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Mario Strikers Battle League

It is a popular video game that was published by Nintendo. It is the third game in the Mario Strikers series. It is known as Mario Strikers Battle League Football for European languages. Mario Strikers Battle League, a sequel to the Mario Strikers Charged video game, was released worldwide on June 10, 2022. Mario Strikers Battle League can host up to eight players in multiplayer mode. Another feature is the ability to create a Strickers Club online with up to 20 players. This allows you to compete against them for points and ranking. Nintendo will provide three post launch updates before 2022, which could include new characters, stadiums and gear sets in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Mario Strikers Battle League New Characters

The first update regarding Mario Strikers Battle League was released two days ago. They stated that they would be releasing three updates after launch. The Update brings Mario Strikers Battle League New Characters playable namely Daisy and Shy Guy, and even a new gear set ‘Knight’ and a extra new stadium titled as ‘Desert Ruin’. Also, patch notes have been added to the Nintendo support page. Other two new features to speak about would be the number of items shown on the Notifications Sticker club has been increased, and the geared of version of the character will be selected (if one exist) when the ‘Random’ button is pressed on the Character Selection screen.

Mario Strikers Battle League All

There are 12 characters in the Mario Strikers Battle League. They are divided into three categories: Playable, Goalie and Non-Playable. Rosalina can now play in the Mario Strikers Series. Shy Guy and Toad are now eligible to be selected as Team captains. The table below shows the Playable, Goalie, and Non-playable characters.

S.No Characters


1 Mario 
2 Luigi
3 Rosalina
4 Toad
5 Wario
6 Waluigi


1 Futbot
2 Toads
3 Yoshis
4 Shy Guys
5 Koopa Troopas
6 Fly Guy


1 Boom Boom

Mario Strikers Battle League DLC Characters

After 15 years Mario Strikers Series, released it s third game Mario Strikers Battle League with the launch of 10 playable characters and the fans of Mario Strikers Battle League are worried that they can’t team with their favourite characters. Good news for Mario Strikers Battle League: Mario Strikers Battle League DLC character arrivals. There will now be 10 characters that can be Mario Strikers Battle League DLC character.

How do I update Mario Strikers Battle League

One of the three post launch updates was announced on July 21, 2022. Mario Strikers Battle League fans, please take a moment to update your software and enjoy the latest update. The following steps will help you update:

  • You must have an internet connection to the Nintendo Switch console.

  • Select the ‘Mario Strikers Battle League’ icon from the ‘Home Menu’ by without starting the game.

  • You can select Software Update via the internet by clicking the +/- Button in the controller.

  • The newer version number will appear in your title screen after the update has been installed.

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