Mera pyaar… Part 23 (Confrontation)

hi’s the following episode.


Everybody will get stunned seeing veer fainted they usually take him to room..

Sumitra:why did he faint unexpectedly?

Bani recollects his proposal and the way he danced crazily and will get disappointed..

Bani:aunty..i..i suppose he drank some wine..

Andy:however how is it imaginable? We by no means ordered any beverages right here..we simply stored juices at the desk at yard.

Manish: Andy..depart that..we will be able to see that later. Now we will be able to get up veer..

Andy and sumitra wakes veer the use of water and he opens eyes and sees everybody status close to him and he sees bani disappointed too..

Veer:maa..papa.. what came about?

Sumitra:we must ask you what came about..why did you faint unexpectedly?

Veer in thoughts:i dont have in mind the rest what came about after i drank that juice..did i faint because of this illness? Iam truly perplexed..

Veer:i don’t know precisely maa..i drank juice then i don’t have in mind the rest what came about to me.

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Bani runs to yard and tests each juices and will get stunned and springs again..

Bani:aunty..uncle..there are 4 wine bottles combined with juice bottles. Now handiest i went and checked..

Everybody will get stunned..

Veer:so i’ve inebriated wine as a substitute of juice..i suppose..

Kartik: papa.. i will be able to name the resort who despatched those juices and enquire all dont fear about it. And by way of the way in which..veer you’re taking leisure..

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Manish:sure..kartik is correct. Let him enquire and we will depart now as veer wishes leisure.

Everybody leaves whilst bani comes again and shuts the door angrily whilst veer will get stunned..


Bani:what the hell with you veer? Why did you intend me whilst you had been in baang’s you could have such more or less ideas about me huh?

Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 09 51 7412

Veer will get stunned once more..

Veer in thoughts:did i blurted the whole lot to her..ohh godd..

Veer:did i truly suggest you?

Bani:sure..and likewise you was once about to inform one thing however earlier than that you simply fainted. I suppose you was once about to inform that secret..

Veer will get stunned once more however he will get relieved..

Veer in thoughts:thank god..i dint blurted the reality about my illness.. orelse the whole lot would had been ruined.

Bani:good enough..not unusual inform me why did you intend me? Is that what you take into accounts me in center?

Veer in thoughts: she is behaving as though she doesn’t actually have a slight emotions for me..that’s why she is confronting for my proposal orelse she would have requested softly. i must paintings onerous for making her fall for me..however as of now i must simply consentrate on curing my what is going to i inform her?

Bani:hi..mister..iam asking you handiest..the place are you misplaced?

Veer:omit.offended woman..iam sorry for proposal however i by no means thought of you in that method. In reality i used to be dreaming about my princess the day prior to this when i were given into baang’s impact i’d have idea you as princess i suppose.. that’s why i’d have proposed you.

Bani will get comfy..

Bani:thank god..i were given scared.

Veer:why? If now not me..if any individual loves you and proposes you..will you do identical factor?

Bani:sure..i don’t wish to love as i by no means idea to marry.

Veer: what? Iam certain you aren’t a’re some other creature.

Bani:howdy..close up. How dare you name me a creature?

Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 11 26 2312
Veer:then what? Each ladies goals about her prince however you..

Bani:however there is not any good judgment that each ladies must have identical ideas mr.veer Goenka.

Veer will get disappointed..

Veer in thoughts: she is so timid in her resolution. How will i make this stone hearted woman to like me?it’s so tricky process..however i will be able to take a look at as soon as my illness will get cured.

All of sudden veer feels dizzy once more..

Veer in thoughts:i suppose..i must consume capsules now. I can first ship bani away..

Veer:good iam going to pass and experience with circle of relatives.

Bani laughs..

Bani:i do know you wish to have to chase me because of some secret. I can pass now..however i will be able to in finding your secret and watch.

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Bani in thoughts:if he had now not fell subconscious..he would have published the name of the game..shit. however i will be able to in finding it anyway..

