Kundali Bhagya 11th November 2022 Written Update

This Kundali Bhagya 11th November 2022 episode opens with Arjun angry at Preeta’s prank and pacing in the bedroom.

Anjali appears to him and informs his that it is indeed the actual appearance of Preeta she’s been trying to reveal.

She also informs the judge that in lieu of feeling grateful to him for helping Kavya and Rishabh, both Preeta and Rishabh arrived with the order to restraining him.

Arjun promises not to forgiving him and will get married to Preeta once more and take Kavya’s custody.

Anjali is shocked by Arjun’s words while telling her that once he’s married to Preeta nobody will be able to remove Preeta and Kavya from the couple.

While waiting, Preeta is angry with Arjun for slaying Kavya and put her life at risk.

Rakhi notices the crying of Kavya in her bedroom and arrives to visit Kavya’s condition.

When she hears that Kavya wants Arjun, Rakhi tells Preeta to contact Arjun or else Kavya will cry all night.

What can Preeta do to ensure that she keeps Kavya off Arjun?

What will happen when Arjun be able to marry Preeta?

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