Kundali Bhagya 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Arjun get in an argument

Kundali Bhagya twenty second November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Preeta asks Rishab if the entirety is ok, he questions if he appears to be like tensed from his face, Rakhi additionally comes asking if he’s positive which worries him so he questions why are all of them so tensed, Preeta informs so much has took place lately which is inflicting them tensions, Rkahi finds the Diya within the Mandir went out and it isn’t a just right signal, Preeta explains even the milk boiled and the thunder brought about a large number of rigidity, Rishab exclaims all of them in reality love him, Rakhi hugs Rishab who then additionally hugs Preeta, he holds their fingers explaining that till all of them love him, not anything mistaken can occur to him. Rishab leaves so Rakhi is satisfied that he got here again, Preeta mentions that too protected and sound. Rakhi informs Preeta the time for pooja is 11 within the morning and will she give Garesh the listing of one thing which can be required for the pooja, Preeta assures she is going to herself move and convey the issues.

Rishab comes out within the room when Preeta comes and is ready to pick out the towel however Rishab exclaims he can do it himself since she is his spouse, Preeta replies even then she has no longer executed anything else like that for him, Rishab explains that they are able to simply construct a area however it’s upto them to ensure they can make it right into a area, Rishab says that he feels Preeta has executed so much for his or her circle of relatives since she made positive to stay the home as his mom has executed for such a lot of years. Preeta replies she does this all out of affection however has no longer executed so much for him as a person. Rishab assures she does sufficient, he turns again once you have a choice and is checking his neck. Preeta wonders what the mark is.

Preeta is going again to carry the listing of items from Rakhi maa. Rishab in the meantime lies down considering what had gotten into Anjali, he falls to sleep when Preeta comes and so thinks about how Arjun blamed that she liked Rishab even if she was once married to Karan, Preeta thinks Rishab jee is in reality a good particular person whilst alternatively Arjun is his exact opposite, she after overlaying him with the duvet is going to go to sleep.

Within the morning Arjun reaches the marketplace, he wonders why does he all the time come to those markets when he hates him, he notices girls wearing the umbrella so begins serious about the day when he met Preeta out there all over the rain and the way they all the time have a tendency to come back ahead of each and every different, Arjun thinks why doe he nonetheless all the time take into consideration her even if he has began to hate her, he prays to Bhagwan that he doesnot meet Preeta lately out there, then again he notices her status out there from his aspect replicate, Arjun is left surprised so will get out from his automotive as Preeta walks over to a stall from the place she begins buying, he’s simply observing her.

Arjun helps to keep status ahead of turning to recall how she blamed him for seeking to take the lifetime of Rishab, and when the girl blessed them in te marketplace considering they each are a pair. Arjun as soon as once more begins having a look at Preeta who walks away together with her assets, he will get tensed when he isn’t ready to look her, Arjun therefor begins following her whilst the seller questions what he needs to buy, Arjun asks for some flora, however is continuously noticing Preeta as she walks away, he explains he forgot to carry his pockets from the automobile, the seller consents.

Preeta is counting the cash in her pockets when the thieves realize her so that they each run away together with her handbag, Arjun rushes wondering what took place when she informs they stole her handbag, he getting livid rushes to start out beating them each, Preeta notices how one in all them is making an attempt to run away however Arjun follows the individual, he even begins beating the thief who isn’t even ready to combat again, everyone seems to be surprised as he’s beating the thief at the side of Preeta. Arjun questions how the thief dared contact his spouse, she is surprised to listen to him name her as his personal spouse., Preeta will get livid.

Rishab walks down the steps, he greets Karina when Rishab asks how stunning is the arrangements having a look, she additionally asks if he’s positive when Rishab questions why everybody is looking, Karina explains Mother informed her how the Diya burnt out so he is aware of all of them get in reality tensed or even she loves him so much, he replies he’s product of metal and would all the time be positive till they’re through his aspect.

Rishab informs Rakhi maa not to be frightened as he’s positive, he asks her to move and spot their father since he by no means takes any drawback, Rishab exclaims he’s coming again after taking part in cricket, Mahesh replies he by no means is going on my own so Kavya rushes within together with her bat, Rishab begins smiling then explains that she will have to stay like this at all times and stay satisfied.

Karina asks Mahesh to move and get in a position for the pooja since the visitors would come to the pooja and the members of the family would no longer be in a position, Mahesh asks what the hurry is, she turns to Dadi who replies she’s going to scold each her son and Grandson, Rishab asks the place is Preeta je, Rakhi replies that she went to the marketplace so as to acquire the issues for the pooja even if she stated Garesh would move however she insisted to buy it herself, he then right away leaves to get in a position. Rakhi is status when Mahesh asks her to move and lend a hand him, Karina explains her brother will get in reality puzzled when it’s time to get in a position for the pooja, Mahesh says his sister know him the most productive however she will have to communicate a bit, Dadi requests the Pandit jee to hope that the entire {couples} reside like Mahesh and Rakhi. Karina mentions she ahs to even display him a kundali, he replies he would see it after the pooja. Dadi questions whose kundali is it, Karina replies it’s of Kritika as she stays in reality depressed in this day and age.

Arjun is thrashing the thieves when Preeta rushes to him wondering why he stated she is his spouse since it’s in reality mistaken, however he mentions he was once proper since she is his spouse, Preeta asks how did he dare since she is the spouse of Rishab jee and her title is Preeta Rishab Luthra, however Arjun replies her title is Preeta Karan Luthra. Arjun figuring out it right away begins apologizing however she instructs him to close up explaining she warned him to keep away from her circle of relatives, she orders that he by no means take the title of Karan. Arjun asks why, wondering if she loves or hates him however he as soon as once more apologizes. Preeta questions how he dared say she is his spouse, Arjun replies he was once offended so didn’t knew what he was once announcing as a result of he simply didn’t say that she is the spouse of his buddy, however what’s the want to create one of these drama. Preeta replies his Hindi is in reality susceptible however Arjun assures they’re all positive, she was once by no means ready to know him, Arjun is in reality livid.

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