Bani is going whilst veer eats capsules and sleeps..

2 days later..

Abir carries luggages and he will get blessings from his circle of relatives..

Abir: maa..papa..maintain Mansi smartly as iam going.

Surekha:we will be able to. However rapidly you left your tune occupation and joined the corporate in Paris.. that too to this point out of the Nation.

Dadi:sure.. atleast kartik simply long gone to Mumbai however you’ll Paris. Did you suppose smartly..

Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 16 19 0802
Abir:i assumed smartly dadi.. don’t fear about me. How a lot ever a long way where perhaps..i will be able to by no means omit to spend time with you all. I can videocall everybody day-to-day.

Akhilesh: Abir..are you willingly going or is there any explanation why that you simply took this resolution?

Abir in thoughts:iam going there to omit my previous..iam getting extra affected staying right here however i dont need somebody to understand this as they’ll get apprehensive. As soon as i am getting utterly superb..i will be able to go back again.

Abir:no dad..iam willingly going. Good enough’s time up for me to depart.

Dadi:bye beta..maintain your self.

Everybody bids good-bye whilst Mansi hugs Abir and cries..

Mansi:bhai..i will be able to omit you such a lot. Please go back again quickly..

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Abir:i will be able to go back indisputably however if you happen to cry like this then how will i plan to go back to peer my cheerful sister?

Mansi smiles..

Abir:excellent..good enough bye.

Abir leaves from Goenka space whilst the entire younger gang leaves Abir in airport..

Kartik: regardless that you concealed the explanation from circle of relatives..everyone knows the cause of what you’re going clear of right here as Mishti instructed us.

Naksh:sure..if you happen to had shared your downside with us..we might have deliberate for one thing however you took resolution your’s ok..however attempt to omit the whole lot and transform standard and go back quickly..

Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 19 10 8252
Abir:sure..i will be able to take a look at my highest. And thanks all of you for supporting me..i will be able to omit you all.

Mishti feels heartbroken and tears refill her eyes remembering her lovely and humorous moments with abir..

Mishti:mr.abir Goenka.. everybody helps you however i will be able to now not strengthen as you’re leaving very a long way..i will be able to by no means discuss to you until you come back.

Abir involves her and holds her by way of shoulders and..

Abir:iam truly sorry Mishti..however i will be able to go back quickly. I believed this may occasionally lend a hand me to transform standard forgetting my previous..

Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 20 13 4512
Mishti: then why are we right here for you? For those who had shared issues of us..we might have helped you to recuperate however you by no means considered this as you idea we’re pointless..’s now not like that..

Mishti:it’s like that handiest.. don’t pacify me..i will be able to omit my frustrating Goenka. You simply pass now..i will be able to communicate effectively handiest whilst you go back right here completely.

Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 23 08 2182
Mishti walks away out of airport whilst Abir will get damaged..

Bani:Abir..she likes spending time with you as you at all times make a laugh along with her. She enjoys so much with she is heartbroken. However don’t fear..we’re there along with her..we will be able to make her perceive. You pass peacefully and go back thankfully.

Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 25 34 2072
Abir:thank you bani for figuring out..good enough bye guys..iam leaving now.

Veer:Abir.. no matter you omit however don’t omit to video name us..

Abir:by no means even unmarried day.

All of them bid good-bye and abir leaves..

3 months later..

Veer is convalescing smartly and kartik naira returned to Mumbai and the whole lot was once going clean whilst sooner or later naksh Mishti bani veer and Mansi met on a park..

Naksh :my head!!! Naira is killing my mind..

Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 32 54 4372
Veer and Mansi: even kartik bhai is doing identical with us..

Bani:they each love each and every different however they’re feeling so shy to specific their uselss.

Naksh:iam telling each and every and on a daily basis to suggest him however naira by no means does because of shyness and hassle me for her proposal failure. If she asks for thought once more..I’ll higher inform her to not suggest as a result of that’s the most efficient thought appropriate for her.

Mansi:even for kartik bhai too..

