Karthika Deepam 10-Nov-2022 Write Update Mounitha hinders Karthik from aiding Deepa

The episode begins with Karthik visiting Deepa’s home and finding it locked. Karthik is wondering where Deepa leave? Deepa is seen doing a thorough cleaning of the temple. The pandit arrives and suggests that to Deepa to ensure that she continues to do the temple cleaning every day and prays for God then her desire will be fulfilled. Deepa is in agreement. Deepa agrees. Pandit declares today to be an auspicious day . He also says If she lights up all the 365 Diyas at the temple, her wish will be fulfilled.

Mounitha observes Deepa taking care of the temple, and she thinks she was wasting her time watching Deepa at the beginning of her day. Mounitha visits the Pandit and inquires about what transpired to Deepa and asks what’s the reason for doing this. The Pandit insists that it isn’t appropriate to inquire about other people such as this. Mounitha asks Pandit what is the reason Deepa planning to burn the 365 Diyas? The pandit states that today is a good day to celebrate and says that if they are able to light the 365 Diyas then her dream will be fulfilled. Mounitha asks God to bring Karthik her own.

Karthik listens to Anand crying and is thinking of the location of Mounitha. Karthik is adamant to ask Siva Latha where is Mounitha? Siva Latha says that she was out. Mounitha returns to her home. Karthik questions Mounitha where she went? Mounitha states they went to the temple? Karthik asks Mounitha whether she saw Deepa. Mounitha confirms it. Mounitha claims she saw Deepa taking care of the temple. Mounitha states that her condition is very close to being the status of a beggar. Karthik is saddened by this and decides to speak to Deepa.

Sourya Indrudu Indrudu If they would like to travel to Sangareddy to search to find her family members. Indrudu states that they will travel in the bus. Sourya Indrudu asks Indrudu what was the fate of the car. Indrudu claims he sold the car. Sourya wants to know what happened. Chandramma claims that Indrudu is suffering from back pain, and that the doctor suggested selling the vehicle. Sourya believes Indrudu along with Chandramma for their new behavior.

Karthik comes in and Karthik arrives and Deepa to confirm if she believes that what Mounitha claimed to have said is real. Deepa believes it’s true and claims she had prayed to God until she found her daughter. She promises to clean the temple. Deepa is inquiring Karthik to give the amount of Rs. 600 so that she can make Pooja. Karthik is saddened by that and so he gives his money i.e. inside his purse. Mounitha gets the cash from Karthik and inquires about whether that’s why Karthik sold the gold chain. Mounitha inquires about Karthik’s relationship with Deepa. the relationship between him and Deepa? Karthik is furious with Mounitha and kicks Mounitha. Karthik insists that he is offering her money to enable her to perform Pooja and there is nothing more.

Durga arrives and asks Mounitha what the shoes are? Mounitha questions Durga why he is not showing the shoes. Durga insists to Mounitha that she was the one who donated the money for the shoes. Karthik tells Mounitha that it’s wrong because she could give Rs 10000 to Durga for him to purchase shoes, but he isn’t able to offer rs 10000 Deepa to carry out Pooja. Deepa tells Karthik there’s no need to offer money when Mounitha is unhappy. Karthik affirms there’s nothing to do with that. Karthik wants Mounitha to transfer this money to Deepa. Durga is also a bit indirect in her comments to Mounitha. Mounitha will give his money to Deepa.

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