Monarch Episode 4: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Monarch is a show about dynasties, protecting legacies, and how they are made. Romans regard their dynasty of country musicians as the best. Many layers of lies and secretiveness cover what appears to be a solid foundation. These troubling secrets slowly start to surface and put the entire legacy at risk. We might see more secrets this week with Monarch episode 4. 

Nicky Roman, who wants to be a household name, is determined and will do whatever it takes to protect her family, their legacy, and all that they have accomplished over the years. She is determined, fierce and passionate and will do anything to protect her family. We are hopeful she isn’t late at saving things, but what if she is late to do the damage control? 

Her brother Luke Roman who is the CEO of their legacy Monarch entertainment, is always searching for his father’s approval. Luke is his mother’s favorite but somehow lacks the same from the father, which troubles him often. Gigi Tucker Roman (also known as Ditto), is the youngest member of this family. She often feels like an outsider. She has an amazing voice and is super close to her brother and sister but often isn’t able to release to the stardom running in the family like blood. Monarch is nothing short of an American first-family trying to keep afloat with so many characters, stories and secrets. It’s worth watching!

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Recap of Monarch Episode 3

Last week’s episode was titled “Show Them Who You Are, Baby”. Episode 3 of Monarch was no less exciting than the previous episodes. Nicky is preparing to perform at the concert. This concert was at Queens of country. She discovers a huge secret while she is preparing. Her recent knowledge of Clive’s affairs makes her want to shift the dynamics and turn things for him. Adam Croasdell, a guest star in Monarch, plays Clive. 

Nicky not only discovers the truth, but she also tells Luke. Luke is left with mixed emotions. Ana however, signs off as Monarch. Catt and Ana celebrate the great news at the Brambles. Ace and Ana form a connection at the same party. The episode made fans want more and was a great way to get excited about the next episodes. With twists and secrets all around, the story is far from over. 

What to Expect from Episode 4 of Monarch? 

From what we can predict, this episode will give flame to the hidden secrets about the matriarch’s past in the Roman Family. Dottie’s sudden death would also be the key focus element of this week. Nicky, on the other hand will be seen trying to find a new song at the Roman Family Rodeo.

Albie’s new manager will make Luke very angry. Jamie Burke (guest-star Damon Dayoub) is the new manager. There are a lot of twists in this week’s episode, and one needs to stay tuned to know more about what happens in Monarch.

Release Date For Monarch Episode 4

Monarch Episode 4, titled “Not Our First Rodeo,” will be released on 4th October 2022 at 09:00 p.m. ET/PT. Although there is no confirmation from the network, rumours suggest that there will be 12 episodes to the season. Keep an eye out for the release date of this week’s episode of Monarch, and watch it as soon as it releases with your choice of subscription. 


Where to Watch Episode 4 of Monarch? 

FOX will broadcast the latest episodes of Monarch. These episodes will also air on FOX NOW. Fans can also watch episode 4 on Hulu the next day after the episode’s release on FOX. Hulu also has all previous Monarch episodes.

Lovers of the show can avail of these episodes by a monthly subscription to Hulu at the starting price of  $6.99 a month. The brand new2 subscription gives subscribers the chance to access these episodes and others for free within the first month. You can watch for the episode’s release date and stream it as soon as it arrives in your region. 

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