Kindergarten Cop Where Are They Now? Where Is The Cast Of Kindergarten Cop?

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Kindergarten Cop

Kindergarten Cop is an American comedy movie that was released in 1990. Universal Pictures distributes the movie and John Kimble is the main character. He plays a tough detective police officer who works undercover as an elementary teacher to catch a drug dealer. He discovers that he enjoys teaching while he is undercover in this role and contemplates a career change. 

Kindergarten Cop: Where are They Now?

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the role of a police officer who becomes a teacher undercover in the 1990 film Kindergarten Cop. Naturally, he can’t handle his six-year old class and all the chaos that they cause. The cast of the show includes the following: 

S.No Character Cast
1 Joseph Miko Hughes
2 Larry Adam Wylie
3 Dominic Christian & Joseph Cousins
4 Tina & Rina Tiffany & Krystle Mataras
5 Rosa Odette Annable
6 Emma Sarah Rose Karr
7 Harvey Ross Malinger
8 Kissing Boy Jason Reitman
9 Detective John Kimble Arnold Schwarzenegger

Kindergarten Cop Cast Where are They Now?

Miko Hughes

Miko Hughes played Joseph in the movie, and he is known for the dialogue, “Boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina.” Since the movie, he has been in a series of movies and TV shows that include Apollo 13 and Full House. He is still acting and has some roles he wants to do. In 2013, he directed the movie “Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear.” 

Adam Wylie

Adam Wylie is now thirty years old. He played Larry in the movie. He acted in over 140 movies, including Hey Arnold and The King and I. He also acted as Larry in Gilmore Girls and The Smurfs 2 from 2001 to 2003. 

Christian & Joseph Cousins

Christian & Joseph Cousins are identical twins who played Dominic in the movie. Dominic is the little boy Kimble defends from drug dealers. The twins appeared in Knots Landing and retired from acting in 1995. Christian is the Director of Sales at Orient Express Furniture in California. Joseph is now a stylist. 

Source: Twitter 

Tiffany & Krystle Mataras

Tiffany & Krystle Mataras played the role of Tina and Rina in the movie and were some of the most well-known twins in Hollywood at the time. They were also in the 90s film Problem Child 2, Single White Female, Camp Nowhere, and many other films. They decided to take a break from Hollywood and started Wasted Cupcakes together. 

Odette Annable

Odette Annable was Rosa’s character in the film. She spent most of her time confusing him by her Spanish. Cloverfield is her most famous role. She married Dave Annable on October 10, 2010. They met through their work on Brothers and Sisters. 

Sarah Rose Karr

Sarah Rose Karr played Emma in the movie. She has also appeared in Father of the Bride as well as in the Beethoven films. She has disappeared from the show business since then and no one knows where or what she is doing. Rumours circulated that she had graduated from the New University of Florida. However, this has not been confirmed.   

Ross Malinger

While Ross Malinger was not a prominent role in the movie’s production, he made an impression. He has acted in Suddenly Susan, Party of Five, and Party of Five since he was in the movie. He is now an actor, but he is also the general manager at Automotive Legends in Malibu (Calif.). 

Jason Reitman

Jason Reitman is the son Ivan Reitman who directed the film. Since he was in the film, he has gone on to become a producer, writer, and actor. He won a Golden Globe in 2009 for his screenplay for Up in the Air. He was also nominated to an Oscar for Juno. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, an Australian-American actor and film producer, is a businessman. He began lifting weights at age fifteen, and he was 20 when he won Mr Universe. He was also Mr Olympia seven times. He stopped bodybuilding and became an actor. He became an action star.  

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