Lords Mobile Promo Codes [ May 2022 ] Free Redemption Working code List

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You have tried every promotional offer. codeOf Lords MobileLooking for something new? Lords MobileRedeem codeYou are at the right place. We will be listing all active freebies redeemable at the moment. codeAlong with expired codeSo that you can easily identify which codeYou have used in the past. Every Lords MobileEvery player has kept their game profile updated and everyone wants to improve their profile with freebies such as Artifact Coins and Gold, Ore and Timber, Stones and Food. VIP Points, Braveheart and Trickster are some of the other rewards.

Lords Mobile Redemption Codes (May 2022)

Lords Mobile codeThe game developer (IGG), usually releases the new redeem every month. The New redeemable codeThis feature is available on every version of the game. You can update the latest version of the game using the Appstore (Ios), or the Play Store (Android) on your device. Before you try the following, make sure your game is up-to-date Lords Mobile codes. Also, be sure to check out:

Notification: Before I proceed to the codes, I asked that the users refrain from using fake websites sharing fake codes. We only share the tested and working codes. Lords Mobile codes. These codes were handpicked by the official Facebook, Instagram and Reddit pages.


There are both active and inactive codes right now. The developer is yet to announce new codes. Please come back after a few more days! We are grateful!

WorkingRedeem Code List Not Expired Code description 
MOTHERDAY2022 2x 100 Artifact coins, 50k gold, 150k timber, 150k stones, 500k food, 1x Random relocator, 5x Speed up Research (60m), 5x Speed up (60m), 2,000 energy, 5x Speedup (60m), 5x Speedup (60m), 5x Speedup (60m), 5x VIP Points (500k)New!)
LMCOLLECTOR 2×100 Artifact coins, 50k gold, 150k timber, 150k stones, 500k food, 1x Random relocator,5x Speed-Up Research (60m), 5x Accel Up (60m), 2000 Energy, 5x VIP points (5x 100)
EASTER2022 Reward yourself with 50k Gold, 150k Iron, 150k Timber and 150k Stone, 500k food, 1x Relocator (5 h), 5x Accelerator (3 h), 1x Braveheart (3 h), 2k Energy, 5x 100 VIP points
2022ARTIFACT Reward yourself with 50k Gold and 150k Ore, 150k timber, 150k stone, 500k food, 1x Relocator (5 h), 5x Accel Up Research (3. h), 1x Braveheart (3 h), 2k Energy, 5x 100 VIP points
LM6THANNIVERSARY Reward your customers with 50k gold, 150k ore, 150k timber, 150k stone, 500k food, and 5x Speed-Up Research (3 h), 2x Braveheart, 3x Speed-Up (3 h), and 5x Speed-Up (3 h).
KUNGFUPANDA Reward yourself with 50k gold, 150,000 Ore and 150,000 Timber, 150,000 Stone, 500,000Food, 1x Reslocator, 5x3hSpeed Up Research, 5x3hSpeed Up, 1x Braveheart 2,000 Energy, and 5×100 VIP Points
LM2022 Redeem Gold Boost x10 and Ore Boost x10 as well as Timber Boost x10 and Stone Boost x10 as rewards.
ADVENTURELOG Relocator x1: 50,000 Gold, 150,000 Iron, 150,000 Timber and 150,000 Stones. Speed Up Research 3hx5, Speed up Training 3hx5, Speed up 3hx1, Material Chest 3hx1, Speed Up 3hx5, Speedup 3hx1, Speed Up 3hx5, Speedup 3hx1, Speed Up 3hx5, Speedup 3hx1, Speedup 3hx5, Speedup 3hx5, Speedup 3hx1, Speed Up 3hx5, Speedup 3hx1, 100 VIP Points

Lords Mobile Game Expired Code list

Expired Redeem code List Not Working Code description 
78S4W96X NA
XAES9HNM You will receive 2000 gems and 24 hour speed up as a reward
ZX9EACM5 24 Hours Speed Up – Get Rewards
THANKSGIVING Redeem for 50,000 Gold, 150,000 Ore, 150,000 Timber x1, 1150,000 Stones and x1, 500,000 Food x1, Speed up Research (3h) x5, Braveheart (1h) x5, Speed-Up (3h) x5, Braveheart (2h) Braveheart x1, 2000 Energy x1, 100 Vip Points x5
LMHalloween Get rewards from Random Relocator (60 m), Speed Up Research (60m), x5, Speedup (60m), x5, Speedup (60m), x5, 2,000 Energie x1,1,000 Gems (x1)
3DMAP Reward yourself with 50,000 Gold x1, 1150,000 Ores x1, 135,000 Timber x1, 1450,000 Stones and x1, 500,000 Foods x1, Relocator (x1) Speed Up Research (3h) x5 Braveheart (3) x1, 2,000 Energie x1, 100 VIPPoints x5
SODAFEST You will receive 50,000 Gold, 150,000 Ore and 150,000 Timber as well as 150,000 Stones x1. 500,000 Food, Random Reslocator, 5x Accelerator (60 m), 60 m), x5, 2000 Energy, and 5x 100 VIPPoints.
LORDSHUB You will receive 1x Speed up Training (15 h),1x Speed Up (15h), and 1,000 Gems
2021cj Redeem rewards to receive 1x Speed Up (24 hours) and 1000 Gems
Vx888 NA
EARN717656 NA
Yfwpqp NA
IGG15TH Get rewards of Speed Up Research (15h) *1, Speed Up Training (15h) *1 and Speed Up (15h) *3
vergeway Get rewards of 5* 3H Speed Up Training, 1* Rare Material Chest, 50,000 Gold, 1* 150,000 timber, 1* 150,000 ore, 1* 150,000 stones, 1* 500,000 food, 1* Relocator, 1* 3H Speed Up, 1* 2000 Energy, 5* 100 VIP Points
SAINTSEIYA Get rewards of 50k gold *1, 150k ore *1, 150k timber *1, 150k stones *1, 500k food *1
LORDS 50000 Gold and 150000 Ore, 150000 timber, 150000 stone, 150000 timber, 150000 stone, 500000 food, Random Relocator Speed Up Research (60m), Speed up (60m), 2,000 energy, and 100 VIP points
joan5 NA
LM2021 NA


Why is this? Lords Mobile Redeem Code Not working?

If you try the codes above and your application is rejected, codeThis could be due to many reasons. These are the most common reasons.

  1. Expired codesUse only valid redeem codes If you have not used working codes but the problem persists, then please contact us. codeDevelopers might expire.
  2. Extra spaces:Copy the text in the right or left space. codeVisit our website.
  3. Official website:Be sure to redeem the codeTheir official website Lords MobilePlatform i.e Official Apps and Website.
  4. Case SensitiveSome codes can be case sensitive. You should ensure that you are using the correct letter case for the codes.
  5. Maximum redemption limit: The update codes are valid until the redemption limit has been reached or for a time.

How to redeem Lords Mobile codes?

To receive the benefits of many rewards, players must redeem the working codes using the steps below.

  1. Go to Lords MobileGame Application.
  2. Complete the task at the bottom of the screen and click on the Icon of a cog-like symbol button.
  3. Scroll down and click on this RedemptionUse the Code button.
  4. A new pop-up window for Exchange Center will open which asks you to “Enter gift code“.
  5. Enter the code and press the “Claim” golden button to get your reward.
  6. Enjoy your reward in the final step

If you have any questions or are having trouble working, code, let us know in the comment section, and don’t forget to share our website with your game friends because sharing is caring!


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