Mad God Ending, Explained: Does the Bomb Explode?

Phil Tippett’s animated fantasy horror ‘Mad God’ takes viewers deep into the murky depths of a post-apocalyptic world. One lone Assassin reaches a mind-numbing destiny (literally) by lowering himself above a bizarre group of denizens who populate a multi-tiered planet. Surreal stories are told about a variety of characters living in the world that is almost as dark as the Bible. Despite the title, it seems that there is a larger plan behind all the chaos. Much like the Assassin, let’s lower ourselves into the murky depths of ‘Mad God’ and see what we find. SPOILERS Ahead

Mad God Plot Synopsys

A lone man known as the Assassin lowers himself in a diving bell past several levels of surreal landscapes — many with hints of a devastating apocalypse while others are swallowed by the ravages of time. The Assassin emerges from the diving bell and continues walking, referring to a crumbling map. His surroundings are chaotic post-apocalyptic chaos that almost looks like twisted purgatory. The strange creatures populating the scene are tiny and many times larger than the Assassin, who continues his exploration unaffected.

The Assassin finally arrives at his destination after walking through another world and climbing lower. He turns around and sees enormous piles of suitcases similar to the one he’s carrying. He is not alone. He takes out an explosive from his bag and sets the timer, but he is soon taken hostage by a mechanical beast. Our Assassin is quickly taken by the exact same captors that held his predecessors hostage.

The Assassin’s captors excavate a variety of trinkets from his guts before drilling a hole into his head. An extended vision, seemingly from the Assassin’s memories, depicts how, far above on the “surface,” the Last Man has an army of Assassins who he lowers one by one. He monitors the progress of each of the Assassins from his control room and appears to lower another Assassin whenever the current one is captured.

Mad God Ending – Does the Bomb Explode

The captors discover a strange, slithery offspring within the Assassin, and quickly take it from him. The captors take the offspring and they transport it to a smelting shop. The offspring is then crushed into glittering dust, which appears to open a portal and shake up the murky world.

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The dust appears to have stirred the faulty bomb that the assassin placed earlier. As the needle on its timer moves again, it is only moments away from reaching its summit. As the film ends, we see the Last Man, standing on top of the mountain with his army, looking down at the world below to determine if the bomb went off.

It appears that the bomb planted in the Assassin’s hands may have been successful after what seems like millions of unsuccessful attempts. It’s not clear how many times the Assassins tried to plant the bomb before this one. However, the meticulous motions of the entire process indicate that the man above the surface may have sent a lot to the dark, chaotic world below.

The captors have a large number of Assassins that they have taken into their custody. They have been tortured and dismembered. One thing that makes this particular Assassin unique is the presence of an offspring within him. The disturbance that the offspring causes (after it is made to dust) is what causes the bomb’s malfunctioning timer to turn itself back on again. The film ends just moments before the Last Man on the top can see the effects of the explosion.

Of course, since it isn’t explicitly shown, there is also a slim chance that the bomb doesn’t explode. This would mean that the cycle continues and the Last Man sends another Assassin down. The army of Assassins above makes it seem like a never ending process that ends with a bomb. It seems appropriate that the film will focus on the last instance when the bomb explodes.

However, there are many questions regarding what happens when the bomb explodes. The Last Man could send Assassins to the world that is now destroyed. This could also be a possibility. After the bomb explodes, the Last Man simply moves to the next world. It might be worth considering why the Last Man sent the Assassins down.

Why is the Last Men Sending Assassins Down

The Last Man could view himself as the ruler of the chaos below and have an influence on its fate. Another explanation is that the Last Man has detonated multiple bombs at different levels in the multi-tiered world and is carrying out experiments on it. This could explain why the Assassin has sunk past so many different apocalyptic landscapes before he reaches his target.

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Thus, the Last Man could very much be the titular “Mad God,” sending Assassins into the world below while he watches the results of his handiwork from above. The Last Man is also scared by the post-apocalyptic chaos in the nether world, which makes it appear that he doesn’t have complete control. It could be a result of an artistic experiment gone wrong. That would explain why he tried to destroy it. In keeping with the absurdity of the story, the Last Man uses a rusty old dive bell and measly sticks dynamite in order to accomplish his lofty mission.

The Last Man would be willing to end the chaos and darkness below for cowardice, but there are obvious reasons. His ordered army of Assassins stands in sharp contrast to the chaotic and senseless violence that is below. By eradicating it, the Last Man could be trying create a new order and better world. His army of Assassins indicates that he does not have a shortage of underlings. In fact, he could command more to populate his new ordered world, much like a god.

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