Manifest Season 4 Netflix Release Date Confirmed For November

Fans were thrilled to see that Netflix has confirmed the release date for Manifest Season 4. After only three seasons of airing, NBC dropped the show. Netflix picked it up after seeing the immense success it had on Netflix. Netflix recently released a short teaser that showed Michaela searching through a cargo of flowered cargo while docking in New York. The teaser ends with Michaela finding a man in one of these and we are left stunned. We won’t have to wait long for the new season, as a date has been set.

The series’ plot focuses on passengers aboard Montego Air Flight 828. The flight passengers don’t feel anything, except for a bit of turbulence. They land and the world is shocked because they are returning after five years. All the passengers find it difficult to adjust to normal life after the crash. Everyone who was close to them thought they had died in a different accident. But what is odder about the people on flight 828 is the fact that they can now hear things, as they say on the show, “Callings”.

A still from the Manifest of Saanvi, Michaela


These callings take them to different situations that they need their help in. In the end, it is shown that those who fail to follow their callings die after the time they are gone. It is also true that everyone who was gone during this tenure must follow the Calling together. Even if one person fails to complete their task, the whole group will die. Michaella, her brother and nephew play the leading roles in their lives as they try to figure out what the future holds. They have very little time and must all reunite to save their lives and live normal lives. Let’s go back to the beginning of the series. Here is what we know.

Netflix Release Date for Manifest Season 4

Netflix will release Manifest Season 4 on November 4, 2022. Netflix’s biggest surprise was the date and the time at which it announced the news. This information was revealed by the platform on 8/28 at 8:28 am Pacific Time. This is about Montego Air Flight 828, and all the passengers that were there. The hilarious reaction to the announcement by Netflix was on Twitter. It brought more excitement about the upcoming season and gave fans the opportunity to appreciate the clever timing.

How to Watch Manifest Season 4

If you plan to view Manifest Season 4 at all costs, you should subscribe to Netflix. For 8.99 dollars per month, the basic price is sufficient to allow one person to access Netflix on their mobile. Well, if you want to have a joint Netflix account, it is always possible to upgrade the plan to two screens or even four depending upon the plan you’re comfortable with. Both are priced at 19.99 and 15.99 dollars per month, respectively.

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