.

  • Side Air AttackHitbox was reduced to better match attack animation.

  • Grounded Side Attack 1: Increase the whiff recovery to increase the risk of the attack and its reward.


These changes were made to give Batman earned ring-out powers and more team utility. Batman can use a variety of attacks and combo routes to get Weaken Debuff.

  • + Aerial & Grounded Side SpecialGrapple can be cancelled now by using Jump or Dodge

  • + Grounded Down Special: While in smoke Batman, his allies, and their allies ignore enemy missiles.

  • + Aerial or Grounded Neutral Attack: Batarang applies one stack of Weaken to every hit.

  • + Up Air Attack 2: One stack of Weaken debuff.

  • + Side Air Attack 2: One stack of Weaken debuff.

  • + Grounded up Attack: One stack of Weaken debuff.

Bugs Bunny

  • Special Aerial and Grounded Down: When exiting from Tunnels Bugs Bunny and allies’ invincibility frames have been reduced.

  • Special for Aerial and Ground Neutrals: Bugs Bunny, his allies, and the Safe are attacked by it.

    • We decided that the Safe could not stay on the map long enough so that ally attacks could also damage it, decreasing the time the safe is out. This will allow the enemy team to have more fun and create more opportunities.

  • Side Air Attack: More whiff recovery to make it more punishable.


  • Grounded Down Attack:

  • + Special Aerial and Ground UpHitboxes are now more consistent in connecting to each other.

  • Base Movement Speed: Reduced from 2200-2100

  • Grounded Down SpecialBoots of Speed now provides 10% more movement speed upon first purchase, 5% on second stack, and 33% movement on subsequent stacks. This is in addition to the flat 10% for all stacks. The limit is now limited to 10 stacks, instead of unlimited stacking.

  • – Down Air Attack: Hitbox begins a bit later.

  • Side Air Attack 2: Increased whiff recovery

  • – Neutral Air Attack: Increased whiff recovery

  • Special Down Air: Crystal is now counted as a projectile in perk application


  • + Down Air Attack: Startup of move reduced.

  • + Neutral Air Attack: Increased base knockback

  • Special for Aerial and Ground Neutrals: It takes an additional time to start up before it becomes active

  • The projectile slow would have been active on frame 1. This made projectiles nearly ineligible against an aware Garnet.

  • – Up Air Attack: Startup of move increased.

  • Side Air Attack 1It takes a little longer for it to be canceled after landing.

  • Side Air Attack 2: Additional whiff recovery to provide a wider window for the attack to be punished on misses.


  • Aerial & Grounded Neutral Special:

    • + The Bomb will now puncture armor.

    • + Harley Bomb Equip is no longer considered an Air Special Use.

    •  The Harley Bat Bomb will explode within 6 seconds, even if it is attached.

    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that caused the bomb to disappear from a player who goes to the blastbox’s edge.

  • – Up Air Attack: Increased time interval between using Up Air Attack again if Up Air Attack is canceled or canceled by landing.

  • Side Air Attack: A slighter whiff of recovery

  • – Neutral Air Attack: It has a greater whiff recovery to make it a less strong and safer option for Harley.


  • Side Specials for Aerial and Ground:

    • + Can cancel on hit earlier, to allow it to more reliable combo

    •  The number of moves initiated has increased.

    • – To allow opponents to react faster, the initial movement speed was reduced from 2x to 1.5.

  • + Up Air Attack: Can cancel on hit earlier so it can more reliably combine.

  • + Grounded up Attack: Can cancel on hit earlier so it can more reliably combine.

  • + Grounded Down Attack: Can cancel on hit earlier so it can more reliably combine.

  • + Grounded Neutral Attack: Can cancel on hit earlier so it can more reliably combine.

  • – Weight: Reduced from 75 – 63

  • Side Air Attack: Jake’s charge time is now the basis for Jake’s stretch punch distance. The sweet spot for the attack is only applicable if you have been charged for a sufficient amount of time.


