Kundali Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anjali blames Rishab for molesting her

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Preeta warns Arjun should keep away from the ones other people whom she requested him to, he asks what does she recall to mind him as is he a goon however in reality that he’s a revered businessman, she should now not make a fuss out of this example as a result of he feels she is aware of he can by no means harm Kavya, or all of the Luthra circle of relatives however she blames him so he doesnot come close to her as a result of she feels one thing on every occasion he’s round, however she doesnot need to really feel it so adjustments the subject, she asks if he has misplaced his thoughts however she mentions she has misplaced it. Snedha is paying attention to their dialog, Arjun explains the entire evil ideas transform a truth so if she assists in keeping interested by it, he would possibly in reality do it, Preeta as soon as once more warns him to keep in mind what she stated and keep away from her circle of relatives, explaining he’s simply right here as a result of Bhagwan jee, Arjun recalling the evening when he was once thrown within the dam says that she is true to mention he’s right here as a result of Bhagwan as a result of she had left no stone unturned to kill him, Arjun notices Snedha so asks if she was once on the lookout for the toilet, he leaves.

Preeta asks Snedha this is Arjun like that ever since she met him, however Snedha exclaims she likes him, Preeta wonders what has gotten into other people however Snedha warns Preeta to keep away from him when she replies that has filed a restraining order in opposition to Arjun so he remains clear of her circle of relatives however even then he nonetheless involves their circle of relatives. Snedha leaves angrily when Shristhi comes, Preeta doesnot know what is occurring when Shristhi mentions it’s only as a result of she likes him so was once now not ready to undergo them each speaking, Preeta replies she was once now not speaking however combating together with her, Shristhi questions if the Kalawa is able as Pandit jee is looking, Preeta takes Shristhi away together with her.

Arjun reaches the corridor when Mahesh notices he’s feeling at ease so asks him to take a seat down however Arjun replies he’s high-quality, Rishab asks what his drawback is as he was once even refusing out of doors but if he has in any case come right here to the pooja then should behave correctly. Preeta additionally instructs him to take a seat down explaining that she is simplest pronouncing as a result of he has been invited to the pooja so he should take a seat down or even depart with the Parshad, Pandit jee asks each the husbands to use the Sindoor at the brow in their better halves, Arjun stops Rishab angrily and so they each get started combating whilst Arjun is solely asking Preeta to keep in mind who he was once since he is identical individual, he in any case explains he is identical Karan however she doesnot imagine him, he tries to depart together with her then again she mentions she would now not depart with out her husband, Arjun realizes it was once only a dream so thinks he can’t keep right here in a different way it could hurt all of them, Dadi tries to forestall him however he leaves explaining his head is aching, Dadi additionally leaves with Snedha when Rishab asks Preeta if she stated the rest to him, she replies she did not anything of the type.

Arjun is angrily strolling to the auto, he’s about to take a seat within the automobile however Dadi stops him explaining Snedha would pressure the auto these days as he’s in poor health, Arjun refuses explaining he can’t chance his existence by way of letting Snedha pressure, Dadi assures she is a smart motive force however Arjun isn’t satisfied, he mentions he will even be offering her activity in his corporate, Dadi nonetheless manages to make Snedha take a seat within the riding seat of the auto, Arjun angrily sits on the again.

Pandit jee appearing the rituals of the Pooja, each the {couples} are following him and he explains when he mentions they each will have to throw the Samaghri within the Hawan, he recites the Mantar when Shristhi and Sameer don’t seem to be ready to throw it correctly, she questions why is he taking his hand away as she can’t enhance it anymore, he asks what drawback does she have as she has a tendency to get indignant even at small issues, Sameer questions what did she need to say within the sanatorium, she remembers what Preeta di stated within the kitchen that they will have to categorical their love when they’ve the danger, she is ready to tell when Pandit jee as soon as once more indicators them. Preeta whilst appearing the pooja remembers the moments spent with Karan and the way she was once in reality satisfied, Rishab turns asking her what’s the subject however she replies she is ok, Rishab additionally begins pondering of the moments spent with Karan and the way they each had been in reality shut, he thinks if there was once some way during which he may just convey karan again then would have performed it, he exclaims he is aware of Preeta is in reality tensed anyplace he’s or even she could also be tensed.

Arjun sitting within the automobile is considering what he noticed with Preeta and Rishab and the way she stated she would now not even cross if he was once additionally karan, he’s annoyed interested by the placement so he asks Snedha to forestall the auto however she is anxious even then he will get out of the auto so Snedha apologizes citing he can pressure the auto however Arjun exclaims he hasn’t ever attempted to hurt kavya,

The Luthra‚Äôs are appearing the pooja when there’s a surprising exchange within the climate, they have no idea that the police have arrived on the Luthra Mansion in conjunction with Anjali. They’re blind to the truth, however she comes to face in entrance of the home, Shristhi notices the Akhund Jhot which is ready to finish so informs Preeta, she in conjunction with Rishab rush to offer protection to it.

The police input the Luthra area whilst all of the circle of relatives is busy within the pooja, Kritika and Rakhi see Anjali status on the door so are shocked, they get stunned when the Inspector comes asking about Rishab, Anjali issues to him whilst he’s within the Mandir, the inspector explains they’ve come right here to arrest Rishab Luthra, Shristhi questions what he has performed, Rakhi additionally asks the similar query.

Rishab informs all of them to chill out so questions the inspector what he has performed, Anjali says all of them are appearing so blameless however all them are evil, she explains fact learn all of them are animals, Rishab warns her not to even say a unmarried phrase in opposition to his circle of relatives, Preeta additionally questions what’s she pronouncing, Anjali blames that Rishab has molested her, which shocks all of the Luthra circle of relatives.

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