All of sudden veer’s telephone rings and show presentations it as kartik and he leaves a deep sigh..

Veer:now..he’s calling to bother me. I can inform my thought now..

He choices the decision..


Veer:kartik..forestall it. I will be able to’t undergo your torture anymore..the most efficient thought is don’t suggest naira in any respect.

Kartik: fool and silly veer.. with out figuring out what iam going to simply blabbering..

Veer: i do know what you’ll’ll that ” veer..i assumed to suggest naira these days however i were given i left give me any thought to suggest her expectantly”..that is what you are saying day-to-day.

Kartik:i used to be telling that day-to-day however now not these days. I’ve were given braveness come what may and made up our minds to suggest naira the following day..i even idea to brighten the yard.

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Veer: if truth be told..i wish to feel free listening to this however i will be able to’t as i will be able to’t agree with you until you intend naira. You inform me this the following day after proposing her then i will be able to stay birthday party for you..

Kartik:fool..are you kidding me? Wait..i will be able to suggest her and display..

Veer:do this paintings all of us predict that handiest.

Kartik cuts the decision and veer tells everybody what kartik instructed..

Mishti:i’m hoping jiju proposes this time..

Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 38 17 8322
Naksh:if now not..i will be able to wash him away..

Everybody giggles..


Kartik turns to move however unexpectedly hits naira who was once coming in opposition to him and she or he was once about to fall however he holds her and each meets with an eyelock they usually smile..

Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 42 16 7312
Kartik in thoughts:i want i cling you prefer this endlessly..

Naira in thoughts:i want i being on your palms like this endlessly..

They appear each and every different mesmerized and unexpectedly one thing falls which breaks their eyelock and their thoughts they usually transfer instantly..

Kartik in thoughts:what the was once so great to carry my it vital for God to make the article fall now?

Naira in thoughts:it was once great being in kartik’s palms..why did the article fall now distracting us?

They each stare each and every different..

Kartik:what are you pondering?

Naira:no.. not

Kartik:me too.. not anything.

Kartik in thoughts: sorry for mendacity..however i will be able to specific my emotions the following day my pricey sherni..

Naira:good enough.. anyhow..i’ve ready come and consume..

Telling this she was once about to move out of the room to eating corridor however kartik holds her hand and forestalls her..


Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 44 48 1122
Kartik:you realize what..iam so satisfied these days..


Kartik: as a result of the following day could be very special occasion..

Naira offers a perplexed glance..

Naira: what special occasion? There is not any birthday..any gala’s and even purposes..then what?

Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 47 28 2843
Kartik smiles and..

Kartik: as a result of the following day a prince goes to suggest princess..

Naira will get suprised and likewise will get perplexed..

Naira:who..who’s that prince and princess??

Kartik: they’re from serial..i noticed in promo that they’re going to suggest and that’s why iam satisfied these days.

Naira offers a perplexed glance once more..

Naira:you don’t watch serials and all..then from when did you begin to watch serials??

Kartik in thoughts: my lifestyles is my serial.. and iam the prince going to suggest you the princess. I simply gave you a touch..

Kartik: lengthy again..however i dint let you know about it. It is going to be great day for me the following day because it’s proposal day .

Naira will get unhappy..

Naira in thoughts:he’s taking part in serial’s proposal however now not afflicted to suggest me or love me.. fool. I wish to suggest him and specific my emotions however iam’ll be great if he proposes me.

Kartik notices her response and smiles..

Screenshot 2022 11 19 08 48 14 2352
Kartik:why did you get disappointed?

Naira : iam now not disappointed you.. fool mendak. You’re simply losing my time.. come and consume speedy.

Naira is going angrily whilst kartik smiles..

Kartik in thoughts: now i understood seeing your response..then iam certain the following day will the most efficient day in my lifestyles.

Kartik smiles and is going to consume…

PRECAP:- Bani feels jealous seeing veer with a lady. Kuhu pacifies a lifeless Mishti. Kartik proposes naira..

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