Mere Sai 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Shiv backs out from the show.

Mere Sai seventeenth November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Santa Banta tells Kulkarni that Sai took benefit of his absence and Shiv and Bhumi are incomes so much. Kulkarni begins giggling and says thats great if they’re incomes, and now we need to congratulate them on their luck.

Divakar’s oldsters deny him from permitting Vaishali to paintings. Divakar says glance Bhumi is operating or even Rihana Kaki works. His father says those girls are running as a result of they’ve low source of revenue so why does she wish to paintings. Divakar says as a result of she likes it and now not for cash. Sai walks to them. Divakar says just right you got here, they aren’t permitting Vaishali to paintings. His mom says why does she wish to paintings and he says have a look at Bhumi however deficient factor has to paintings on account of Shiv and he or she works with Shiv. Sai says I got here right here for lend a hand, shall we check out you remedy my drawback I will be able to remedy yours. Divakar says certain we will be able to check out.

Shiv chopping logs and thinks of Sai’s phrases, he’s stressed. Shiv sees the important thing passed through Sai. Bhumi walks to him pondering that is proper time to speak to him and make things better. Bhumi says I sought after to speak to you by myself, are we able to communicate now. Shiv denies. Bhumi says put out of your mind the previous I will be able to inform you the whole lot. Tukaram walks in and says Shiv Bhumi you didn’t take your pay for closing two displays this is your cash. Tukaram provides Bhumi cash she takes it. Shiv thinks of Vaishali telling him that Bhumi steals cash.
Bhumi tells Shiv and Tukaram that shenis pondering of Sai’s beginning for subsequent display.
Shiv tells them he doesn’t wish to paintings anymore. Tukaram and Bhumi in surprise. Bhumi says what is going to you do then. Shiv is going within.

Sai provides a ebook to Divakar and says Pari made few photos and its a puzzle and lend a hand me remedy it. Sai says in first image other folks blame a person sitting on horse and his spouse strolling with him, calling him curel. Divakars father says persons are proper how can he do that to his spouse. Sai displays subsequent image in it spouse is on horse and husband strolling, other folks unhealthy communicate once more announcing you each can take a seat. Divakars mom says sure they’re proper. Sai displays subsequent image the place each are on horse and other folks once more blame them and contact them merciless for troubling an animal. Divakar says sure they’re proper. Sai displays subsequent image the place couple walks with horse and tells other folks once more name them fools for now not the usage of the pony. Sai asks now you inform me what will have to the couple do?

Divakar’s father says no matter might the couple do other folks will stay speaking one thing or the opposite. Sai says that is what I used to be looking to inform you and there are people who find themselves jealous and spoil others existence and so for those who suppose Vaishali paintings permit her don’t care concerning the society as a result of if they’ve guilty they’ll be able now the verdict is yours and Sai leaves.
Divakar asks his oldsters can Vaishali paintings now. His oldsters agree. Vaishali more than pleased.
Divakar rushes to Sai.

Shiv throws the trunk and dolls outdoor, Geetabai sees that. Shiv walks within. Geetabai asks what all is that this. Tukaram asks Bhumi what all is that this and tickets are offered and if he cancels there will probably be loss and other folks will create issues, you return I will be able to provide you with assistant, we will be able to communicate to Shiv later. Bhumi says I will be able to’t.
Bhumi walks in and tries to speak to Shiv however he doesn’t concentrate. Bhumi says this isn’t any display however our relation, you assumed however atleast let me provide an explanation for, Shiv says he doesn’t wish to concentrate and leaves.

Bhumi walks to Tukaram and says I did all this on account of Shiv’s beef up and if he doesn’t beef up me I will be able to’t, I’m sorry.
Divakar walks to Sai and says Vaishali is worked up and he or she hasn’t responded but. Sai says you’re very just about treasure simply stay making an attempt.

Geetabai talks to Shiv, she asks him what’s flawed. Kulkarni walks in. Geetabai asks what’s flawed. Kulkarni says I heard Shirdi has new artist and are very a success and in order a head right here I assumed I will have to congratulate them. Shiv puzzled. Kulkarni says oh I forgot Shiv is dumb and deaf and the way does he paintings then, Bhumi walks to Kulkarni and asks why are you right here. Kulkarni says I got here right here as a result of I’ve to fulfill thiefs, you haven’t paid taxes and so I’m right here to alert you. Bhumi asks what taxes. Kulkarni says leisure taxes, and because you haven’t paid you’re thief. Bhumi says take it from the organisers. Kulkarni says now a girls will train me laws, I make laws and so you are going to pay taxes and so you are going to pay penalty too and I do know you get 50₹ consistent with display and so general 750 is your profits and your tax is 50% which meand 350 and 250 as penalty so you’ll have to pay 600 and right here os govt understand.

Bhumi says this tax is top we used cash to pay money owed and now we have stopped our display too. Kulkarni begins giggling and says just right you stopped however what about previous. Bhumi begs him to spare them. Kulkarni says you took Sai’s lend a hand at the moment move ask him and for those who don’t pay inside of 10 days I will be able to public sale this area and Kulkarni leaves.

Pre cap: Sai tells Vaishali, on account of your jealousy you may have ruined Bhumi and Shiv’s courting and now it’s important to repair it.
Shiv sees a display, it has a problem to trip cycle for five days and will probably be paid 1000₹

Replace Credit score to: Tanaya

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