Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Episode 1 Postponed

Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury: The next anime series will be the fifteenth entry in the Gundam Series. It is an anime series that is related to the Mecha Genre. Genre. Directors of the series are Hiroshi Kbayashi and Ryo Aso. Ichiro Okouchi is the author of the series. Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings Inc., Japan News Network. And MBS These are the official broadcasters of anime series.

Mobile Suit Gundam, The Witch From Mercury is a series that features a female protagonist and pilot for the Gundam. This is the first Gundam mainline anime production in seven years, Mobile Suit Gundam : Iron-Blooded Orphans.

Gundam Japanese media franchise that focuses on stories about war and military. Yoshiyuki Tomino and Bandai Namco Filmworks are the official creators of this franchise. At the beginning of the franchise, Bandai Namco Filmworks’ name was Sunrise. The first series in the franchise was Mobile Suit Gundam The series was first broadcast on 7 April 1979. The franchise is based upon different robots that are called “Robots”. Gundam.

Gundam is a worldwide phenomenon. It has films, television series, manga, novels, video games, and other media. These are just a few of the many action figures and models that Gunpla has created.

The Witch From Mercury – Suletta

Mobile Suit Gundam Characters: The Witch from Mercury

Suletta Mercury Mercury was the school’s first female character. She is a Second-year student in the Department of Piloting. Suletta has poor communication skills. She gets anxious when there’s a presentation. Kana Ichinose is Suletta Mercury’s Japanese voice actor.

Miorine Rembran She is the only child of Delling Rembran and is the daughter of his father. She is also a second year student at the Department of Management Strategy. She is charming, attractive, and academically sound. Lynn is Miorine Rembran’s official Japanese voice actor.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury

The Witch From Mercury – Miorine Rembran

Elan Ceres I am a third-year student in the Department of Piloting. Peil Technologies is among the three branches of this group. Elan is a lonely person who loves to be alone. He doesn’t share his personal affairs with any members of the group. Natsuki Hansae is Elan Ceres’ official Japanese voice actor.

Guel Jeturk She is a third year student at the department of Piloting. Jerk Heavy Machinery is another branch, and Guel Jeturk the heir to this branch of Jeturk Heavy Machinery. Guel Jeturk, one of the House of Jeturk’s best pilots, is an example of this. He is very calm and impulsive. Guel Jeturk’s anger can come from anything. Yōhei Azakami is the official Japanese voice actor of Guel Jeturk.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury

The Witch From Mercury – Gundam

The third and last branch of the group, Grassley Defense System, is it. The CEO of the Grassley Defense System adopted a child called Shaddiq Zenelli. Shaddiq Zenelli is a third-year student in the Department of Piloting. He is the leader of Grassley House as well as the candidate for Execution of the Next Generation. Business is also one of Shaddiq Zenelli’s skills. Makoto Furukawa, Shaddiq’s Japanese voice actor, is Makoto.

Elnora Samaya Lfrith is the Gundam’s original pilot. Ericht’s mother, she is also her pilot. Mamiko Noto, the Japanese voice actor for Elnora Samanthaya, is Mamiko.

Nadim Samaya Ericht’s father. He gave Elnora an opportunity to escape, and he also gives up his life to save Ericht. Hiroshi Tamida, the Japanese voice actor for Nadim Samaya, is Hiroshi Tsuchida.

Mobile Suit Gundam, The Witch From Mercury Episode 1 Release Date

Mobile Suit Gundam, The Witch From Mercury was to be released in October 2022 Every Sunday at 05:00 PM. However, now that there are unforeseen circumstances, the first episode of the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury is being released. Postponed.

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