Live Blackjack Games Codes-How Does it Work and How to Play?

If you’re like most modern people today, you probably prefer doing most of your activities online, including gambling. Furthermore, most casinos are shifting their business strategies to account for and cater to the online market. And today, you can access live casino games, such as blackjack, from the convenience of your home.

A live blackjack game is like any other game, only that you’re in a different location from the dealer and using a TV or computer monitor to interface. Regular blackjack rules still apply, and you can still use the same hand gestures and calls while playing the game. But how does it really work? This piece will explore live blackjack and inform you of what you should know before joining one.

Blackjack Card Values

Your objective while playing blackjack is to get a total card value of 21 without going over. However, you can still win if you have a better hand than the dealer after you both stay. But one of the most essential things to know is the value of each card to help you play. Below we look at each and how different combinations work:

  • Cards 2-10- all these cards represent the number on their faces.
  • J, K, Q- picture cards count have a value of ten, and when paired with an ace, it automatically gives you blackjack or 21.
  • Ace- this is the most versatile card in the deck. It can either represent an eleven or one, depending on your hand’s value. If eleven would make your total sum exceed 21, it automatically becomes a one.
  • Card suits don’t count in blackjack and represent no value.

Live Blackjack Rules

There are no differences between live blackjack and casino blackjack when it comes to the rules. The only difference is in how players play the games. One is at a casino table with all parties present in the casino, while the other occurs online and with the parties in different locations.

In live blackjack, the dealer may be on the casino’s premises or a studio setup where they host and conduct the game. At the same time, you might be at home or any other location in the world. It really doesn’t matter; the most essential thing is having a good internet connection and a way to visually and audibly interface; this is a standard need for any game even online chess matches.

The dealer uses an automatic card shuffler to shuffle the cards and issue them once you’re ready to place a bet. The digital interface displays the bets and the cards as the dealer issue them out. Each card on the deck has a unique RFID chip that’s scanned as the dealer pulls out the card from the machine and displays it on your screen’s interface. Furthermore, you can still see all the live action on your screen, and there is little to no chance of manipulation.

In addition, like playing blackjack at a casino table, live blackjack can host multiple players, all playing from different locations.

Getting Started With Live Blackjack

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As we had mentioned earlier, a live blackjack game follows the same principles as one played inside a casino. To start a game or deal in, you will have to place a bet above the table minimum, and the dealer will hand you your first two cards with both cards’ values revealed. Ensure you always know a live blackjack game’s table minimum before signing up to avoid playing above your threshold. The dealer will also get two cards, one hidden and the other face up.

Depending on the value of your cards, you can either decide to stay or hit. The best strategy or rule of thumb, if we may call it so, is always hit if your total card value is below seventeen and stay when it exceeds. A hit is an ask for an additional card to bring up your tally to 21 or closer to 21. While on the other hand, a stay indicates to the dealer you’re comfortable with your cards and would like them to show their hand and complete the game.

When the dealer reveals their full hand, they can also decide to stay or hit and if at the end their total card value is less than yours, you win. If it’s more, they win. However, the first person to exceed 21 automatically concedes or, in blackjack’s terms, busts the game to the other.

Furthermore, if you feel your hand is weaker than the dealer’s, you can stop the game by surrendering, which will cost you only half of your bet. Surrendering is also a viable strategy in blackjack, and we don’t see anything wrong with saving half your bet.

In addition, if your hand and the dealer’s hands are equal, you both draw or push, and your bet gets to live to fight another day. Advanced playing strategies like splitting your hand allow you to win big. You can split your hand when your first two cards are identical and play two hands simultaneously. All you have to do is place an equal bet on your original and indicate it to the dealer, and they will split your cards and let you play with both hands.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to split your cards but feel you only need one more card to win, you can double down on your bet before hitting. This means your doubling the amount you can win but also lose.


Gambling can be a fun and sometimes a money-generating activity, even if it should always be consider as a way of having fun and not a profitable activity. As with everything in life, sometimes luck can be on your side, while in others, it deserts you. The gambling industry has also grown, and new advances from being connected online allow you to enjoy casino games from anywhere. One game that is more likely to leave your pockets happy and has really seen the benefits of online connectivity is blackjack. Live blackjack promises the same exciting casino feel and great odds of winning while offering you more convenience.

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