Kokology Questions and Answers TikTok, What is Kokology Questions And Answers Trend on TikTok?

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TikTok allows you to take short videos in many formats and upload them on the platform. TikTok’s ease in using it and the newness they bring every single day in the form a challenge and new trends are what made TikTok so popular.

In this vein, we can see that the most recent Tiktok trend is the Kokology Questions And Answers TikTok. Netizens are confused about what this Kokology Questions And Answers TikTok really is. Let’s find out what Kokology Question And Answers TikTok are in the following sections.

What is Kokology? Questions and Answers TikTok

Most TikTok users will know what the Kokology Questions & Answers TikTok means. But, as with all trends, the Kokology Questions & Answers TikTok trend has spread to other social media platforms, and it is these users who are confused about the Kokology Questions & Answers TikTok.

Kokology is a Japanese term that refers to the study of Kokoro, which can be translated as mind or spirit. Created by Tadahiko, the Kokology book series has a number of mind games that lets users find out more about a person’s character. The Questions and answers about Kokology TikTok trend is also in a similar vein wherein one asks the other questions based on which a person’s personality and character is identified.

Kokology Questions And Answers TikTok

Kokology Questions and Answers TikTok is a set questions that you ask each other. Below are the questions that are part of the Kokology Questions and Answers TikTok Trend. These questions can be based on your imagination.

Questions on Kokology

  • Imagine yourself in a forest. There are 2 animals you encounter. 

  • What is the first animal you have seen?

  • What is the 2md animals you see?

  • Next, imagine yourself seeing a house/ hut.

  • Will you knock on the front door of the house? Or will it be open for you to cross the street without knocking?

  • Finally, you’ll see a Jug.

Answering these Kokology questions will enable you to understand the person you are asking, and especially their love.

Kokology Answers TikTok

As you can see, answers to Kokology Questions will reveal the personality of the person to whom you are asking the question. 

The person asking the question is represented by the first animal they see. The second animal represents the person asking the question. If someone answers “deer”, then that animal represents them. If they answer “fox”, then that animal represents the person who asked the question. 

The 2nd question is a sign of how eager they are for the relationship with the other questions. 

The person answering the third question will tell you how much they love the person asking the questions.

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