Light On Me Cast, Who Are The Cast In The Korean Drama Light On Me?

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Drama for Light on Me

Lee Yoo Yeon is the creator of Light On Me, a Korean drama. It was originally produced in South Korea. It was first broadcast on June 29, 2021. It ended on August 19, 20,21. There were 16 episodes, each lasting 24 minutes. It was broadcast on Viki every Tuesday or Thursday of a week. This drama has a rating of 13+. Lee Sae On (Choe Chan Yi), Kang Yoo Seok (Go Woo Jin) are the principal leads in this drama. 

Light on Me Cast

Lee Sae on Woo Tae Kyung
Choe Chan Yi Shin Da On 
Kang Yoo Seok  Noh Shin Woo 
Go Woo Jin  Namgoong Shiwoon 
Lee Ki Hyub  Seo Haet Bit 
Yang Seo Hyun  Lee So Hee 
Oh Jung Woo  Guest Role 
Kil Do Young  Guest Role 

Main Cast Of Light on Me Drama

Lee Sae On and Woo Tae Kyung

Lee Sae On, a South Korean actor and singer, is a former trainee at Banana Culture Entertainment. He won the TV talent competition “Produce 101 Season 2”, and made his acting debut in “Devil Inspector 2” in 2018. He co-hosted YouTube’s “INSSA OPPA” with Kim Kook Heon.

Kang Yoo Seok is Noh Shin Woo

South Korean actor Kang Yoo Seok is represented by HODU&U Entertainment. He studied at the Korea National University of Arts and made his acting debut in the 2018 OCN series, “God’s Quiz. Reboot”. His first major role was in 2020’s “The Interviewees.”

Choe Chan Yi and Shin Da On

STADIUM Entertainment has signed Choe Chan Yi, actor and singer. He was a member of the multi-talented group THE MAN BLK. He was previously a Unit Green member and participated in Mnet’s BOYS24.

Go Woo Jin as Namgoong Shewoon

The Man BLK is a pop band from Stadium Entertainment. It made its debut October 10, and once included Go woo Jin. He announced his departure from the group on March 3, 2020.

Storyline of Light On Me Korean Drama

Woo Tae KYung joined the Sabit Boys High School Council in order to make friends and meet his first true love. Woo Tae Kyung is direct and blunt and is intertwined with Noh Shin Woo. Noh Shin Woo is chilly on one side but warm on another. Shin Da Won is the school’s most renowned student president and Nam Gung Shion, who is the mood-setter and represents friendship.

Details about Light On Me Korean Drama

Drama  Light on Me
Director  Lee Yoo Yeon 
Genre  Romance 




Country of origin  South Korea 
Language  Korean 
Release date  June 29, 2021 – Aug 19, 2021 
Network  Viki 
Duration  24 minutes 
Episodes  16 
Telecasting days  Tuesday 


Age ratings  13+

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