Mike Episode 3 and 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

The third and fourth episodes of Hulu’s sports drama series ‘Mike,’ titled ‘Lover’ and ‘Meal Ticket,’ follows the aftermath of Mike Tyson’s championship win against Trevor Berbick. Mike is the next big thing in boxing, and begins to have feelings for Robin Givens. This opens the door for their relationship. They are soon surprised by a major change in their lives. Robin starts to control Mike to “protect” her husband without foreseeing the consequences. The show’s fourth episode ends with the depiction of one of the most terrible phases of Mike’s life and here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS Ahead.

Mike Episode 3 & 4 Recap

‘Lover’ begins with Mike meeting Robin for the first time in the presence of the latter’s mother. The two begin to develop a close relationship. However, the boxer cheats on her with multiple women, and he fails to keep his promise to her. Mike remains unbeatable in their ring. Robin and Mike eventually disclose that they are a married couple to the world. Mike even purchases a new home. Since Mike’s finances are solely overseen by Bill Cayton, Robin asks him to be aware of how much Cayton is using his money.

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While attending the funeral of Jimmy Jacobs, Mike meets Don King and the latter becomes the boxer’s new promoter, much to the displeasure of Cayton. Mike proposes to Robin, but they don’t celebrate their engagement. Due to his wife’s insistence, Mike starts consulting a psychiatrist, who asks him to take lithium as a medication. Robin assures him that he is not taking the medication improperly, despite its adverse effects on his physical health. She also intervenes when Mike agrees to give money to Cus D’Amato’s widow Camille D’Amato, his adoptive mother.

Mike gradually finds it hard to tolerate Robin’s controlling behavior. Their relationship becomes more difficult when Robin loses their baby through miscarriage. Robin, who is a national TV host, reveals that Mike has been abusive to her. This leads to their separation. ‘Meal Ticket’ begins with Mike’s life after the separation from Robin. He spends time with his sister Denise Tyson, who asks him not to let people around him “steal” from him, even if it is Don. The promoter, meanwhile, arranges a fight in Tokyo for Mike against underdog James “Buster” Douglas.

Mike Episode 4 Finale: How Did Mike Lose To Buster Douglas

When Don King arranges Mike’s fight against Buster, the former is an undisputed champion who hasn’t known the taste of failure in the ring. However, in reality, Mike wasn’t ready at all to step into the ring and win the championship match. “I didn’t want to fight; all I was interested in then was partying and fucking women,” Mike wrote in his autobiography ‘Undisputed Truth’ about the fight. His physique wasn’t in the best shape as well. “I had put on thirty pounds. King was so worried about my weight that he offered me a bonus if I would make my usual weight when we fought in a month,” he added in the book.

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In addition, Buster wasn’t a boxer who posed a direct threat to Mike’s domination in the ring for him. Mike felt that he had already beaten Buster and was ready for the match. “I didn’t consider Buster Douglas much of a challenge. I didn’t even bother watching any of his fights on video,” Mike wrote in ‘Undisputed Truth.’ Even though Mike managed to lose his weight somewhat, he still recorded his heaviest fighting weight before the fight with Buster.

Along with all these factors, Mike Tyson wasn’t Mike Tyson in the ring against Buster. “I was hardly throwing. It was the least amount of punches I’d ever thrown in a fight,” Mike described his fight. “He [Buster] That night, I fought well. He made me an easy target. I wasn’t moving my head at all,” he added in his autobiography. Mike lost the fight when the referee threw him out. Even though Don King and Mike’s camp protested the result, pointing out certain irregularities in the counting process, the result remained valid.

Mike’s defeat against Buster marked a phase of the former’s life where his priorities changed from boxing to other affairs. His failure to prepare and his distracted mind probably played a part of his defeat.

How Does Denise Tyson Die?

A few days after Mike’s defeat against Buster, he comes to know that his sister Denise had died. Denise died at 24 years old on February 21, 1990. According to reports, her husband found her dead in their Queens home in St. Albans. According to the police, she died from a heart attack. According to reports, Denise also had asthma and diabetes. Her death affected Mike severely. “She was the only person who wasn’t afraid to put me in deep check. She was always my protector, even right until she died,” Mike wrote about Denise’s death in ‘Undisputed Truth.’

Mike had a “long phone conversation” with Denise the night before she died. Rosedale and Rosehill Cemetery are where she is buried in Linden, New Jersey.

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