Michael LaHood Jr. Murder: Where Is Kenneth Foster Jr. Now?

San Antonie, Texas residents witnessed a horrendous murder when Michael LaHood Jr. was killed in a drive by incident on August 15, 1996. Although Michael died on the spot, many witnesses provided a crucial breakthrough for the police right from the start. Netflix’s ‘I Am A Killer: Killer In The Eyes Of The Law’ chronicles the gruesome slaying and portrays how law enforcement officials were able to apprehend the perpetrators. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the crime and find out more, shall we?

How did Michael LaHood Jr. die? Die?

Michael LaHood Jr. was the brother of Nico LaHood (ex-Bexar County District Attorney), and was very popular in his locality. People who knew him described him a bright, cheerful and kind-hearted person who would always help others. Michael was known for his friendly nature and would often help others if necessary. However, little did anyone know that Michael’s friendly nature would end up claiming his life.

Michael was walking in San Antonio, Texas on August 15, 1996, when he noticed four people in a car pull up beside him. Michael noticed something suspicious and decided to investigate. This was his greatest mistake. Then, a passenger pulled out a gun and shot Michael at close range.

After realizing what had occurred, the driver quickly put the car in gear and fled the scene, unaware that another woman had seen the crime. Michael had already died by the time that law enforcement officers arrived at the scene.

Who Killed Michael LaHood Jr.

The woman who witnessed the murder was present at the scene gave an exact eyewitness account. She said that four people were in the hit-and-run vehicle and that a passenger had killed the victim before the driver was able to help them escape. Police used the eyewitness accounts and the descriptions to identify Kenneth Foster Jr. along with his friends Julius Steen, DeWayne Daillard, and Mauriceo Brown. The car’s driver was Kenneth Foster, but authorities determined that Mauriceo pulled off the trigger.

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Kenneth claimed that he didn’t know anything about the murder, and was simply driving along with friends at the time when he decided to commit a series of robberies. Kenneth even pleaded that he took up the position of a getaway driver under peer pressure and mentioned that he had no idea about Mauriceo’s intent to murder. Kenneth was charged with murder by police after Kenneth was found guilty of his involvement.

Kenneth Foster Jr. is still alive.

Interestingly, When produced in court, Kenneth was convicted of murder under Texas’ law of parties, which states that anyone being a party to a crime can be held responsible for the same, even if they did not do it on their own accord. Mauriceo testified that Kenneth was his only responsible for the shooting. But, in the end, both Kenneth and Mauriceo were sentenced to death by the judge in 1997.

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According to the show, Mauriceo was executed in 2006, and although Kenneth’s execution was scheduled for August 30, 2007, his sentence was commuted by the then governor of Texas, Rick Perry, about six hours prior to the execution time. As a result, Kenneth’s sentence was dialed down to life in prison with a possibility of parole. Kenneth was in prison at the Telford Unit, New Boston, Texas on November 6, 2021 when Anthony Dominguez, his cellmate, was found dead in their shared cell.

An autopsy concluded that Anthony’s got into a physical altercation which left him with fatal injuries, and CCTV footage seemed to indicate that Kenneth was responsible for the same. Nevertheless, from the looks of it, Kenneth hasn’t been charged with Anthony’s death. He is currently incarcerated at the  H. H. Coffield Unit in Anderson County, Texas, with a parole eligibility date of 2036.

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