Mere Sai 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update : Vaishali realises her mistake.

Mere Sai twenty third November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Bhumi requests organiser to take 50₹ from the successful quantity. Ramdas says I will’t take again, it was once made up our minds. Shiv assists in keeping biking. Ramdas sees Shiv is suffering and says if he falls this recreation can be over. Bhuki is going strengthen Shiv, Bhumi hurts her leg. Bhumi nonetheless assists in keeping cheering Shiv in ache, Shiv sees Bhumi in ache. Bhumi will get up and once more tries to stroll with Shiv.

Sai sees an outdated guy strolling with ache, outdated guy says he harm his knee remaining evening when he fell of the mattress. Sai treatments his knee. As Sai treatments outdated guy’s knee, Bhumi begins feeling excellent and is in a position to stroll. Outdated guy thank you Sai and leaves. Bhumi says I do know that is Sai’s blessings and Sai stay your blessings coming and offer protection to us. Shiv seems on the pole he has written Om Sai on. Shiv assists in keeping biking and Day 6 has come. Ramdas says its Day 6 and it doesn’t seem like Shiv will live on and I concern he’ll die. Target audience scold Ramdas and strengthen Shiv. Bhumi sees Sai and rushes to Sai.

Bhumi says Sai, Shiv gained’t be capable to make it please assist. Sai says I will’t assist Shiv, he has taken this problem to turn out everybody his capacity and he desires to turn he’s a minimum of everybody and if I assist him his venture will fail. Bhumi says however he gained’t be capable to make it. Sai says Bhumi bear in mind you at all times gave him hope to struggle. Bhumi says I do know what I’ve to do and leaves.

Bhumi with Geetabai’s assist brings her dolls. She is going at the level. Ramdas says you’ll be able to’t carry out your display right here. Bhumi says I’ve to give an explanation for him one thing. Ramdas thinks this display will distract Shiv and he’ll free.

Sai sees Vaishali praying for Shiv. Sai walks to her and says not anything for Bhumi. Vaishali says I don’t perceive Bhumi, I understood I used to be unsatisfied however now I’m satisfied and I’ve noticed her pay any individual else and stealing cash. Sai says this time isn’t to consider all this, now Shiv wishes strengthen and you’ve got made a gigantic mistake which it’s important to repair and once I go away assist one that comes first to the temple and you’re going to perceive relaxation. Vaishali says k. Sai leaves.

Bhumi says to Shiv, she’s going to narrate him their tale and if he specializes in her he’ll be distracted from tiredness. Bhumi begins telling her and Shiv’s tale. Bhumi struggles to regulate the dolls and assists in keeping shedding them. Bhumi says to Shiv, I will’t do anything else with out you, I sought after you to keep in mind our love and calm you down however with out you I couldn’t organize dolls, how do I make you imagine that I really like you such a lot and will do anything else to your happiness.

A person visits temple and asks Vaishali deal with. Vaishali is helping him with deal with. He says I’m outdated I gained’t be ready to keep in mind will you are taking me to the site. Vaishali recalls Sai’s phrases to assist and leaves with the person.
Sai seems on the sky, Bhumi sees Sai’s in clouds blessing her and her dolls get started transferring. Bhumi will get the braveness to relate her tale once more and tells how Shiv felt by myself and the way variations got here in between them.

Vaishali drops the person. He thabks Vaishali and calls Dinanath. Vaishali sees he is identical guy, Bhumi gave cash to. Vaishali walks to Dinanath and introduces herself as Shiv’s sister.

Vaishali walks to Bhumi with jewelry field, and tells her how her false impression ruined her courting. Divakar reaches the site. Vaishali tells Shiv how in her jealousy she crammed Shiv’s ears and Bhumi wasn’t stealing however saving cash for Shiv.

Pre cap: Ramdas says simply 5 min left. Bhumi says to Dhiv, stay coming against me simply 5 min extra. Shiv very drained. Kulkarni arrives. Ramdas begins counting again to finish the time.

Replace Credit score to: Tanaya

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