  • + Grounded Side Special: Cancelled immediately upon hitting

  • + Up Air AttackMulti-hit will combine a bit more reliably.

  • + Grounded up Attack: Increased hitbox sizes in front

  • + Grounded Down Attack: Faster startup

  • Up Air SpecialMovement speed decreases from 2x to 1x


  • + Passive: Shaggy starts each day with a sandwich

  • + Down Air Special: When starting down, has armor.

  • + Grounded up Attack: Shaggy follows up with a combo and hits cancel frames earlier.

  • + Grounded Down Attack: Has a faster startup

  • Base Movement Speed: Shaggy movement speed decreased from 2300 to 2225


  • ~ Neutral Dodge: The player now has the option to see the refresh time and bubble shield charges as an ability cooling down.

  • – Rose’s Gaze: Requires ten stacks instead of the 8 stacks before.

  • Up Air Special: The upward movement is reduced.


  • Grounded Down Attack: The armor has been removed from the attack, but it will now break the armor.

  • + Aerial/Grounded Down SpecialLaser now has a greater range and applies projectile buffs from perks for knockback.

  • + Grounded Side Special: Faster startup

  • + Grounded Side Attack: The jab combination will work more reliably together.


  • + General Change: Many of Taz’s attacks will retain velocity when branching into other attacks making his movement less clunky.

  • + Neutral Special:

  • + Grounded Down Attack: Increases its range by moving further.

  • – Weight: Reduced from 70 to 63

  • Side Special – Aerial & GroundedYou can cancel this attack by making an additional commitment.

  • Special Aerial and Grounded Down: Has ammo to reduce Taz’s zoning effectiveness

  • Side Air Special: Taz cannot turn or change the direction of the knockback.

  • Bug FixFixed an issue in which Taz could become permanently invisible.

Tom and Jerry

  • Special Down Air: The Dynamite ammo coolerdown was increased from 9s – 12s.

  • – Up Air Attack: Additional whiff recovery

  • – Down Air Attack: The hitbox starts a bit later.

  • Side Air Attack: Additional whiff recovery

  • Bug FixAttack decay will now be triggered by Jerry Slingshot, Aerial or Grounded Neutral Special


  • + Police Car: Improved health between 15 and 18.

  • – Neutral DodgeProjectile Shield can only be turned on if Velma has Dodge Meter.

  • Up Air Special:

  • Bug Fix: Cannot cancel during startup.

  • Grounded Up Special: Increased cooling down from 14s to28s

  • Grounded Side SpecialVelma cannot cancel the grapple now that she is able to use Grounded Up Attack.

Wonder Woman

  • Sound: Use new sound effects to make your hits more powerful

  • + Side Air Attack: Increased hit pause between hits to make the attack feel greater.

  • Base Movement Speed: Reduced from 2300 to 2250

  • Special for Aerial and Ground NeutralsCooldown increased from 8 seconds to 13 seconds

  • Side Air SpecialTo make the attack more serious, movement distance cannot be controlled.

  • Bug FixGrounded Down Attack’s hitbox is now more in sync with the visuals.

MultiVersus (Video Game)

MultiVersus is a free-to play crossover fighting game by Player First Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. There are many characters from Warner Bros. The game features characters from the Discovery library. The game will be released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One in 2022. MultiVersus’ open beta will be released tomorrow (July 26, 2022). 

MultiVersus Gameplay

MultiVersus is a platform fighting game in which players take on different stages to knock their opponents out of the arena. Characters are knocked further and more often as they take damage. It is typically played in a 2-vs-2 format but also offers 1-vs-1 and free for all options.  The game is currently in collaboration with several popular franchises such as DC, Game Of Thrones and Tom And Jerry. It is possible that they will continue to work with other franchises either before or after the game releases. 

  • MultiVersus Open Beta patch Notes Reveal Rebalanced characters 

  • MultiVersus Open beta Patch Notes Reveal

  • MultiVersus Open Beta Notes Reveal

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