Khanapara TEER Result Today 31 May 2022, Khanapara Common Number

Khanapara TEER Result: Khanapara Morning Teer Result Khanapara Teer Common Number Khanapara Teer Facebook Khanapara Teer Hit Number Khanapara Morning Teer Result, The arrow lottery is a game of KhanaparaCity is a lottery game where people pick three numbers to win the sum. It is a lot of fun and they win a lot of money. Or is a type of lottery game in which the points are chosen by the people and they win huge amount which is organized online in which people buy tickets from three hundred to ₹ 500 and people in it from ₹ 8000 to ₹ You can win up to Rs 15000.

Khanapara TEER Result Today 31 May 2022

This game is played in Meghalaya. The people choose the points of the arrows every day to win large amounts of money. The first round’s result is released at 4:00 and then the second round at 4:30.

This page is also for you if you’ve come here to check. Khanapara ResultIf so, you’ve come to the right place. We will provide you with information about the result. May 2022. It has been released. This page will contain the information.

Khanapara TEER Result Today


(*31*)F/R (4:15)

(*31*)S/R (4:45)




Khanapara TEER Result TodayHighlights

(*31*)Lottery Game Shilong

(*31*)TEER (Arrow)


(*31*)Meghalaya- State of India

(*31*)Total Districts

(*31*)Total 12 Districts include Khanapara Teer Hit Number

(*31*)Current Date

(*31*)26 May 2022

(*31*)Cost of the ticket

(*31*)Rs 300 to Rs500

(*31*)Winning Prize Money

(*31*)₹8,001 to ₹11,0001

(*31*)Khanapara TEER Result- Winner announcement

(*31*)Online mode

(*31*)Authorized by

(*31*)State Govt of Meghalaya/Shilong


(*31*)Lottery Game/ Teer game

Khanapara Shillong Teer ResultList 31/05/2022 Today

KhanaparaGame is organized by the state Meghalaya. In which the people participating in the game are selected by them, the result for the first love is released around 4:00 pm. The result for the second round of the game is released around 4:30. MayThe result has been published. We will provide more information in this page. Please read the entire page below.

Khanapara Teer Common Number Today










Khanapara Teer ResultOf 31 May 2022

The Khanapara ResultOf May25 has been delayed by the official website. We will provide English information on this page. The result of the first round is at 4:00, and the result for the second round at 4:30. Below is a table that shows the results for both rounds.

We will provide the following information: Khanapara Teer result through this page or you can also check it by visiting the official website so that you will get to see the result of the previous working days and today’s day, so that you can check and check your winning amount. You can apply to claim.

  • F/R 04:00PM –
  • S/R 04:30PM –

How to choose the right number Khanapara Teer?

In KhanaparaArrow competition. 50 arrows will be fired each day. 303 arrows will be fired in one round. 20 arrows will be fired in round two. Points will then selected by the participants. These points are determined between 10:00 am and 3:30 am.

The first door results are released at 4:00 PM, and the second at 4:30. Those people whose marks are displayed are given big amount and are able to take advantage of the base amount, all the people of Meghalaya state can play whose For this they do not even have to buy tickets, which range from ₹ 300 to ₹ 500.

Previous ResultOf Khanapara Teer May 2022 (Old Chart)

We will provide you with everything you need Khanapara Teer Result25th MayYou can estimate the marks in 2022 and the last few days from this page. This page will also give you access to the last few working days. This is how it looks:

  • 24-05-2022 – 87 /47
  • 23-05-2022 – 85 /70
  • 21-05-2022 – 40/ 94
  • 20-05-2022 – 26 /27
  • 19-05-2022 – 41 /44
  • 18-05-2022 – 78/ 61
  • 17-05-2022 – 10 /83
  • 16-05-2022 – 54 /01
  • 14-05-2022 – 89 /18
  • 13-05-2022 – 03 /52
  • 12-05-2022 – 24 /95
  • 11-05-2022 – 55 /63
  • 10-05-2022 – 18 /65

This TEERLottery is a legal game that is governed by the Assam Amusement and Betting Tax Act.

Khanapara Teer Result TodayFAQs

KhanaparaWhich state is the link between arrow competition and arrow shooting?

KhanaparaArrow Competition is part of the state of Meghalaya, whose headquarter is located in Shillong.

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